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Author Natalie Barelli likes to read books, especially psychological thrillers. So much so, that she wanted to write them, and finally decided to write one; just to see what she could come up with.

It helped that her and a friend were having some glasses of wine together and talking about their bucket lists. They talked about how easy it is to want to do something before they die, but how hard it is to actually do it. They both wound up agreeing to knock one thing off their lists, with Natalie picking writing a novel off of hers. After she finished writing it, she had one less item on her bucket list, and her house had never been so clean.

She was on a break from her work and figured it was time to write. She had a lot of fun and cannot believe she waited so long to do it. One thing that helped her write this novel, is her love of podcasts, which she says is something you can listen to while you clean up your house. She also utilized Google and found a writing initiative where she met some nice people.

The novel (which is called “Until I Met Her”) was released in the year 2017. While writing “Until I Met Her”, her plan was only to write about a lie, not to write about an author. She likes the way that the combination of writers and lies makes from gripping thrillers. Either they lie about what they wrote or lies about even being a writer in the first place.

The story may be fiction, but there was a real life story involving a pseudonym and someone bringing it to life. In the mid seventies, an author named Romain Gary (a famous French author) wrote a big novel, under the name of Emile Ajar. It became such a big deal that Ajar was always under the public eye. Gary enlisted his own nephew to play the Ajar. It was found out that Ajar was someone else, and he did interviews saying he was the nephew of a famous author and wanted some privacy. This story only came out after Gary died and the nephew broke the news of what they had done together.

She lives in Australia, with her family, in the gorgeous Blue Mountains in NSW. When she is not reading, she loves to ride her Vespa, cook, knitting (which she does pretty badly), and spend a lot of time on her computer (far too much, in her own opinion); she also works as an IT professional.

“Until I Met Her” is the first novel in the “Emma Fern” series and was released in the year 2017. Beatrice tells Emma that she would like to use Emma’s name to publish her next novel. Emma believed that she was joking. It did not make sense why such an author would want to use an unknown name to publish her new book.

It is because Beatrice Johnson Greene is a bestselling and famous crime author, not to mention, Emma’s favorite writer. With this next book, she wanted to write something that was not a crime novel. Then she wanted to use an unknown author’s name, and Beatrice wanted Emma to help her out.

Beatrice had done a lot for her, and it made it hard for Emma to say no. Neither one expected the book to do well, after all, it was supposed to be something literary for the critics, not readers. The book becomes a large triumph, however, making Emma the toast of the literary world. She gets rich and famous and it is said that she is one of the most talented authors of her generation. She goes from being a nobody to a somebody, all without writing a single word of it. Then Beatrice wants the book back.

What was supposed to be a favor became betrayal. Emma wants even more success, after just a first taste. It is her masterpiece. It says just that on the cover of all of the books that everyone is reading. Emma does something awful and shocking; it makes the consequences horrifying.

The book is full of web of lies and betrayal and deceit; the author is a master at crafting unlikable characters that you end up loving. Fans of the novel found their attention was held throughout the entire thing. Some felt the book held its intensity the whole journey and cannot wait to see what is in store for Emma in the next story. They hope that it is able to hold up to this cleverly crafted piece of fiction. She was a great and lovable character. It was interesting to see how she deals with the consequences and fallout of the crazy experiment. You cheer her on and have to read to find out if she gets away with her crime. Some simply love the fact that the book is a novel about a novel.

“After He Killed Me” is the second novel in the “Emma Fern” series and was released in the year 2017. Emma Fern has done pretty well in life. She is an award winning author and quite happy with Jim, who is her husband. It was a tough rise to where she is. Emma realizes that you cannot have success without sacrificing something. Jim knows this too, and that is the trouble.

As time goes by, and her triumph starts to be old news, Emma starts to feel the pressure to write another great novel. She has a big secret, which is that someone else wrote her first one. She is a big fraud. The only people who know this are not a problem at this point.

Emma does not count on the fact that Jim was also playing the long game. Jim has secrets of his own, not to mention a menacing plan that could destroy her beautifully put together life that she has built. She is looking down the loss of her whole life, she is forced to take more and more desperate steps.

Emma is not going to go down, without a fight. Jim should already know that she will not fight fair.

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