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Publication Order of Nathan Heller Collections

Dying in the Post-War World (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kisses of Death (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chicago Lightning (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Triple Play (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Almost every book has a main character, but when a character is able to keep evolving and keep people interested it becomes something much more. It takes time, creativity, and little bit of luck to create a character you can have your story surround. To have a character that attracts people attention and interest is a great start. Most importantly, when it comes to a series, is to have a character that can last. I will present a character that has not only lasted, but played a major role in what a book series should look like. I will give background on the character, talk about certain novels the character is a part of, and give brief background on the author of the series and creator of this character.

Our character name is Nathan Heller. The series surrounding Nathan Heller has transcended time. It would be a surprise if you have not heard about it or seen a novel in a bookstore. This series has been around for some time now. So let’s answer the question who is Nathan Heller and why is he important. Nathan Heller began as a crooked cop during the 1930s and 1940s that becomes a big time private investigator. What’s important is how Nathan Heller became the big shot private investigator throughout the series. This series took the fictional character and made him bigger than life by asserting him in true crime events. This character is placed in times of history and events that not only interest a reader but also enlightens. Mystery fans cannot help but to love this series. It is the perfect blend of reality and fantasy a mystery needs. It has the perfect scenarios and timeless moments throughout each novel. Nathan Heller is the complete protagonist a series needs. He has characteristics that make you like and dislike him. He’s greedy, has a different perspective when it comes to morals, and is completely ambiguous. To Nathan as long as it is by his terms than he has no problem going along with it. Nathan like any other character has a factor that shapes the person he is throughout the series. For Nathan this factor is his dad’s death. His father’s death is a strong part of his life that he will remember forever. Nathan Heller might just be the perfect character. He is stuck between good and bad not because of a conflict, but because he simply plays by his own rules. He seems to always find himself in the most intriguing situations. He plays a role that can go on forever in a world where it is easy to get lost in. He has all the qualities of a character anyone would be attracted to. He has the perfect balance of being boldly upfront and also easily mysterious. A character like Nathan Heller has that special niche where the things you don’t like about him become the reasons you keep reading each novel back to back. It is time to speak on those novels.

The novel we will speak about will be the very first novel, True Detective. True Detective gives you Nathan Heller at the perfect time. Set in 1932, during the times of the mob in its’ glory days, Nathan Heller gets his chance to tag along with the mayor’s clean-up crew for a raid. He ends up finding himself in the middle of a power struggle between the mayor and the mob. This is where Nathan Heller the character who has lasted decade comes to life. Caught between good and bad is a man who does not care what side he necessarily lands on. As long as it plays out in his favor he will do what he needs to do. The first novel is just an example of why this series has lasted the way it has due to having a character like Nathan Heller.

Next is the third book in the series, The Million Dollar Wound. This novel puts us in Hollywood during the 1940s. Just like that Nathan Heller has gone from investigator caught up in Chicago’s mob life to out in Hollywood amongst some of the most talented people at the time. Hollywood is not all glamorous for Heller though. Memories of Chicago mob life haunt him. It haunts him to the point he ends up back in Chicago involving himself in some of the most violent moments of the mob. This novel surrounds Heller with tons of action. This is great for the reader but for Heller not so much. It might not be so easy to get out of this situation like he did before. Now that some info has been given about certain novels let’s move on to the man behind this classic series.


Lastly, we introduce Max Collins. Max Collins created something amazing. Using real life events that either people had history of or wanted to know; then to use a character like Nathan Heller placing him perfectly in the story is genius. The very first novel True Detective came out in 1983. There is supposed to be a novel coming out some time this year. Yes, that is how long this series has lasted. Collins is praised for his high skill of crime masterpieces. He has won plenty awards for his work. He has taken events and simply brought them to life like no other. He uses these stories to not only shed light, but make the reader question events and even do research for themselves. He is an author that takes you further than just reading his novel. He is an author that leaves you pleased and wanting to know more.

Max Collins can be seen as a major figure in mystery novels. Nathan Heller can be seen as the blueprint for a character when it comes to any genre. This series demonstrates what it is like to strike gold. Once you have found it you keep at it. Staying simple will usually lead to success. That is what Max Collins has achieved with this series, success and cheers.

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