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Author Nashoda Rose is a USA Today and New York Times bestseller who writes contemporary and paranormal romance (some of which has some darkness to it) and she lives in Toronto, Canada.

When not writing her novels she either hikes with her dog or is out riding her horses, she also likes to read out with her dog in a field somewhere (and her horses grazing near her). Rose likes to interact with the readers of her novels, and talk all about her addiction books, not to mention other things that fans want to talk about with her.

She is represented by Mark Gottlieb, who works with Trident Media Group.

Nashoda Rose writes the “Unyielding” series (which is a spin off of the “Tear Asunder” series), the “Tear Asunder” series (this series shifts in perspective each novel and each features the four male members of the rock band “Tear Asunder” as the lead characters), and the “Scars of the Wraiths”. These novels are meant for a mature audience. She has also written stories to go along with these books.

“Torn From You” is the first novel in the “Tear Asunder” series that was released in the year 2013. Love will hit you hard and fast and does not hold back. It happens to when Sculpt (real name is Logan, who happens to be lead singer of Tear Asunder) knocks Emily off of her feet. And not only in the figurative way, either. No one knows that his real name is Logan. He is an underground fighter that teaches her how to fight and how to love. Emily falls hard for the guy. He was able to be sweet to her, when he was not bossing her around; she likes sweetness from a guy. Then everything falls apart for her as she gets kidnapped, starved, and beaten. She is all alone and fighting for her life while all alone. She thinks she hears Sculpt’s voice, and that he is there to save her. Boy, is she wrong.

Fans of the novel found the novel to be quite the read and this to be a series to follow throughout the entirety of it. The first half is intense, and the second is too, but in another and different way. It was great to see the two characters get together and start a life together; even with the way that it all unfolds. This is a fascinating, great read that will also make you laugh out loud at certain parts of it. This novel captivated the readers and made them keep reading it, until they had finished reading it. You will not able to turn away from the dark and twisted romance that is also a timeless love story that this novel is made up of.

“Overwhelmed by You” is the second novel in the “Tear Asunder” series that was released in the year 2014. This novel shifts to another couple, now Kat and Ream. Ream is the lead guitarist of Tear Asunder, and he earns the highest honor, top prize when he does the worst thing possible. He discovers her secret after two days with Kat, and brings some woman home during her return to her place after she gets shot. She is upset and hates him, until he returns home from an eight month tour, and she cannot help but stare and feels that any girl would do the same, seeing his six-two frame unfold from the car. He stands out. But at the same time, he is quiet and subtle and not loud at all. You have no other choice but to hope that he likes you if he says something to you, otherwise you will need to beg for mercy. He was still working on his first chance, and did not need a second, according to him anyway. He wants her, but is not perfect and has an awful past; she makes him see the world in a brand new way, too bad he wrecked it.

Fans of the novel enjoyed reading about the relationship that Kat and Ream have in this novel and the way that they are able to find strength in one another. They feel like real people, who are broken and damaged. This is not one of your everyday average romance novels, but something more. You wind up liking Ream, even though he is no saint at all and he makes it quite hard to do so. When some read the first novel, they could not wait for this story to unfold about Ream and Kat, and boy did this novel deliver on the promise that was there. This series is quite the steamy romance series.

“Shattered by You” is the third novel in the “Tear Asunder” series that was released in the year 2015. This novel stars Haven and Crisis. Crisis is the bassist for Tear Asunder and Haven is Ream’s twin sister. Haven killed to get herself out of hell, and it has made her (along with the torture she endured) has made her cold and emotionless. Crisis is cocky, a man-whore, and rude; he also has a lot of tattoos that cover his skin. That being said, there is a lot more to him than just these things. He makes Haven what he considers to be a deal, but it is really more like blackmail. The terms were simple, and what he does is able to pull her back from the place that she was in. He makes her text her while he is on the road everyday, but he will tell Ream about what he knows about her.

Fans of the novel found that no matter how many times that Nashoda Rose could not top herself with something that she had written, the next book would do exactly that. It is sensual, poignant, and emotional; all of these are things that make this book (and all of her books) unputdownable. None of her characters sound the same at all, and everything feels new with no feelings of a retread, even though Rose delivers something incredible each and every time. It is also one that will break your heart, but will mend it again.

Nashoda Rose is a Canadian penwoman. Rose has a laundry list of bestselling books under her belt. Much of her private life is not on the public domain. Based on the snippets of information available, she was born and bred in Toronto, Canada, wherein she lives to date.

