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Publication Order of Nathan McBride Books

First to Kill (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forced to Kill (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Option to Kill (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ready to Kill (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Contract to Kill (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Right to Kill (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hired to Kill (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Are you looking for a new thriller series to read with a unique character you’ll always remember? The Nathan McBride series of books written by Andrew Peterson are waiting for you to hold them in your hands until dawn. The criminal world of Peterson includes governments, personal affairs, and international three-dimensional characters enrich the experience you usually have when reading action thrillers. The protagonist, Nathan McBride is the perfect central character who surprises the reader with every new action he takes.

Briefly, Nathan McBride is the man you want to have your back when in danger. This Marine sniper and former CIA specialist’s unique set of skills make him an interesting and unorthodox protagonist and a hero. Peterson knows that readers love thriller books with fast pace and exciting action, so he gives them that with every new book he writes. McBride is the character that made Andrew Peterson realize that he is a real (and a good) author. He wrote his first novel with this character in 1997, but didn’t consider himself as an author until 2005. It was Ridley Pearson who encouraged him to pledge himself to telling the story about Nathan McBride. And so he did.

The first book in the series that tell the story of Nathan McBride, First to Kill, became an instant bestseller after Audible purchased its audio rights. In 2010, two Hollywood producers bought the film rights. After the publishing of the first book, Peterson found time to visit VA hospitals and sit with US veterans. During these visits, he gave thousands of copies away for free. The great success of the first book made Peterson devote himself to writing more than a couple of books and made the story of Nathan McBride even more popular.

Writing the series must have been a real adventure for Peterson. He won his first shooting competition when he was a child and his admiration of firearms has accompanied him throughout his life. This love for arms can be seen expressed through the protagonist in the Nathan McBride series. The character is trained Marine sniper and former CIA specialist. However, he is also a hero in the story, devoting himself to seeking justice, which will make him encounter bad criminals who want his and other’s heads on a platter. Nathan McBride knows every side of violence. He has used violence and violence has been used on him and people around him. Despite this, he remains on the good side and fights the one on the bad one. During that, he is confronting powerful individuals who he never thought are capable of spreading terror on Earth. In a way, McBride shows us the real side of the violence in the world – the one we don’t want to see.

Peterson introduces us with this character in the first series – First To Kill. At the beginning, we find out that McBride is a former Marine sniper and CIA specialist whose career had ended after a failed mission in Nicaragua. That happened 10 years earlier, but he can see its consequences even in the present. Now he is hired to find a missing federal agent. McBride agrees to help as a favor of the former director of FBI, Frank Ortega. The missing agent is Ortega’s grandson, thus this mission is different than any other. The mission becomes more personal for McBride, too later in the novel. McBride didn’t expect to deal with federal officials who seek avenge and don’t care about anything else except the final result when he agreed on it. The beginning of the book series grabs reader’s attention. The story continues evolving at a fast pace with a lot of action. Peterson includes humor in the book, as well, expressed by the protagonist. In addition, McBride is accompanied by many unique characters that are as realistic as him.

If you got hooked on Peterson’s action with the first book, the second one will make him one of your favorite authors from the genre. Forced to Kill is a fitting sequel of First to Kill. In the second book of the series, we get to know the character of Nathan McBride better and the story gets even more intimate. McBride comes face to face with his enemy again. The event that ruined his career 14 years before is repeating once again, but with another person. When he was tortured by the Nicaraguan criminal Montez de Oca he was the only survivor. This horrible event made an end of his career as a CIA specialist. In the second book, this notorious criminal is back, but now he is working on an American soil. Only McBride can stop him and save the lives of the people who he wants to kill. Other than that, McBride wants revenge now and he is prepared to go through anything to get it. The interesting characters from the first book can be found in this one too. For best experience, read the first book before the second one. However, even if you’re keen to find out something more about Nathan McBride’s life sooner, you will manage to get by, although the characters are the same.

The character of Nathan McBride that Andrew Peterson created is one that every person needs in their life to realize that there are bad people as there are good. Even if we don’t have a real McBride in our life, we should always try to be him, at least in our beliefs. Nonetheless, Nathan McBride also tells us that life can be brutal and sometimes we must be equally brutal to survive.

Overall, Nathan McBride series are exciting to read even without eliciting a message. Peterson’s writing will keep you enthusiastic until the end and will surprise you many times on the road. The book is a treat for those who love to read thrillers with a lot of action. It might be overwhelming for those who are not used to reading stories about violence, although there are no much graphic images involved in the stories that follow Nathan McBride. Conclusively, Nathan McBride series offers quite interesting plot with unique and interesting characters that will possess you from the first chapter.

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