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Nathan Hill is an American author who burst onto the scene with the release of his first book, The Nix in 2017.

Hill was born in 1975 at his birthplace of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the United States. Nathan Hill spent his formative years in various Midwest neighborhoods ranging from Iowa to Oklahoma to Kansas. He has since left the Midwest behind and now makes his home in Naples, Florida.

For his undergraduate studies, Nathan Hill enrolled at University of Iowa where he graduated with Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism. For his postgraduate studies, Hill went to University of Massachusetts-Amherst where he earned his graduate degree was a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

First-time novelists rarely bring the literary world, especially the New York literary circles, to a standstill. By the same token, first-time novelists rarely prompt publishing houses to jostle for the publication rights of their work. As a matter of fact, publishers are not enthusiastic when it comes to signing prospective authors who are not tried-and-tested in the context of publishing books. As such, it is quite unexpected when a first-timer comes out of the blue and not only takes the literary circles by storm, but also his work has a semblance of and is likened to that of established man of letters like Charles Dickens. Nathan Hill is that kind of first time author.

Did you know that Nathan Hill is a journalist, editor, website designer, teacher, and a man of letters, all rolled into one? Prior to debuting as a novelist, Hill had penned numerous short stories and essays. Various publications including The Denver Quarterly, The Iowa Review, The Gettysburg Review, and Agni among others have since published Nathan Hill’s literary work.

Nathan Hill currently teaches at the Minnesota-based University of St. Thomas where he serves as an Associate Professor of English. Hill previously worked at Florida Gulf Coast University and the Academy of American Poets where he served as an editor and doubled up as a website designer. Nathan Hill also had a stint in the media industry when he served as a writer at a publication called The Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Nathan Hill’s has harbored writing ambitions since he was a pupil at elementary school. When Nathan Hill was a second-grader he penned an adventure short story. Funnily enough, Hill ultimately smuggled the said story into his highly acclaimed debut book. Childhood aspirations aside, Hill’s writing ambitions took a serious turn in his twenties. Even then Hill’s writing career has not always been smooth. Hill faced a plethora of problems and his fledgling writing career was nearly consigned to oblivion before it even kicked off.

Like many other prospective writers, especially those that have graduated with Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Nathan Hill decided to relocate to New York. He had with him a laundry list of stories that he had written and hoped to get a literary agent and, ultimately, a publishing house. Unfortunately for him, the literary agents–there were about 38 of them in total that he approached- consistently rejected his work.

The seemingly unappealing manuscripts started to bother Nathan Hill. Worse still, a break-in incident meted out a mighty blow to his writing career though he emerged stronger than before. In mid-2000s, while Hill was relocating, someone broke into his car and stole his household goods, including his personal computer which contained his unpublished literary work. Chagrined and heartbroken, Nathan Hill indulged in online fantasy games before he started writing again, having to start from scratch.

Nathan Hill started writing his much sought-after novel in 2004. Hill hoped to write a short story but the process, which spanned over a decade, culminated in the production of a thousand-page manuscript. It was not until 12 years later that it was published. Long story short, Hill debuted recently and the debut book was inspired by the author’s damnable real-life experience. That experience ranges from his then fledgling writer career to the addictive online games to his lackluster job as an English professor.

The first edition was originally published in 2016, titled The Nix; and this standalone book is shelved under the fiction (particularly historical fiction and literary fiction sub-genres) genre.

Samuel Andresen-Anderson is the featured central character in Nathan Hill’s book titled The Nix. He is professor at a local institution and a prospective writer too. His mother, named Faye, abandoned Andresen-Anderson while he was still in his formative years.

The turning point in Nathan Hill’s book, The Nix, is when Samuel Andresen-Anderson’s mother resurfaces after a run-in with the authorities and she is angling for her son’s assistance. Faye is branded a radical, contrary to Andresen-Anderson’s opinion who belatedly realizes that he knows little about his mother. Samuel’s self-actualization and the unmasking of his mother segues a hilarious and witty story in a novel that Barnes & Noble hailed as among the best new books.

Nathan Hill Awards

Nathan managed to win the 2016 Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. He was also nominated for the NBCC Leonard Award for Best Debut of the Year.

In addition, book reviewers have praised The Nix. Better still, Barnes & Noble has since included the aforementioned book in a listing comprising of the best new novels. The Nix also made Book of the Year listings from the New York Times, The Washington Post, Amazon, Slate, The Guardian, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, and Buzzfeed.

Nathan Hill Books into TV Shows
A production company has since purchased the film rights of Nathan Hill’s book The Nix hard on the heels of its publication. Warner Bros Television secured the rights for the said book which is slated for adaptation into a TV miniseries by J.J. Abrams prodcution company.

Best Nathan Hill Books
Nathan Hill is a new novelist. Expectedly, there are no other books to compare and contrast with The Nix.

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