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Publication Order of A Natural Remedies Mystery Books

The Natural Remedies Mystery series is the work of Chrystle Fiedler. The books are mysteries with a homeopathic theme.

+The Story

The Natural Remedies Mystery series is a collection of cozy mystery novels. There was a time when the cozy mystery genre was characterized by its small village setting and the typically older ladies and gentlemen who went about solving mysteries in their communities.

These days, a cozy mystery is unlikely to succeed if it doesn’t have a theme. And that development makes sense. After all, without unique themes, most cozy mysteries would blend into one another.

While there have been many a cozy mystery about knitting and reading and magic and the like, few readers can claim to have ever come across a cozy mystery series about natural remedies. The Natural Remedies Mystery series follows the exploits of Doctor Willow McQuade.

When the series begins, Willow is just a doctor in her late twenties that specializes in natural remedies. While her life is relatively ordinary, things begin to change when she visits her aunt in Greenport, Long Island. Aunt Claire is the proprietor of Nature’s Way Market and Café.

Willow goes to Long Island with the intention of getting a much-needed rest. However, her plans for a nice vacation go out the window when her aunt dies one random day. Not only is Willow heartbroken but she is also suspicious about the nature of her aunt’s death.

It isn’t just the strange smell surrounding Aunt Claire’s remains. The deceased woman’s recipe for a supposedly life-changing age-defying formula that uses natural ingredients to achieve results is stolen soon after the murder.

Willow knows that the two events are connected but no one will believe her. So she decides to investigate on her own and quickly finds that she has the capacity to get so much done, especially when she gets help.

Even when Willow solves the murder, it is clear that her life has been changed by the event. She settles down in the idyllic town that her aunt called home and takes over Nature’s Way Market and Café.

Willow tries to set up a whole new life as a local doctor providing natural remedies for people’s ailments. She finds comfort during her struggles in the arms of Jackson Spade, a local police officer who isn’t terrible looking.

It is because of Jackson that Willow is able to solve her Aunt’s murder. Jackson and Willow realize that, by combining their wits, they stand to form an unrivaled investigative team. It isn’t long before Willow is solving crimes up and down Long Island, using common sense and her understanding of natural remedies to discover secrets that others would rather hide.

Willow is an interesting character. On the one hand, as a doctor specializing in natural remedies, the Natural Remedies Mystery series tries to represent her as a calm and controlled individual.

On the other hand, because of her work as an activist, Willow has learned to be very confrontational and that gets her in trouble. However, those two aspects of Willow’s character normally work in her favor.

The Zen doctor and yoga practitioner in her knows when to stay cool and to focus her mind on spotting all the clues and putting them together. The activist in her, the one that is always organizing events for different causes, knows how to push when obstacles arise. Willow never takes no for an answer when she knows that something is amiss and no one will listen to her.

Of course, intriguing as Willow can sometimes be as a protagonist, the main draw of the Natural Remedies Mystery series is the homeopathic remedies it consistently provides to readers.

When Willow is not solving crimes, she is helping her neighbors by giving them some much-needed advice about the best way to overcome their physical, mental and emotional ailments using natural remedies. These are remedies that readers can apply in real life because they are the work of an author that understands natural remedies and alternative medicine.

Chrystle Fielder has accumulated a lot of experience as a journalist writing about natural solutions to common health problems. So she knows what she is talking about when she uses the mysteries of her Natural Remedies books to reveal helpful tidbits about alternative medicine.

Of course, it is because of the Natural Remedies provided in these novels that some people have chosen to discard the Natural Remedies Mystery series. There are times where the author prioritizes the natural remedies over the actual mystery.

There is nothing wrong with an author writing mystery novels with a natural remedies theme so long as he or she remembers to make the mystery the center of each novel. Unfortunately, the Chrystle Fiedler seems to forget this fact in some of the books she writes.

Even worse, the author has a tendency to downplay or even attack modern medicine, a tactic that can sometimes elicit a negative reaction from readers. Fiedler seems to find a proper balance in later books where she is able to talk about her natural remedies without compromising the primary mysteries.

+Death Drops

Doctor Willow McQuade was looking forward to visiting her Aunt Claire in Long Island. Willow expected a time of fun and relaxation in her Aunt’s idyllic town. However, her plans went out the window when she came back from her walk to find Aunt Claire dead.

Distraught, Willow isn’t ready to accept the police’s conclusion that it was an accident, not with the curious scents she is picking up. Willow’s suspicions of foul play are cemented when someone breaks into her Aunt’s café and steals a formula for a natural age-defying product.

To prove her hunches, Willow joins forces with a handsome local cop.

+Scent to Kill

Following the death of her Aunt Claire, Doctor Willow McQuade is now the owner of Nature’s Way Market and Café.

Willow doesn’t know what to expect when Simon, her ex-boyfriend, invites her to a party. When a murder occurs, the police set their sights on Simon. But Willow isn’t convinced of his guilt and immediately begins snooping, using her knowledge of natural remedies to overcome the obstacles she encounters.

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