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Publication Order of Exiled Dragon Kings Books

Publication Order of The Seven Deadly Demons Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Claimed by an Alien Warrior (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Firefighter Shifter's Second Chance (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Just Thinking (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Scottish Dragon’s Baby Surprise (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Supernova Escapes Books

Barbarian King's Bride (By: Starr Huntress,Sonia Nova) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Claimed By The Savage Alien Orxlon (By: Starr Huntress,Eden Ember) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Claimed by a Royal Alien Warrior (By: Starr Huntress,Vanessa Mars) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
On The Way To My Wedding (With: Starr Huntress) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Naomi Sparks is a bestselling paranormal romance and young adult fantasy author that is best known for the “Exiled Dragon Kings” series of novels.

Just like many authors, it was a tough slog for Sparks to establish herself as an author over many years. She published the novella “Just Thinking” in 2019 and has been very prolific ever since.

Sparks would make her novel writing debut when she published the single-standing novel “Claimed by an Alien Warrior” in 2020.

Once she published that debut and it went on to become relatively popular, she has been publishing an average of eight works every year.

She has since gone on to pen nearly two dozen novels across several series and single-standing novels and novellas.

“Fated” by Naomi Sparks is the story of Hannah, who cannot wait to leave Rockfoot, her hometown in Wyoming.

However, there has been a small voice that has been telling her to wait for the right moment before making the big decision.

But then some strange man walks right into the front doors of the bar and she cannot help but ask if this could be the man she had been waiting for.

Conversely is Lex, who is done with having no fixed residence especially after he and his clutch intervened in a fight between some powerful shapeshifters intending to rob them of their magical powers.
They are now being hunted by some dangerous paranormals known as Amasis, who always hunt with several clutches of dragons.

From the moment Lex set his eyes on Hannah he knew that she was meant for him. But there is a deranged killer in town interested in seeing her dead.

Lex will do anything to protect her but will he be able to keep his hands off of her and hers off of him? For Lex, there is no doubt that she is his mate but she is not so sure she is ready to leave everything behind.
Is she ready to go away with the handsome and strong stranger to begin life on the back of a motorcycle?

Naomi Sparks’s novel “Redemption,” is all about big secrets in a small town. Juniper is a small town that usually does not get so many visitors, even though the locals generally prefer it that way.

Living in the town, Kyra has learned to keep to herself until Faris arrives in town. Faris is a heavily tattooed, muscly, and the roughly accented fellow who is Kyra’s dirtiest and darkest dream.

He is unlike any of the men in town or pretty much anywhere that she has been, When he looks at her it is like they have known each other for ages. When he utters her name, it is as if she has been his all her life.

Kyra knows that she needs to stay away, but she just cannot stay away from him. They have an all-consuming and elemental lust that burns like wildfire. It is clear that he fled from something, even though he has declared that he is going to protect her.

What she knows is that no secret remains buried forever and it is almost impossible to outrun the past.

She has over the years learned to keep things easier for herself by keeping her problems close to home. If she keeps her problems to herself, it is almost impossible to get hurt as she has always believed.

But what Faris wants is not only her body but also her trust and her heart. She wants to give in to him but is wary of the danger of the secrets they both have that may just destroy them both.

“Survivor” by Naomi Sparks is the beautiful romance story of Jerrick and Hannah. The latter has a talent for reading minds, even though the gift has not been of much help.

It is only useful in letting her know if someone will hurt her and how they are going to do it. She knew she is being hunted by some evil dragon shifter that she cannot outrun and it is almost impossible to stop them from making her their slave.
She had been forced to do terrible things and had terrible things done to her. These experiences would haunt her for the rest of her life.

When she finally had a chance to escape she took it with both hands only to find herself right in the arms of another Dragon Shifter. He is the quiet, dark, and strong type whose mind she cannot read.

He is unlike any others she had been with and she knows she should be terrified by his commanding presence but she is not. A part of her trusts him and knows that she belongs to him. But when he looks into her eyes, he sees someone else.
Something horrific had happened to him and she is desperate to help his heart that was broken. But how can she help him when she also has her own secrets.

She desperately wants to tell him her secrets but there is a risk he would never trust her again if she did. What is she to do when she has nowhere else to go and wants to be with him more than anything?

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