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Publication Order of Nashville Nights Books

Nashville Nights is a series of novels written by Erin McCarthy. The novels are largely rooted within the romance genre.

+The Story

Nashville Nights is most likely called so because so many of the stories in the series take place in Nashville. Music is one theme that also permeates through the series. In fact, it could be argued that music is the one thread that connects the books, tying them together as a series and ensuring that they are not just a disparate group of novels randomly placed under the Nashville Nights Series Umbrella.

People have described the Nashville Nights series as a ‘second chances’ themed collection of stories, and they are not too off the mark with that description. Many of the characters in the series find love, or at the very least glimpse it, lose it through their own actions, inactivity or a twist of fate, and then they are given an opportunity to rekindle that which they thought was gone forever.

The Nashville Nights series doesn’t break any new ground; as a result, the books only appeal to fans of the romance genre, readers who know what to expect from such novels and have learned to appreciate the tropes of the genre, many of which feature in this series.

+The Author

Erin McCarthy found quick success after her first novel debuted in 2002. She went on to write numerous books in a very short period of time, some of her works winning her recognition in the romance arena.

A New York Times and USA Today Bestseller, Erin loves tattoos, high-heeled boots, martinis, and beaches.

+Heart Breaker

Jolene Hart has worked hard for everything she has ever received. And for her efforts, she has been rewarded richly, the singer/songwriter sitting at the top of the Nashville music scene.

However, where her professional life has thrived, her personal life has struggled, this signified by her very public breakup wth Chance Rivers, her sexy other half.

Once upon a time, they were the hottest duo on the scene, their every act turning Music City on its ear; that was before their careers went the way of their relationship, growing cold and silent.

And now they have little choice but to find a new way forward. In an effort to turn things around, their manager has seen fit to lock them up in a remote cabin with nothing but a guitar, a bed and time; there they will learn to make beautiful music together once more.

The task is hardly an easy one, especially for Chance. Looked upon as Nashville royalty, Chance has always struggled with the pressure that comes with the large size of the shoes he has to fill.

As hard as he fell for Jolene, he simply couldn’t deal with the stress of popularity, what with all the crowds and fights and headlines. He quickly realized that love and success simply couldn’t go hand-in-hand.

Chance has only one goal now, and that is to rekindle the passion; that is what once drove the beautiful music they used to write. If they can only make up for lost time and find their way back to the right path, Chance and Jolene just might become the power couple they used to be.

Unfortunately for their manager, once the gears of passion begin moving, Chance might not want to leave their intimate hideaway ever again.

This book, the first in the Nashville Nights series, takes readers on a ride through the Nashville music scene; some parts of the ride are far better and more interesting than others.

The first part of the novel tends to frustrate some people because of the way Erin portrays Chance and Jolene, the book’s protagonists. They come off as being a little too immature and emotionally unbalanced, so much so that Erin’s attempts to show their flaws only makes them irritating to follow.

However, as the book progresses and they come together, things begin to change; Jolene and Chance start to communicate and their personalities are all the better for it. While Erin does an impressive job of bringing Jolene and Chance together, and then pushing them forward as a unit, she struggled to make them interesting as separate entities during the earliest portions of the book.

And it is easy to see why some readers said they dropped off early on, simply choosing to discard the book. Overall, Heart Breaker does a decent job of telling the story of two people who must come together and learn to make beautiful music once more.

The musical aspects of the book seem to work for most people, especially those sections that see Jolene struggle with the songwriting process.

+Dream Maker

There is nothing Shane Hart loves more than women. There can never be too many ladies in his life. Long ago, Shane promised that he would never follow in the footsteps of his abusive father and the way he mistreated his mother.

However, his traumatic past has never made his love life easy. Making solid connections has always presented a challenge, even with women like Avery O’Leery, that is until an unforgettable liaison leaves him questioning everything he once thought and knew about women.

Avery is one fiery redhead that is determined to shake the dust of small-town Kentucky off her boots. The sooner she becomes a famous songwriter, the sooner she can permanently bury the secret of her birth father. Engaging in a sexual encounter with a steamy stranger was never her plan.

However, Shane Hart comes into her life at the most unexpected moment, and she cannot stop herself from falling for the dreamy music producer.

The second book in the Nashville Nights series has more fans than the first. Shane and Avery meet when Avery’s cheating ex-boyfriend abandons her on the side of the road.

Things heat up very quickly; however, Avery doesn’t trust Shane’s motives. She also has a big secret she would rather keep from everyone in Nashville.

The driving force of this book is Avery and Shane. You can feel the chemistry between them, almost as if it is jumping off the page. There is none of the irritating angst of the first book. Instead, Erin presents two very interesting characters with curious flaws and personality complications who try very hard to fight their attraction to one another.

While cliché, the book should engage fans of the romance genre.

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