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Nathan Lowell is one of the most prolific authors of America who loves to write his books based on the science fiction and fantasy genres. He has been working as an author for more than 40 years. At first, he entered into the literary field by podcasting his books. He is mostly regarded as an author, podcastor, and narrator. Author Lowell is best known for the development of his sci-fi series titled ‘The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper’. He says that he was able to develop the series because of a long time fascination that he had for the space opera. He also used his experiences in writing the series, during the time he was on board as a Coast Guard in The United States Navy. Unlike most other writers who try to focus on only one character as the protagonist, author Lowell tries to center his books around the people who work behind the scenes. These include ordinary people in the form of men & women who try to make their living by working in the depths of the space. His novels do not generally feature the huge space battles or blue eyed monsters. Instead of that, author Lowell always tries to describe a realistic and richly vivid world, where the hero makes use of his innate talents and hard work in order to improve the lives of the people in his community and that of his station. Author Lowell holds a PhD in the subject of Educational Technology along with specializations in Instructional Design and Distance Education. He also holds a Master of Arts degree in the subject of Educational technology and a BS in the field of Business Administration.

Author Lowell spent his growing years on Maine’s southern coast. He is known to have deep roots in the maritime heritage. Between the years 1970 and 1975, he has served in the USCG. During that time Lowell was assigned to the duty on a cutter on the hurricane patrol in North Atlantic. He also used to serve at the communications station located in Kodiak, Alaska, as a Coast Guard. As of today, author Lowell lives happily in the eastern plains of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, along with his wife, a couple of daughters, and 3 feline companions. Author Lowell was born in the year 1952, in Portland, Maine. He was raised in an agricultural community in the rural regions of Maine. He used to spend his time by working on the fishing boats near the coast. The first literary success in the life of author Lowell came when he published a poem when he was studying in his elementary school. Gaining momentum from that much required initial success, author Lowell went on to serve for 40 more years as one of the prominent authors and faced all the elements of failure, attempt, and rejection. At one point in his literary career, he had completely given up the idea of writing science fiction stories. When the podcast fiction began to rise again in the year 2007, author Lowell decided to write again. Eventually, he went on to complete the first successful book of his career, titled ‘Quarter Share’. Since then, he has gone on to write a total of 11 more books, several novellas, and a few short stories in his writing career. The podcast novels written by author Lowell have been included in the list of finalists for the Parsec Award, for 5 times. He had also won the Parsec Awards on two occasions in 2010 and 2011 in the category of speculative fiction.

The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series written by author Nathan Lowell consists of a total of 6 books published between the years 2007 and 2014. The debut novel in the series is titled as ‘Quarter Share’, and was released by author Lowell himself in the year 2007. The main characters described in the plot include pip Carstairs, Bev, Ishmael Horatio Wang, and Brilliantine Smith. At the start of the plot of the book, it is shown that Ishmael Horatio Wang loses his mother due to a flitter crash. He is left devastated at this loss, but is required to find a job at one of the planet companies as soon as possible or he will be sent out of the system. To add to his problems, he comes to know that NerisCo is not hiring. In the end, Ishmael Horatio Wang realizes that his credits are running very low, and his prospects are getting limited. Therefore, he sees the only hope in joining a commercial deep space freighter for a period of two years. Ishmael has rarely visited the orbital of Neris and has never gone oof the planet alone previously. But now, he finds himself as a part of an eclectic crew, which is tasked to sail a deep space freighter between the stars. In the story of this novel, author Lowell has described a Manchester built SC Lois McKendrick clipper, which begins its solar sail for searching profit for the company. Each and every crew member of the clipper is entitled to have an equal share of their rating on board the SC McKendrick.

