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Naomi Alderman is a British author of fiction. Born in 1974 in London, Alderman attended South Hampstead High School. She graduated and went on to study in Oxford while she attended Lincoln College. There she read philosophy books and learned more about politics and economics.

Alderman pursued her love of writing more and studied at the University of East Anglia. She eventually became a novelist and has not looked back since. She was the lead writer at Mind Candy for Perplex City from 2004 to June of 2007. Her father is a well-known professor specializing in Anglo-Jewish history named Geoffrey Alderman.

Her first novel was published in 2006 and is titled Disobedience. Her second full length novel The Lessons came out four years later. She has written several novellas as well.

Disobedience is the first standalone fictional novel from acclaimed writer Naomi Alderman. An Orthodox Jewish community in London, England is Alderman’s setting for this incredible first book of fiction. The community may be small and traditional, but the story itself takes a unique look at sexuality, religion, and more.

When the rabbi of this community passes away, it sets into motion many things. The community has to make plans for his memorial service and at the same time, in the midst of their grief, conduct a search for a suitable replacement. The most likely person to fill those shoes may be Dovid.

Dovid calls his cousin up, Ronit, to tell her the news. Ronit lives in New York and the rabbi was her father. She left the area a long time ago to come to the big city and build a new life for herself. She wanted to be a career woman and left to make it, but this news hits home with her. She is understandably upset, and comes back to her home when she hears that her father has passes away.

Still, the fact that Ronit shows up after so long threatens to expose the vulnerabilities of this private community. No community is perfect, and her arrival may show tears that no one noticed as much before. Disobedience is an interesting story that explores the values of traditions and the things that we know through ritual, oral history, culture, family, and more.

If you belong to the Jewish faith or even if you do not, anyone can get something from this unique story. Judaism is an old religion and the principles and traditions that have governed it for years are still in practice to this day.

The author tells stories from the Torah, the source of Judaism, throughout the entire book. There is a nice balance between these traditional religious stories and the new stories told by Alderman, relaying how her characters take on the struggles of life and draw upon their sources of wisdom and power as well as community to withstand the winds of change. Pick up this story to absorb all of this first hand!

The Lessons is the dynamic second full length fictional novel from British author Naomi Alderman. The knowledge of Judaism that this author displayed in her debut novel continues to come into play in this dynamic second novel.

Alderman finds stories and themes that are universal and have that appeal and blends them with her knowledge of Judaism. Her characters may be Jewish, but they have an appeal that is global. Similar to stories such as To Kill a Mockingbird, this story will speak to people in every community and of every faith, but particularly be of resonance and meaning to you if you belong to or have joined the Jewish faith and belong to that community.

In this book, there is an old house that is hidden away. It is a Georgian mansion, hidden in a back street in Oxford. The outside and the inside of the house is falling apart. The only people that know about this house are the ones that would have a key to the front gate, which is set back and not immediately apparent.

Just who owns this spooky house? That would be Mark Winters. Mark is charismatic but for every good mood that he is in it seems that a worse one is to follow. He is mercurial by nature, and there is talk that his well to do upbringing as a trust fund kid has left him with a unique personality.

Mark is now fairly troubled and his actions are always wildly unpredictable. The only thing that you can count on him to be is promiscuous, always getting involved with the ladies. Mark loves to socialize when he is in the mood to be sociable, and as a result has gathered a unique group of people around him.

Emmanuella is beautiful and always is hanging out with a new boyfriend, the latest flavor of the week. Mark also hangs out with best friends Simon and Franny, the musically talented and calm Jess, and the outsider James. James attends Oxford but is looking for acceptance and new friends.

Together they all form a friendship. The world that they live in is unique; a world where learning blends with the fun of partying and hanging out and even the occasional love affair. But it was a world that could not last forever, and college does not go on. Eventually the real world comes in and knocks on the door.

Adult life hits all of them hard, and things just aren’t the same as they were when they were back at Oxford. So when tragedy hits them all years later, none of them are ready for it. Can they learn the life lessons that they need to know to lead full lives? Or will they grapple with the reality of life after college and learn to make it on their own?

You will have to read this intriguing novel from Naomi Alderman to find out for sure! This coming of age story will grip you from start to finish. Check it out by going to your local library to see if they have it or going to your local bookstore to buy it and catch every bit of this spellbinding novel for yourself.

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