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Nate Temple / Temple Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Temple Chronicles Books

Nate Temple series by Shayne Silvers
Author Shayne Silvers writes the “Nate Temple” series of urban fantasy novels. The series began publication in the year 2012 when “Obsidian Son” was released.

Nate Temple is a flawed, foul-mouthed, young wizard that has a chip on his shoulder and is trying to protect St. Louis from all kinds of nasties that we know from our bedtime stories.

He has been known to cow-tip the Minotaur, bumming smokes off of Death, sucker punch an Angel, doing shots with the Baby Yaga, and robbing Death’s horse to prove his point. Nate’s disregard for the consequences and self-preservation keeps readers cringing and laughing on the edge of their seat.

“Obsidian Son” is the first novel in the “Nate Temple” series and was released in the year 2012. To do list: Cure a reptile dysfunction. Cow-tip a minotaur.

Nate Temple is secretly a wizard. He drinks with Achilles, rides his foul-mouthed unicorn, and is pals with each of the Four Horseman. He understands following the rules, at least, in theory. He just struggles with the application. Because he feels that rules were meant to be broken.

Especially when he learns a monster just killed his parents. All he is able to hear after that is the soothing and sweet song of vengeance in his ears, playing on repeat. However, shifter dragons arrive, and Nate is forced to step away from hunting the scuzz-bucket murderer. Because he knows the cure for a reptile dysfunction and these dragons won’t like it one bit.

The fight quickly opens Pandora’s Box, and suddenly all kinds of supernatural thugs are after him. The only way he can get out of it, and save his city, is to murder his own best friend. He didn’t ask for, want, or start any of this. He will finish it though. It is time that he shows St. Louis that magic is extremely real. And one angry wizard is something to see, at least one time in your life. Right before he puts you and everybody you ever met in the grave.

Readers enjoyed this novel for its smart dialogue and wit, and for all the action. The novel is never boring, there are some exciting characters and a fantastic plot in it. Fans enjoyed the way this is a refreshing change to what is typical in this genre.

“Blood Debts” is the second novel in the “Nate Temple” series and was released in the year 2015. An Angel, a Wizard, and a Horseman of the Apocalypse all walk into a bar.

The ancient pact between Heaven and Hell, and mankind has just been broken. Nate Temple’s journey to get vengeance might have set off Armageddon. Time to grab one stiff drink, or possibly four. Nate, who is already plagued with sinister night terrors that might qualify him as a card-carrying psychopathic insomniac, can barely manage putting his pants on in the morning, let alone choose a side for the Apocalypse.

However, he gets framed as being a demon sympathizer, and condemned by the Armies of Heaven, and is hunted down by the Four Horsemen and his allies. He doesn’t believe that it could get any worse than that. But then they take his magic away. A wizard without magic doesn’t stand a chance against the forces of Heaven and Hell. Mardi Gras in St. Louis is going to totally suck this year.

There is a ton of action, suspense, humor, snarky come backs, and crazy situations for the reader to enjoy. Fans enjoyed the adventure, the humor, and endless excitement.

“Grimm” is the third novel in the “Nate Temple” series and was released in the year 2016. Assassination contracts make terrible wedding proposals.

Sharing a beer with a Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death, really put some things into perspective for this foul-mouthed and billionaire wizard. Like finally getting up the nerve to propose to his girlfriend.

However, the Brothers Grimm, who are legendary hitmen, have escaped from their prison, and the first thing they want after being incarcerated for centuries is Nate’s head. With all of the wedding party on their hit-list, too, the whole Temple family is in jeopardy, he realizes they can’t run and hide. It is time to go and do magic.

With every kind of supernatural baddie teaming up to help the Grimms out, Nate finds out that enemies have become friends and friends have become enemies. He is also forced to cross lines that are better left uncrossed. To use magic that he shouldn’t use ever.

When teeth, magic, and claws dance to the song of war, the one thing left to learn is who dies and who lives. And if Nate’s going to be able to deal with the consequences. No wonder a man is horrified to propose.

“Silver Tongue” is the fourth novel in the “Nate Temple” series and was released in the year 2016. Fairy Tales are quite literal survival guides. Ignore them at your own risk.

Nate has gotten away with a lot in recent years: decimating a group of weredragons, eating pancakes with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and sucker-punching some Angels. He has also abducted one of the most powerful wizards on the entire planet and butchered the Brothers Grimm. Lady Luck has been fantastic to Nate Temple. Until now, that is.

His good fortune has just turned, as he has just caught a recruiter’s attention, a recruiter is the type of person that offers jobs that you cannot refuse. The types of job that comes with perks such as selling your soul to your new employer. Times like that is when a wizard tastes fear, and when he learns that the baddest and largest monsters all work for the same dude. And they do so against their will.

Silver Tongue. It is the nightmare that everybody both knows and does not know. Lady Luck had better have another good toss of the dice for Nate. Otherwise, this is going to be the final game he is ever going to play. Unless, he is able to figure out a way to cheat the house.

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