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Natalie Knight is a bestselling romance novelist from the United States that is best known for her spicy romances. The author made her debut with the publishing of “Obsessed,” her first novel of the “Obsession” series in 2021.
She has since published more than half a dozen romances spread across several series. She has also collaborated with other authors in her novels including the likes of Margot Scott.

Over the years, Natalie has made a name for herself by penning delectable novels that usually leave her readers craving for more. In fact, an interesting thing about Knight is that she just does not stop with the ordinary and often goes beyond what everyone else is willing to go.

In this regard, she has on her website a section on banned books which are her romance fiction works that cannot be carried on major platforms such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
While these novels are slightly more expensive due to their limited reach, they are more than worth their weight in gold.

Knight has said that her journey toward becoming a fiction author began when she got sick of failing. While she knew that a lot of people would discourage her, she was determined to make it as an author no matter what.
It was a time when she was still working a corporate career and also juggling a fledgling writing ambition. With the many voices in her head that would never stop whispering to her, she decided that she had to choose between the characters and stories and her 9 to 5. She ultimately quit her job to become a fiction author.

She has been known to have peculiar tastes as she traverses the line of taboo with step-siblings, thirty-year-plus age gaps in spicy and enticing happily ever after stories.
Natalie Knight is a huge believer in the mantra that the rules are made to be broken. She also believes that the most delectable romances are dangerous and that the best loves in fiction tend to be the stalkiest.

Natalie Knight’s novel “The Other Brother” opens with Becky getting ready to get married in Las Vegas. Everything had been going according to plan and with everything set for the big day, she intends to go partying with her friends on the eve of the wedding day.
Danny her fiance and his crew were to go at the same time but they had work things and had to cancel. He gave them Liam his stepbrother’s business card and told them to call in case they ran into any trouble.

Becky has always done her best not to go overboard with partying only to get the shock of her life when she comes back. She walks into their home to find her fiance cheating on her. But instead of going into a rage and attacking she instead calls Liam her fiance’s stepbrother.

Liam gets the girls out of the house and they leave to continue the party elsewhere. He had always wanted Becky right from the moment he set his eyes on her but never thought he would ever have a chance. But then his stepbrother messes up and he grabs at the opportunity to claim Becky.

Following a night of wild partying, Becky wakes up with no memory of what had happened the night before. It makes for a hilarious and wild story. Liam proves himself a strong and very desirable alpha male which makes for some electrifying hot chemistry with Becky.

“The Marriage Mistake” by Natalie Knight is another brilliant story that follows the friends that were introduced in the debut. The work opens with Sammi and her girlfriends heading out to Bangkok to party before the groom arrives.
They were supposed to limit themselves to just one drink so that they will not get into trouble like they did the last time. Still, once the party starts, all the rules are thrown out and they have a wild ride waking up the next morning with no remembrance of anything that happened the previous night.

Sammi tosses Lock out of the room buck naked and goes to find her friends in different sorts of crazy. Liam and Becky with a monkey, Misti passed out with a stranger and Percy was handcuffed to the toilet.

After gathering for breakfast, they attempt to piece together the wild night they had using their cell phones but they get nowhere. Will Sammi be able to get married once they discover what happened the previous night?

It makes for a crazy story as everyone tries to find out what they had been up to the previous night. It is a hilarious tale that is very entertaining and well-written. Moreover, the disparate characters including the leads Sammi and Lock make for an amazing story with intense chemistry.

Natalie Knight’s “The Proposal Problem” this time about Persephone Owens who has to be one of the most interesting of the characters in the series.
Persephone Owens is a narcissistic, brash, self-indulgent, fearless, wild, and particularly unique woman. She is also the fiance to Anton Lanteri, a similarly crazy and wild Prince and future King of the very wealthy but small European country of Menage.
At the opening of the novel, Mysti May, Sammi, and Becky who are Percy’s best friends are in Amsterdam to attend her bachelorette party. Out of the blue, Persephone changes her mind and breaks off with Anton and the girls proceed to have a wild night.
As usual, they wake up with hardly any memory of what had transpired the night before. Percy woke up with a nasty hangover naked, blindfolded, and handcuffed to the hotel bed. Even more surprising, she seems to have gotten married the previous night as evidenced by the wedding ring on the left ring finger.

She had apparently gotten married to someone she cannot recall and inside the hotel suite is an elderly and naked prostitute and a kid wearing a bizarre bear outfit.

It makes for a raucous and wild story that is told from the perspective of both Anton and Percy. Coming with hilarious laugh-out-loud moments and some thrilling sexual scenes, it is truly a story of its kind.

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