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About Nathan Harris

The American writer Nathan Harris is becoming a hugely popular writer of historical fiction in a relatively short amount of time. Producing work that really strikes a chord with his readers, he casts a light on the events of the past, all while saying something important in the process. There’s a lot to take in with his fiction, but Harris effortlessly guides his audience with expert precision, leading them every step of the way. This has proven to be successful, making him a household name for many, with his genuine and down-to-earth style and tone.

Bringing to life America’s past, he gives it a fresh new look, taking it in a whole different direction for the reader. Not afraid to say something different, he’s allowed his own distinctive and idiosyncratic voice to provide it with a whole new sense of meaning. He doesn’t shy away from any of the darker details either, making sure everything is completely shown at once. This is something that many have gone on to laud him for, allowing him to become a hugely influential and important writer.

The characters that he creates are also extremely well drawn, as they feel completely real and believable. Leaving a profound impact on the reader long after they’ve put the book down, they really help further bring the world to life. Everyone has their own voice, as Harris allows his characters to essentially speak for themselves individually. Knowing each of them, they feel alive in their own right, creating fully developed personalities that fully stand-out from the page.

Researching extensively, it’s clear that he’s made sure that nothing is left to chance, as there’s clear passion for what he’s writing about. He’s definitely a gifted writer with a strong and articulate presence when it comes to writing and creating fiction based in reality. There’s a lot more planned too, as his writing career continues building both onwards and upwards into the future.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a passion for writing, this would be something that Nathan Harris would continue to nurture throughout much of his life. Attending the University of Texas he would later receive an MFA which he’d get from the Michener Center, all of which would help him find his voice. Continuing to build upon his craft, he would become a writer with something to say in the years that were to follow.

Seeking inspiration from the world around for his writing, he’d look into the past using history as the template for his first novel. This he would then make relevant for a modern era, using contemporary themes and ideas for his realistic fiction. Currently living in Austin, Texas, he continues to put out work regularly, with a lot more to follow still.

Writing Career

In 2021 Nathan Harris would write his first novel titled ‘The Sweetness of Water,’ which would see him arriving on the literary scene for his debut. This would fast become a success, making hugely popular all around the world, with his unique and incisive approach to writing. Showing clear attention to detail when it came to historical facts too, he managed to create a real sense of authenticity.

Setting himself apart from other writers within his field, he would go on to make a name for himself with the critics too. Gaining the University of Oregon’s Kidd Prize, he would also become a finalist in the Tennessee Williams Fiction Prize. On top of this would then be him being select for the Oprah Winfrey Book Club, making him world renowned as an author. Maintaining a presence and profile, he’s definitely a writer to watch with a lot to say, as his audience grows every day.

The Sweetness of Water

First brought out in 2021 on the 15th of June, this would initially come out through the ‘Little, Brown and Company’ publishing imprint to a great deal of acclaim. It would mark the literary debut for author Nathan Harris, showing what he had to offer to the reading public at large. Working entirely as a stand-alone title, it would be a historical novel set during the last days of the American Civil War.

There’s many themes and ideas running throughout this book, many of them looking at the pain of bigotry and the need for equality. Dealing with these many ideas, Harris works with them extremely well, allowing the book to really speak to the reader directly. It’s an engaging and profound story, and one that feels highly authentic to the era, really bringing it to life for the reader.

Only just freed through the Emancipation Proclamation during the final days of the American Civil War, to brothers previously slaves are now making their way north. Landry and Prentiss then find refuge in the homestead of one George and Isabelle, his wife, as they take to farm work for their keep there. The couple owning the farm hope to keep their grief at bay after they lost their son to the war, and strike up a friendship with the brothers, although they both want to meet their mother in the north. Meanwhile, two confederate soldiers returning are engaged in a forbidden romance, and one that’s discovered tearing the local community apart with bloodshed, as Isabelle takes charge in the aftermath.

Public Profile

Impressing a lot of people in a relatively short amount of time, Nathan Harris would fast make a name for himself. Featuring in numerous newspapers and interviews, he was quickly hailed as an exciting new talent on the dawn of his debut release. This would lead to him becoming sought after by many readers, with his work resonating with a worldwide audience.

Gaining many good reviews, critics would note his voice, marking him as a writer to watch with a lot to say. Chosen for Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club, he fast became a household name upon release, reaching many reader with his historical perspective. Dealing with America’s past, he would also look to the future, making his work relevant to current times in an accessible way. Speaking directly to Oprah too, his fate would become sealed as a leading writer who would make a considerable impact with his work.

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3 Responses to “Nathan Harris”

  1. Carole Punt: 1 year ago

    I’m listening to this story as an Audio book. I would love to read or listen to more by Nathan Harris so I trust his next novel will be ready to publish soon.
    The audio book is particularly captivating as it is so well voiced.

  2. Debra Messinger: 2 years ago

    Nathan Harris creates characters that are unforgettable. This book stays with you and shakes you to the core. It details a history we need to know, that is real and not taught in school, The theme and under currents in the story are issues we still struggle with, bigotry, homophobia, prejudice and the search for freedom and a better life and compassion for our fellow man. The Sweetness of Water is a book we are reading in our book group and highly recommend.

  3. Tricia: 3 years ago

    I first saw your book on ophra’s book club and I was entrigued and I said to myself this is a book I must have, your work is amazing thank you for bringing such a story


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