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Where We Found Our Home (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where We Found Our Heart (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where We Found Our Passion (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Only For The Week (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Feminists Don't Wear Pink: Amazing women on what the F-word means to them(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Natasha Bishop is an American published author. She resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She is known for writing indie contemporary romance stories.

The author enjoys writing, and in particular she enjoys writing about women that are sweet but also a little bit fierce and the men that are involved with them that have no problem loving them down.

Natasha has been busy writing for as far back as she can recall. It all began when she was in elementary school and began writing short stories. From then on she went on to write more poems, television show scripts, and fictional novels.

When the author first decided that she wanted to write stories that would be published, she thought about it and decided that she was going to go after romance stories. She enjoyed highlighting couples that were able to take on emotional turmoil together and get over it, having some fun while they were at it too.

The author loves to let the love lead, and she’s allowing it to do so one steamy romantic book at a time. She has plenty of romantic authors that have influenced and inspired her and she loves reading their work. This extends to Asia Monique, A.E. Valdez, J.L. Seegars, Dandridge Monroe, M. Monique, Miyeko May, Kennedy Ryan, BriAnn Danae, Kimberly Brown, Nicole Falls, Christina C. Jones, Danielle Allen, Eve Kasey, Alexandra Warren, Andrea Hopkins, Rilzy Adams, and more.

Natasha is also a big fan of everything to do with television shows, movies and books, so if you have any recommendations out there for her she would love to hear them. She can frequently be found writing but if she is not busy doing that then she can probably be found doing a variety of other things. These can include listening to music, going dancing, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, or playing with her puppy.

Where We Found Our Home is the first novel in the Lost & Found series by Natasha Bishop. This book was first made available for readers in 2021. If you have been searching for a little steamy romance to put you in the mood, give this debut a try!

All that Lincoln knows is that he had a shot at love and ended up throwing it away. Now he feels that because of this, he doesn’t really deserve to have another. He’s put his entirety of his life into giving back to his community and thinks that there just isn’t any time in his life to handle anything else.

Everything is about to change for him when he meets Ciara Jeffries. She’s just the type of woman that he always tells himself he isn’t into, but then is starting to see that she might be all that she needs. If he can manage to hold onto her, that is.

Then there’s Ciara, who is starting to think that she is going to go crazy if she doesn’t get out of town. She doesn’t want to lose her loved ones or life, and needs to start again. She doesn’t see any reason why Austin, Texas shouldn’t be the perfect place to begin her journey.

Ciara didn’t plan on making connections or falling in love, but that’s all about to change when she meets Lincoln Cole. This cute guy has her falling for him fast, going against all of the rules that she’s set for herself, and feels safe when he’s holding her close. But safety is a luxury for her, one that she doesn’t really have to lose. Will the past let her choose love in the moment once more? Read this romance to find out what happens between the two of them and whether Ciara will be able to let the walls around her heart down!

Where We Found Our Heart is the second novel in the Lost & Found series by Natasha Bishop. This romance follows on the heels of the first and keeps all of the heart-pumping action going!

Isaiah always thought that he’d be happy with a family, but when it is taken away from him, he turns bitter. Since he’s told he’s a joke, that’s what he’ll become. But then he meets Nina Williams, and she has some news for him that is about to shake up his entire life.

Isaiah knows that Nina is his chance to have a family. This time around, he’s not going to mess it up. He knows that she could be the missing piece of his heart. All he has to do is show her that he can be serious and that he’s not a joke.

As for Nina, she’s the only family that her brother and sister has once they lost their parents. Now Nina is dealing with trying to put her family together once more. She never thought that she would start a family of her own, but to be fair, she wasn’t planning on actively making that happen.

Somehow things have changed since the night that she spent with Isaiah. They were magical together, and in his arms Nina finally felt some semblance of happiness. However, that was something that couldn’t last forever. Nina knows that moments that are perfect like this are too wonderful to last for long. You’re better off just appreciating them in the moment.

Isaiah ends up getting the chance to be with a family, the way that he always dreamed he could be. When it comes to building a family, will Nina end up being the one left behind as he goes off to pursue his destiny? Or will she be surprised to find out that Isaiah actually does want to be with her and start a family of their own?

Anything is possible when it comes to love. Will the odds be in Nina’s favor, or is she about to find out that when you take a leap for love, all that you end up with is heartache? Pick up a copy of this fascinating romance and the second in the Lost & Found series of romance stories by Natasha Bishop!

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