Nashoda Rose has a soft spot for pets. Rose is a voracious writer and avid reader, and often reads outdoors accompanied by her dogs and with horse grazing in her vicinity. Her hobbies include hiking, chatting, and horseback riding; incidentally, her literary works are partly inspired by horses, most notably her Tear Asunder series. Rose, who has since joined Romance Writers of America with Trident Media Group fronting for her, is a past master in the romance, dark contemporary romance, and paranormal romance niches.

Section on Books; Two Early Books in a Series
Nashoda Rose has penned a number of series of books in her bountiful writing career. Perhaps the most notable books are those in the Tear Asunder series; this is a tetralogy but has a prequel and an omnibus. The prequel, titled With You, and the first book in the series were published in 2013, simultaneously.

There are about editions of the first book in the Tear Asunder series penned by Nashoda Rose. However, the first edition was originally published in December 2013, titled Torn from You, and this book is shelved under the new adult, dark, romance, adult fiction, sociology (abuse), and erotica literary genres.

The second book in the Tear Asunder series is called Overwhelmed by You. This book has approximately six editions and the first one was originally published in 2014. Bondage, dominance, masochism, and sadism are among the dominant aspects in the series. The title Tear Asunder denotes the name of a rock band wherein the heroes in the series serve. The featured protagonists in Nashoda Rose’s book Torn from You are Emily and Logan. Similarly, the featured protagonists in her book Overwhelmed by You are Ream and Kat.

Meet protagonists Emily and Logan. Emily, who is the heroine in the first book, is a strong female character but has her own personal issues. Emily is a spirited and reserved woman. Just like author Nashoda Rose whose real-life hobby includes associating with horses, protagonist Emily has a penchant for horses too; however, Emily is an equine trainer and deals especially with traumatized horses. Emily, who has had a blissful life, is a trusty friend and a virgin. On the flip side, she is a survivor of the whims of the men she has associated with. She has not experienced the muddy waters of love affairs; as such, she lacks confidence and appears as a sort of irksome fool. She is susceptible to confusion and vulnerable to humiliation.

Logan, who is the hero in the first book, has a complex personality. Logan is an Alpha male and, according to Emily, he is sweet and hot and oozing sex appeal. He serves as a lead singer in a rock band. He is an illegal fighter, an aspect which made his and Emily’s paths cross; he would later on coach Emily how to fight. In the underground fighting circles and among his friends, Logan is known as Sculpt. He is tall, possessive, tattooed, bossy, and has a never-give-up attitude. On the flip side, Logan has been participating in organized crime, especially sex trafficking.

Meet protagonists Ream and Kat. Like Emily, Kat is a strong woman albeit a somewhat obstinate heroine. Kat, who is a painter, is a lively character; crying and begging are alien to her. On the flip side, she seemingly has multiple sclerosis. Ream serves in the music band named Tear Asunder as the lead guitarist. He is a sexy and tattooed man who likes dominating. What’s more, he is humorous, sweet, and lighthearted.

The first book in the series, Torn from You, notably revolves around the experience of Emily at the hands of a sex trafficking organization who members include her heartthrob. Incidentally, it was Logan who took Emily’s virginity as described in the prequel; they met when Emily was seeking self-defense lessons but it soon segued into a romantic relationship. After much persuasion, Emily agrees to accompany Logan on a music concert; she is patiently waiting to see Logan perform when she is kidnapped. When Logan gets to where she is being held hostage, she at first gets delighted before getting scared after it dawns on her that Logan, her lover, was among the people who orchestrated the kidnapping. Worse still, the kidnappers torture her under Logan’s eye and he does not even stand up for her. After Emily escapes the ordeal, Logan then starts following her claiming that he defended her from extreme torture.

In the second book in the series, Overwhelmed by You, Kat and Ream are in a love crisis and have since separated. Ream has been on time-intensive musical tours; Kat started dating someone else. But then he has returned from touring and is lobbying for their reconciliation. At first, things seem to be changing for the better until Ream’s dark past throws a spanner in the works.

Best Nashoda Rose Books
Among the books authored by Nashoda Rose, the best three are Torn from You, Overwhelmed by You, and Perfect Chaos. The first two have been covered extensively in the previous section. Perfect Chaos is the first book in the Unyielding series, which was originally published in October 2014. Basically, it features protagonist Georgie who has been cheating since her teenage for survival. However, her penchant for cheating soon lands her in trouble. So when he meets hero Deck, whose profession is killing, she overcomes his desire to dominate her.Deck is unyielding Deck while Georgie is defiant.

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