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About Nathan Ameye

The American author Nathan Ameye is well-known for his extremely immersive GameLit novels, enveloping the reader in his rich and imaginative worlds. Taking the audience on a journey, he really brings his stories to life with both wit and charm, creating engaging narratives that have a lot to offer. Basing many of his stories on his own love of video games, he knows and understands how to make the most of each of his creative premises. Elevating his fiction, he allows the reader to fully explore his stories along with his protagonists, making them easy to follow.

His increasing popularity is also a testament to his skills as a writer, as he engages readers from all across the world far and wide. Providing a sense of escapism and adventure in his fiction, Ameye really understands what his audience is looking for in his work. On top of that, he also provides his own interesting voice, saying something in the process, as he underlies each of his stories. Fast rising in prominence as a highly popular author, he’s become one of the leading figures currently writing within his genre to date.

The characters that he has created have also made an impact on readers, as they definitely stand out from the page. Combining fantasy and science-fiction elements, Ameye also makes sure to see that his stories resonate on a personal level as well. He’s also gone on to create serialized work as well, ensuring his growing following of readers return time and time again. Definitely a novelist to watch in the years to come, he’s a writer who’s got plenty of stories left to tell still, as he isn’t stopping any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up in the Ozark Mountains, Nathan Ameye has always spent an active life outdoors fishing, trekking, and canoeing. He would also read extensively, as he would come to harness his passion for the written word and literature as time went on. Spending time living in the Colorado Rockies, he would go on to take up climbing, jeeping, and fly-fishing as well.

Finding his voice as a writer over time, he’d focus on his passion for video games, as this would come to define much of his work. Primarily writing about MMORPGs, these would take center stage, as he began to write novels set firmly within the GameLit subgenre. Currently writing to this day, he has lots more still planned in the pipeline, as his writing career continues growing from strength to strength.

Writing Career

In 2021 Nathan Ameye would write and publish his first novel, which was titled ‘Black Dawn,’ and it was a GameLit book. It would also become the first in his series of ‘Fae Nexus’ series of novels, which would all go on to feature the same leading characters. Taking some of his own life, Ameye would set many of his novels in the Ozarks, giving them a real sense of grounding,

What Ameye would mainly become known for is his ‘Fae Nexus’ series of GameLit novels, which would largely be LitRPG novels. Taking place in a fantasy world, they would immediately gain a following of readers with their ongoing epic science-fiction saga. Maintaining a profile both offline and on, he continues to write, drawing from a whole range of different influences and inspirations.

Black Dawn

Originally released through the ‘Shadow Alley Press’ publishing label, this would first come out back in 2021. Arriving on the 5th of January, it would not only introduce Nathan Ameye as an author for the first time, but it would also begin the ‘Fae Nexus’ series of books. An ongoing series of GameLit novels, it would set about establishing an entire world, along with its leading protagonists.

Expecting to mend fences in the Ozarks, fate has other plans for Gage after he heads back home to his friends, as an electrical solar storm hits Earth. Reconnecting the Fae Nexus, the planet is completely engulfed in magical energy, as all the laws of nature are drastically changed to make way for a new one. With Gage’s home-town now swarming with demons, he must team up with his friends and level up before going to rescue their families. Are they up to completing the task, can they ever hope to defend their home, and what is going to become of them all as they face the Black Dawn?

Opening the series, this works extremely well, setting up the overall premise of the franchise, giving readers an idea of what to expect. It really delivers on multiple levels, giving readers an insight into the world of the novels, along with plenty of action and excitement. The story itself is well paced, with an overall lively tone, along with numerous fun personalities carrying the narrative forwards.

Lich Hollow

This book was the second novel in the ‘Fae Nexus’ series, and it would come out in 2021 on the 23rd of November. Following on from the first, it would initially arrive on the Kindle platform, and it would provide the next instalment in the series. It also paved the way for the third book in the series, ‘Storm Haven,’ to be released in 2022 the following year.

With his family imprisoned in a prison camp, Gage muse battle his way through an army of demons to get them back. But first he must gain a powerful weapon which will grant him the power of Storm Lord, and an ex-Demon Hunter who’s now a lich has it. Needing to track him down, he ventures into his lair and retrieve the weapon, and this is definitely not going to be easy. Will he manage to get the super-weapon dragon’s claw, can he rescue his family, and what will become of Gage when he enters Lich Hollow?

Carrying from where the last novel left off, it’s best that this series is read in order so they’re understood. With plenty of character development and world-building, it really manages to capture the tone of the first, while providing plenty of surprises of its own. The characters are also well handled, as Gage is an engaging protagonist with a deeper level of depth and nuance to his personality.

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