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Publication Order of Nantucket Brides Books

Nantucket Brides is a series of contemporary romance novels written by Jude Deveraux. The books follow the exploits of disparate couples who are brought together by the magic of Nantucket Island.

+The Story
The Nantucket Brides series is primarily classified as romance, but it might be more accurate to describe the books as paranormal romance. The stories that Jude Deveraux tells rely on supernatural themes, elements, and tools to deliver the happy endings for which the author’s fans yearn.

The Nantucket Brides books revolve around the romantic lives of the men and women who meet and fall in love on Nantucket Island. It initially looks like the Nantucket Brides series is the story of the Montgomery and the Kingsley families.

The first novel follows Alix Madsen and her adventures on Nantucket Island. A student of architecture with a bright future. Alix is introduced to readers at a time when she has just inherited an ancient house on Nantucket Island from an elderly woman.

Adelaide, the elderly woman, had a mysterious relationship with Alix’s family. And Adelaide only willed her house to Alix for a year, charging her with the task of solving the disappearance of a woman from a little over two centuries ago.

The mission brings Alix into contact with Jared Montgomery, a rock star architect who was assigned the task of looking after Alix. Alix and Jared’s attraction to one another is instant. But the pair fights it, driven to do so by their respective secrets and demons.

In trying to maneuver their burgeoning relationship, Alix and Jared must contend with a ghost and a wedding.

The first novel in the Nantucket Brides series, ‘True Love’ gives readers a taste of Nantucket Island and provides a glimpse of the magic at play on the location. As the series progresses, the story expands to include Jared’s cousin and one Alix’s bridesmaids.

As their relationship also takes shape, it begins to look like the Nantucket Brides series will primarily explore the lives of the Madsen, Montgomery and the Kingsley families, not to mention their friends and neighbors.

However, the third book in the trilogy breaks that trend, instead taking readers into the life of a young physical therapist who falls in love with her patient, a young wealthy man, even as she contends with the cruelty of her sister.

In that regard, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that the Nantucket Brides series isn’t as much about the heroes of each novel as it is about Nantucket Island itself.

The location is the one constant in the entire series. Jude Deveraux goes to great pains to bring this particular setting to life, describing the culture and the people and the sounds of a charming, engaging and enthralling location.

History enthusiasts will tell you that many of the author’s claims about Nantucket’s past are wildly inaccurate. However, few Jude Deveraux fans care about her historical accuracy.

Rather, most of them have commended her for giving them such a magical setting within which to follow the trials and tribulations of her couples. And there is plenty of magic to go around.

It could be argued that the island is a sentient force that exists to bring love into the lives of the lonely because many a couple in this series is brought together by some paranormal quirk tied to the island.

This includes both the manifestation of ghosts and time travel. Jude Deveraux’s heroes and heroines are either native to Nantucket Island or visitors. They typically have some demons in their past; either things that they did or things that were done to them.

These protagonists are not necessarily looking for love but when they find it, the realization is always instant. The hero and the heroine know they love one another from the moment they meet.

But an ostensible obstacle always stands in the way of their love. They initially make no effort to overcome this barrier. If anything, they are a little too quick to accept their situation. But they still find ways of spending time in one another’s company, a development that slowly wears down the mental and emotional walls keeping them apart, until they have no choice but to give into their desires.

The women are typically drop dead gorgeous and innocent. The men are drawn to them because of their conservative personality. Strangely enough, while there is plenty of sex, the author does not spend that much time on the sensual scenes.

That is one complaint that has been raised on numerous occasions. This is on top of the fact that Jude Deveraux has a tendency to make her stories a little too convoluted. She introduces too many characters too quickly and she delves into too many plots.

+The Author
Jude Deveraux is an American author born in 1947 to a large family in Kentucky. A student of Art who attended Murray State University, Jude started out as a teacher. When her first book was finally published in the late 1970s, she quit to focus on her writing.

She has since produced numerous bestsellers. Jude primarily produces historical romance fiction.

+True Love
Alix Madsen, a student of architecture, is surprised when an elderly woman called Adelaide Kingsley permits her to live in her ancient Nantucket House for a year. This development is stipulated in Adelaide’s will when she dies, and for reasons only she knows, Alix accepts the offer.

It is in Adelaide’s Nantucket house that Alix meets Jared, a famous architect charged with keeping Alix safe. Together, Alix and Jared must help plan a wedding and solve a 200-year-old mystery.

+For All Time
Graydon saw Toby Wyndham at Alix and Jared’s wedding. Toby was his cousin’s wife’s bridesmaid, and she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. It helped that Toby was the only person capable of telling the difference between Graydon and his twin.

Supposedly, that ability meant that Graydon and Toby were meant to be together. However, Graydon knows that there love can never be. As a future King, Graydon’s future wife must be a noblewoman, which Toby is not.

Graydon and Toby promise to stay friends. However, they quickly realize just how difficult it will be to keep that promise

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