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Publication Order of Nashville Neighborhood Books

The “Nashville Neighborhood” series is a set of novels by contemporary fiction and romance novelist Nikki Sloane.

Before the author became a bestselling author, she worked in all manner of odd jobs from being a waitress, a screenwriter a ballroom dance instructor, and ultimately a graphic designer.

For about ten years, she worked at a Chicago-based graphic design company before she quit to pursue her dream of becoming an author.

Sloane published “The Doctor,” the debut novel of the “Nashville Neighborhood” series of novels in 2018. For her efforts, she has at various times been nominated for the RITA Award.

She currently resides in Kentucky alongside her husband and kids. She also writes a range of romantic suspense series under the writing name Karyn Lawrence.

Nikki Sloane’s “Nashville Neighborhood” series of novels are forbidden romances that feature young women who get into romances with men much older than them.
The novels come with eroticism and seductiveness as the two lovers walk into unchartered waters to have the time of their lives. Unlike ordinary couples, these relationships are fun, even though there are no games played.

There is a delicious decadence as the relationship between the hero and heroine comes with a lot of spice. Nikki writes novels with just the right amount of emotion that are hopeful and uplifting, which makes the reader root for the people.

They are novels about sexual exploration as they are captivating and delicious, as they allow the woman to own her sexuality. These are stories of men and women who know what they want and go get it with no shame.

The first novel of the “Nashville Neighborhood” series of novels is “The Doctor.”

At the opening of the novel, Cassidy has just returned home for the summer. She intended to spend much of it with Preston Lowe her boyfriend whom she has been with for three years.

But he has been showcasing lackluster support and enthusiasm from him and decided to leave the relationship. She is not too sad though since she has managed to snag herself a man.

She is now with her ex-boyfriend’s father, Dr. Greg Lowe. Her summer just become a lot much hotter. He is a devilishly charming and handsome doctor who is at least twenty-nine years older than she is.

Cassidy feels naughty dating her ex’s father but this just makes it all spicier.

It is something of a taboo romance that is hot, entertaining, and very sexy all in one breath.

“The Pool Boy” by Nikki Sloane is the second novel of the “Nashville Neighborhood” series of novel.

The lead in the novel is Erika, a woman that finds her husband whom she has been married to for two decades cheating on her. Erika gets a divorce and is now free to be her best self.

She thought she would be alone for a while until she has an encounter with Troy the pool boy and cannot forget him. The twenty-four-year-old is her son’s best friend and they embark on a tension-filled and hot forbidden romance.

Despite the age difference he is not scared to often tell her how much he wants her.

Initially, she is skeptical given that she has experienced society’s judgment and pressure. However, Troy makes her feel special as he tells her how emotionally and physically attracted he is to her.

Erika learns that she has to love her life today and love as she wants no matter what people think f the age gap she has with her new love.

The third novel of the “Nashville Neighborhood” series of novels is “The Architect.”

The lead is a woman named Lilith who gets into a relationship with Clay. He is a quiet architectural professional that is a builder of custom BDSM furniture that often visits a sex club where he loves to act as Dom.

Since he has to travel for work, he sends a fellow friend and Dom to keep Lilith entertained, while he gives directions and watches via Skype and Facetime. Clay has put in place rules to ensure that Lilith and Travis do not get too close while he is away.

But they have an intense chemistry that keeps on riding until it changes the dynamic to make for something of a love triangle. Things get even crazier when Clay comes back to treat everyone to a throuple.

The fact that Travis is a pleasure dom contrasted with Clay as a pain dom only more for a more interesting dynamic.

It is a hot and spicy BDSM story full of all manner of BDSM tropes and acts.

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