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Publication Order of Vega Family Love Stories Books

A Proposal They Can't Refuse (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dish Best Served Hot (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleeping with the Frenemy (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Natalie Caña

Largely focusing on her own Latinx culture, Natalie Caña is a well-known author with a lot to say and offer readers. Finding an audience worldwide, she’s hugely gifted in depicting real people in believable situations while also providing a sense of escapism. Her unique approach has helped her find a worldwide audience of fans, as readers far and wide relate to her and her work. Setting herself apart from other novelists that are currently working within her field, she has proven herself as a novelist, becoming a household name for many.

Establishing her own personal voice, she speaks in a manner that’s very much unique to her and her alone. Becoming a trademark in of itself almost, her writing is always unmistakeably her, offering readers something fresh in the process. Entertaining her readers with her wit and intelligence, she constantly pushes the boundaries of what the format can achieve. Taking her work to bold new heights, she manages to give it a real sense of authenticity, elevating both her stories and the characters that inhabit them.

Giving each of her protagonists their own individual voice as well, she essentially brings them to life upon the page. Knowing her audience well at this point, she writes with a high-degree of confidence, lending her work a feeling of drive and ambition. Her sense of scope and scale is also something to be admired, showing a lot of imagination and creativity, while also making it extremely personal at the same time. Guiding her readers, she takes them exactly where she wants them to go, saying just what it is that she wants to say at the same time.

Dealing with a wide range of subject matter, she depicts characters with an interesting perspective that’s entirely unique to her. Not only that, but her audience finds her work easy to relate to, with readers from around the world appreciating her fiction. With so much more yet to come still, she will not be stopping any time soon either, as her writing career carries on growing at a rapid pace.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a strong passion for the art of storytelling, Natalie Caña would draw heavily from her own Latinx background to help inspire her. Using her own experiences and love of telenovelas, she really has a wealth of creative inspiration to draw from as well. Extremely family-oriented, too, she would continue to create her own style and approach to writing, refining and honing her voice. Finding her own approach that was humorous and heartfelt, she soon managed to find her own audience as well.

Showing a keen interest in romance novels, Caña would seek to write characters that were representative of her and her experience. Doing this would allow her to find a like-minded audience worldwide who were also looking for the same thing. Resonating with a broad audience while remaining true to herself, she would reach countless readers both far and wide. Previously working as a teacher, softball coach, Halloween store manager, and award-winning producer, she continues to write to this very day.

Writing Career

The first novel that Natalie Caña would write was titled ‘A Proposal They Can’t Refuse,’ and it came out back in 2022. This debut novel would be the introduction to her ‘Vega Family Love Stories’ series of novels that would subsequently follow as well. The book itself could still be read as a stand-alone, though, really displaying Caña’s talent for writing engaging romance titles. Set in Puerto Rico, it would pave the way for more to follow, with its well-written and self-contained romance narrative.

Previously working with large audiences, Caña was also an Emmy award winning television producer prior to becoming a writer. Creating contemporary romances with a heightened sense of reality, she writes funny and knowing novels that really understand the genre. When it comes to Latinx romances she has really found herself, as she has ultimately made the genre fully her own. Maintaining a strong profile both online as well as off, she will carry on writing, with a lot more planned for the future.

A Proposal They Can’t Refuse

First published in 2022 on the 24th of May, this would initially come out through the MIRA publishing imprint. Setting up the ‘Vega Family Love Stories’ series, it would also introduce Natalie Caña as an author for the first time. Working as an entirely self-contained contemporary romance novel, it can be read by itself, with its own romantic relationship featured. Establishing much of the tone for the series to come, it also perfectly showcases Caña’s own unique tone and style, displaying her sense of humor and wit throughout.

With the gentrification of the Chicago neighborhood currently underway, Kamilah Vega wants to save the family Puerto Rican restaurant. The only way her grandfather will agree to the restaurant being entered into the Fall Foodie Tour is if she’ll agree to marry the grandson of his best-friend, Liam Kane. At first Kamilah and Liam don’t get on, as they hatch a plan to fake their engagement and get the deal, but soon their feeling become all too real. Will they be able to save the family restaurant, can they overcome the obstacles in their path, and what will become of a proposal they can’t refuse?

Taking all the traditional beats of the romantic-comedy, this offers something different, as Natalie Caña provides her own perspective on the genre. Really speaking from her own unique outlook, it’s filled with her personality, making for an extremely engaging story on multiple levels. From the narrative to the characters it works, bringing the world of Chicago to life, while also providing an insight into Puerto Rican culture.

With finely crafted characters leading the way as well, every element of the novel is paid attention to, as nothing’s left to chance. The protagonists are likeable with fully formed personalities that really do stand out from the page for the reader. Making an impact, the audience really roots for both the characters Kamilah and Liam the whole way throughout.

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