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Publication Order of Nava Katz Books

The “Nava Katz” series is a set of fantasy fiction novels by urban fantasy author Deborah Wilde. She loves to call herself a global wanderer, screenwriter and total cynic. Wilde has made a name for herself creating some snazzy fantasy and paranormal women’s fiction novels. She has also written funny and sexy urban fantasy that combines elements of the magical, action adventure and romantic comedy. Before she made the decision of becoming an author, she spent about fifteen years as a Hollywood screenwriter. In Hollywood, she was fortunate enough to get writing contracts for interesting stories running from demon hunter shows and an adaptation of the Guinevere story for modern audiences. According to the author, incorporating magic and monsters in her stories to showcase the turmoil and growth of her character is something of a passion. Her stories usually come with strong female friendships, swoony romance, and sassy kickass women. Wilde currently lives with her family in Vancouver Canada.

Deborah Wilde is attracted to the fantastic and magical world since she grew up reading novels in the genre. However, she could not recognize herself in any of the characters in the books she was reading unless she read something about the Holocaust or enti semitism. Even though she acknowledges that these are critical stories that deserve to be told, she needed to pen stories that had a character similar to her that is the object of magical adventures and the object of desire. When she started writing fiction in the urban fantasy genre, it was not a surprise that she got inspiration from religion and mythology when she constructed her characters and settings. Given that she has a snarky persona, her stories are often filled with zany humor even when she writes about some very serious themes. Apart from mythology and religion she has also been inspired by Ilona Andrews the urban fantasy author. Other influences includeNeil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

The lead of the Nava Katz series of novels is Nava, a loyal, unconventional, strong, supersmart, loving, progressive, independent woman. At the beginning of the series, she finds herself in a bind when she is forcefully initiated into the Brotherhood of David. This is an organization that was set up to fight demons. All the initiates are the male descendants of David except for Nava. A strange accident causes her to become an initiate of the organization in the place of Ari, her twin brother that had trained for it ever since he was a child. But Nava is not your usual woman and she gives her best in the traditionally male role. She soon learns how to fight and takes her duties and training very seriously. In the beginning, there is a lot of awkwardness between Nava and her brother Ari. Her entry into the formerly all male brotherhood causes tensions with the likes of demon hunters such as Kane, Baruch, Kane and Drio feeling uneasy. Since the novels are a combination of urban fantasy and romance there are several romance narratives woven into the stories. There is also explicit language and scenes and some violence that all adds to brilliant storylines.

The first novel of the Nava Katz series is “The Unlikeable Demon Hunter.” The story introduces Nava, a heroine who loves hot sex that suddenly finds herself face to face with her worst nightmare. She loved the fact that it was Ari Katz, her twin brother that was destined for life in the Brotherhood as a demon Hunter and not her, until things changed. Half drunk, she interrupts the solemn initiation of her brother and expects that the organizers would surely punish and severely reprimand her for her behavior. But she never thought that she would be made to replace her brother and take his place in the organization. She is to work under a former rock star named Rohan Mitra who is just the perfect man for a no strings attached relationship given his reputation as a bad boy. She had spent years putting up emotional walls but it seems like Mitra will have no problem tearing down all of them. This could be just as if not more dangerous than having to deal with evil demons that are raring to kill who they believe is the weakest member of the Brotherhood.

“Sting,” the second novel of the Nava Katz series, opens right where the debut of the series left off. Nava is still training to become an effective demon hunter of the Brotherhood. In this outing, the Brotherhood has been busy collecting information before they leave for Prague. They are going after Simon King whom they have been told could be a demon. The man has been hatching dangerous plans aimed at world domination and with his extensive connections, his dreams just could come true. Nava would have been very thrilled about the prospect of traveling to Prague except for some recent events. Rohan has just regained his status as a popular rockstar which means she is relegated to groupie rather than colleague. Since she is not going to be content with the “follow orders and be a good girl” directive from her boss, she decided to unleash her alter ego. She intends to use the alter ego to entice and hook Simon King but knows that this will drive Rohan crazy. Her plan is working too well until she has to face up to her friend with benefits’ past, her identity issues and the antiquated thinking of the Brotherhood.

“Need” the third novel of the Nava Katz series opens to the lead in hot pursuit of a demonic serial killer. She has in the recent past warmed up to her colleagues in the Brotherhood with whom she now works cases. The assignment she is working on is a challenging and complex one but it is a dream come true. It becomes a power struggle nightmare and things only become more complicated when Ari, her brother, refuses to acknowledge that there are people in the Brotherhood that are irredeemably corrupt. Nava is not going to sit on her laurels while some destroy the organization she loves. She will get to the bottom of the corrupt dealing even if this causes conflict with her twin brother. The good thing is that she finally managed to get over smoking hot rockstar and boss Rohan Mitra. As she investigates, she samples some hot boys but soon enough she turns up the first man she ever loved in a demon hunt.

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