The next installment of the series was published under the title ‘Half Share’. It was released by the Podiobooks publishers in the year 2007. This novel also features the same set of main characters as in the previous book of the series. When the story of the book starts, it is shown that four women have been sailing for the past 6 months in the SC McKenrick, all in darkness. Now, the time has come for a change on the clipper as Sarah Kruggs is made to join the mess deck, while Ishmael Horatio Wang goes to the environmental section. Ishmael had recently become successful in getting accustomed to his job activities on board the clipper. But, because of the changes, he will now have to acquire a new set of job skills. This way, he must face his doubts and fears. He is also required to maintain a balance between love and loss while sailing in the deep space, as it is very important for the safety of the clipper and of his own. For surviving the difficult conditions on board, Sarah and Ishmael must learn to trust the clipper. Sarah seems to be trying to escape from her horrifying past, while Ishmael is required to discover the kind of man he wants to become and eventually learn about the consequences of the choices that he has made.

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10 Responses to “Nathan Lowell”

  1. Caroline lee vannwinkle: 7 months ago

    Truly delightful all 17 books. I started out with heinlein when in 4 th grade, t hen continued until I introduced my daughter to heinlein when she was in 3 rd grade, then a few months ago she introduced me to Nathan lowells’ books. It has been a while since I read such delightful books in this genre. Keep up the good work. Have chosen to get new series when he comes out. Hooray for truly exquisite, delightful and entertaining books from this author.

  2. Gale: 1 year ago

    “The Wizard’s Butler” was the first book by you that I’ve read.
    Within two weeks of finishing it I craved reading it again, so I did.
    I wanted more from that world but there were no additional
    wizard books, so I moved on to your other series with I. H. Wang.
    Then I read the Ravenswood series and the South Coast series.
    Just today I found your web site, and learned that you have been
    ill and are doing the hard work of recovering. I greatly look forward
    to your new books and wish for your speedy return to good health!
    I am retired, and reading is my main entertainment activity. I probably
    listen to audiobooks about 60% of my reading time, with ebooks 25%
    and print books 15%. I enjoy several different genres and many authors.
    You are one of my favorites. I’ve become a 72 year old “Fan Girl”. Ha!
    Please continue to get well and I look forward to “The Wizard …book 2”.

  3. Jane: 2 years ago

    I am new to discovering Mr. Lowell’s writing and am rubbing my hands together in glee at the number of books available. My first read was “The Wizard’s Butler”, which was an absolute gem. I will be savoring these books for some time to come and I am appropriately grateful!

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      I love that feeling when discovering a new author 🙂

  4. Mark Jones: 3 years ago

    I was very disappointed at the end of the Trader Tales Of The Solar Clipper. Mostly the failure to end the books in a proper complete manner. I was very happy to find another talented writer only to find out there was no book 7 to finish the series. It was very disappointing after such a rich experience. I truly could have read the series many times had it finished well. Tell me why should I waste my time reading anything else you have written if you don’t finish what you start. I rate your rate your talent very high. I would urge you to read Joshua Dalzelle or Marko Kloos and find out how to close up loose ends that lead to new stories and series that also end well. These writers have series of dozens of books. Good luck with future books.

    • Julia Shaw: 3 years ago

      It is my understanding from Nathan Lowell’s website, that there is more to come. Perhaps be patient!

      • Myriam: 2 years ago

        I absolutely love Nathan work, his readings and voice work. I will have to say that some books (not his) or all of his} don’t always end… yes that can leave you frustrated…. but for me I get to imagine my ending.
        Suggesting an author read someone else work to learn how to end a book is not only RUDE and uncalled for. If you think you can do an end Write it or STFU.
        So if you want some well written books that have strong, kind, funny, descriptive characters then enjoy.
        Mr. Lowell (podcast-Talking on my morning walk) talks about his journey with Cancer and radiation and chemo.

    • Mythink: 2 years ago

      Not sure but I am listening to Owner;s Share and based on the description of In Ashes Born is a sequel to the series.

      • Kay: 8 months ago

        My brother introduced me to your books and I have read most of them, some more than once!
        You have a gift of the bard and I have greatly enjoyed both reading and listening to the audio books.
        Thank you for sharing your talent!

  5. jere wilhelm: 3 years ago

    seeking cd-of “Milk Run” and “Suicide Run” to finish a collection–ideas to aquire


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