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Nantucket Love Story Books In Order

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Publication Order of Nantucket Love Story Books

Surrender Bay (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Convenient Groom (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seaside Letters (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Driftwood Lane (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nantucket Love Story by Denise Hunter

Nantucket Love Story is a series of young adult books from the award-winning author Denise Hunter. The series takes the reader through journeys of falling in love from the unexpected to something great. Denise is recognized for her impressive work with The Reader’s Choice Award, The Holt Medallion, The RITA Award, and The Holt Medallion Award. Her writing is one that is heartwarming, with love deeply reflected in each of her books. She lives in Indiana where they have raised their three sons.

She started writing back in 1996 but published the piece after two years. Denise Hunter also writes inspirational and romance genres.

Surrender Bay

Surrender Bay is the first book in Nantucket Love Story. Nantucket is a beautiful and peaceful island. The scent of salt and roses light up the island, but for Samantha Owen, it is a place she dares not to step foot. Upon return to this place as a result of her father’s death, she fears that what she has run away from and hidden might come up disrupting the peace she has had for years.

Samantha left home after suffering out of the commitment to a man and returning home is something that she is not willing to do lightly. Samantha is the kind of lady that will die with her secrets, but they end up affecting not only her personal life but also that of her daughter. Her past is a painful one and returning to Nantucket will revive the things that she has buried in her heart. She tends to unleash her bitterness upon others, and it always turns out ugly.

Samantha comes to her hometown after the death of her father with her child. She intends to refurbish the property that was left behind and then sell it out to return to her life. She is not aware that her first love, Landon, is still around and has strong feelings for her even after staying away from each other for over ten years. A heartbreak created a rift between the two after she betrayed him yet he had committed his love to their relationship.

At first, the thought of forgiveness is something that is not in her mind, and she keeps to herself creating a huge burden in her heart. However, it is funny that Landon still loves her and is willing to go over the past and establish a new relationship. Trust is something that is not in her plus other hurting things that limit her. With time she learns to let go of the past and love regrows between the two.

The story packs a bit of angst, plenty of romantic tension with deep emotion. Denise creates an achingly beautiful story. It is a story that has a lot of lessons to offer to the reader.

The Convenient Groom

Second book in the Nantucket Love Story series is the Convenient Groom. Life hits Dr. Kate on the morning of her wedding. She had everything together, a perfect life and a great fiancé. After the unexpected happens, she is left with a lot to put together. Will she manage to go past all that has come her way?
Life for Dr. Kate was just awesome, a radio talk show, a great fiancé and a wedding coming up. In the blink of an eye, all that she had is crashed with a rejection precisely on the same day she was supposed to be getting married. Her public image is on the verge of being tarnished after this humiliating incidence. These incidences have immensely hurt her pride and heart as being in the position she gave her a tremendous amount of power and pride. It is at this juncture that Lucas wright offers to marry her so that they can save her public image.

Coming down to meet Lucas at first seems impossible and a hard thing for Kate. They get married, but love is not yet there between the two. Replacing the pain and anger that is there in Kate’s heart is something that will take a long time. The more they spend time together love grows, and she learns to forgive and forget and love again.

The story will make you emotional from the incidences of love, romance, bitterness and betrayal seen in the characters. The Convenient Groom is fantastic. The inspiring story offers hope, encouragement and teaches healing after betrayal.

Seaside Letters

Seaside Letters is the third book in the Nantucket Love Story Series. Sabrina Kincaid never knew that she would fall in love with Tucker McCabe. She has secretly been writing letters that could make her either fall into love or a shaming situation.

Tucker, a handsome customer, has always taken tea at Sabrina’s shop. He is tied to a past that is secret and which Sabrina does not intend to revisit. She starts writing online to this handsome customer as she has fallen in love but telling him is something she is unable to do. Tucker, on the other hand, is falling in love with this mysterious person but unaware that it is the same lady who serves him coffee every morning.

Tucker asks Sabrina for help so that he can know who the mysterious person is a thing that Sabrina hesitates to do because she already knows the secret. She is undecided on helping him for she fears that she could end up being exposed but also fears that failing to help him will make it turn uglier upon unraveling the truth. The unexpected happens with the falling in love of Tucker and Sabrina amidst a secret that could destroy her current life.

It is that piece that you want to read more and more as the author introduces one incidence after the other. The characters are awesomely developed with each playing a role that adds to the fun of the story. Her choice of scenes is also well-calculated to bring out the romance, suspense, and fun. It is a marvelous job from Denise.

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