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Nate Shephard Legal Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of Nate Shephard Legal Thriller Books

Nate Shephard Series

American writer Michael Stagg is well known for really capturing an evocative ambiance throughout his novels. Largely writing thriller stories, he’s truly gifted at bringing a level of tension, suspense, and drama to each of his books. This has managed to find him scores of readers from around the world who’ve come to love each of his well told stories. The characters he creates are also very well done, as they speak to the reader in a manner quite unlike anything else currently out there.

Michael Stagg’s ‘Nate Shephard’ series of mystery thrillers is a perfect example of his talents as an author of the genre. Following the character of Nate Shephard himself, they see him as he works as a legal attorney, in this collection of legal thrillers. Bringing justice in a collection of cases, they see him investigating and defending, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

The series itself started out back 2020, and has run for four books and counting, with stand-alone mysteries each time. There’s ongoing arcs too, but they’re simple enough to pick up at any single point, allowing the reader to easily read them on a casual basis. Investigating each case himself, Nate Shephard leads each story, as the world around him continues to develop as well.

Lethal Defense

Initially released in 2020 on the 23rd of March, this would be the first in the ongoing Nate Shephard series of legal thrillers. Setting up the premise and the world, the story itself would feature a self-contained mystery, with it’s action packed courtroom drama premise. Initially published on the Kindle platform, it would make way for an equally compelling mystery thriller series to follow.

Leaving a high powered law firm to go his own way, Nate Shepherd gets a huge opportunity when an out-of-town lawyer hires him as local counsel. Set to work a huge and high-profile murder case, his family are afraid that the case itself might be to close to home, but he continues anyway. Digging further, he manages to uncover memories of a traumatic past that he’s desperately attempted to bury deep. What actually happened all those years ago, can he overcome the trauma, and will he be able to find out the truth behind his lethal defense?

This is a great and compelling legal thriller that’s managed expertly on every level, making the most of its exciting concept. The characters all have well managed dialogue that’s sharp and incisive, making for an extremely gripping and engaging story. Keeping the reader constantly guessing throughout, this does everything that it sets out to do and more when it comes to the thriller genre.

True Intent

Once more published through the Kindle platform, this definitely has a lot to offer fans of the mystery thriller genre. Released on the 23rd of April in 2020, this would be the second book in the ‘Nate Shephard’ series of eagerly anticipated novels. It’s another stand-alone and self-contained mystery narrative, and one that really makes use of its central leading protagonist.

A middle-aged billionaire dies during the celebrations of a wedding reception, and his family lash out by blaming it on his wedding date. Bringing down all of their money on her, she’s completely overwhelmed by it all, as she turns to Nate Shephard to help defend her. That’s when he begins to untangle the case even further, discovering it’s tied to secrets buried deep within his own past, all the while trying to prove the woman’s innocence. Will he be able to find out really happened during the reception, is he going to be able to prove the woman innocent, and what is everyone’s real true intent?

Another gripping story with Nate Shephard leading the way once more, as there’s a story with numerous twists and turns. His own character development is handled extremely well too, as he essentially comes alive with the many reveals of his own history. This ensures that there’s some very well managed world-building, as well as some strong character arcs throughout.

Blind Conviction

Originally published 23rd of October in 2020, this could be the third book in the Nate Shephard series of novels. Continuing on from the previous two books, it’s another self-contained mystery thriller that definitely has a lot to say for itself. Knowing his market intently, Michael Stagg immediately gets to the heart of what it is that he is trying to say as an author.

At first reluctant to defend a hard-working farmer who’s been accused of attempting to murder the fiancée of his brother, he takes on the case at the request of people he trusts. Unearthing a whole web of money and intrigue, it would seem that law enforcement already already has a whole wealth of evidence set to bury the client. Uncovering a whole web of lies and corruption, the prosecution pushes on, and time is of the essence if Nate wants to have any chance of saving the day. Will he be able to prove his clients innocence, who actually did the crime, and can Nate get his blind conviction?

Stacking everything against the clock here, the suspense is really pushed to the limit by Stagg here, as he definitely entertains. It’s a great story and one that works on every single level throughout, making for a hugely thrilling mystery title. The characters are once again well developed too, bringing in more of Stagg’s signature dialogue moving along at a fast and fun pace.

The Nate Shephard Series

This series really works well on multiple different levels, giving a story that fully delivers on its highly compelling premise. Pushing the concept to its fullest, it definitely manages to deliver for the reader, allowing not just the character of Nate to come alive, but his whole world too. There’s a lot to enjoy here, and it’s definitely one for not just fans of the author, but fans of the genre as a whole as well. With more fans discovering it all the time, it continues to grow in popularity, as it continues to have a life that will carry on for some time to come.

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