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Navajo Nation Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Navajo Nation Mystery Books

R. Allen Chappell is a published author of fictional novels.

He is the author of several fictional novels as well as a short story collection titled The Fat of the Land. Many of his books feature the lives of people that belong to the Navajo Nation. These have a sense of authenticity to them mainly based on the life of the author. He grew up alongside the Navajo people, going to school with classmates that belonged to the Navajo tribe.

He also would work with Navajo people later in his life and made many strong friendships in the process of doing so. He says that the friendships that he made would provide the main source of inspiration for his series of novels, Navajo Nation Mystery. He says that the writing that he does maintains a focus on the Four Corners people that belong to the region, both from the present and the past. He makes an effort not to romanticize the characters that he creates and instead writes of them in a realistic way. Chappell says that the characters he comes up with have the same qualities that we all do, some good and some bad.

His writing has been featured in a variety of places, from poetry and literary publications to magazines. He has also had writing featured on television and public radio.

Chappell makes his home in the state of Colorado in the western region. He is married to his wife and together they spend the summer in Colorado hanging out at home. When it comes to the arrival of winter, most of the time he and his spouse decide to winter on a sailboat in the much warmer region of Mexico. He has continued to follow up on his long time interest in researching the Southwest, particularly the people of the Four Corners and their history and prehistory.

The author notes that his stories may be fictional, but he does make a very large effort to try and keep the cultural accuracy intact as well as describe the people in a way that is true to the ways that he has developed an understanding of who they are and as he knows them.

R. Allen Chappell is the creator and the author of the Navajo Nation Mystery series of fictional novels. The series started with the publication of the debut book in 2013, which is titled Navajo Autumn. This was quickly followed by the second installment of the series, Boy Made of Dawn. There are several books included in this collection so if you have been looking around for an interesting and unique fictional series to enjoy, be sure to check this one out and see what you think.

Navajo Autumn is the exciting first novel in the Navajo Nation Mystery series by author R. Allen Chappell. This is an interesting mystery series that is well worth a look! This story features the main characters of Thomas Begay and Charlie Yazzi.

It all starts when Thomas Begay has a few drinks. A short while later, he is discovered hopelessly drunk located under the local fixture La Plata Bridge. While a night of heavy drinking and passing out may not be that out of the ordinary for Thomas, he usually doesn’t find himself in the type of situation that he currently is in.

Things are looking very strange, and that is because someone has been discovered beside him. The body belongs to Patsy Greyhorse, an investigator with the BIA. She does not appear to be drunk and she is not Navajo. But what is true it the unmistakable fact that she is very dead. While Thomas is not, it does not take him long to figure out that he is in very murky waters and likely the biggest suspect in the situation.

That’s where Charlie Yazzi comes in. He has long been a friend to Thomas, sticking with him through thick and thin. He is also recently graduated from law school and is willing to put his career on the line if it means helping this old friend from school. What he does not realize is that more than just his job but his life may be at risk.

Both of them feel that the ‘Yeenaaldiooshii’ may have the answer. If you are the type that believes in things like that. The fact of the matter is that on the distant reaches of a reservation, there remains a group of people that still hold to the traditional ways. These Navajos live out their lives with as little of the modern world influencing them as possible.

They are connected to their sense of cultural heritage, which helps to guide them all. This continues to be the main focus for the people of the Navajo Nation. Many of them may end up being part of this story, but when they get caught up in things, the consequences for the tribe could be disastrous.

Charlie is working overtime to try and help his friend. But will his efforts be in vain? Will Thomas Begay be pinned as the main culprit for this horrible death gone wrong and be brought up on charges? Pick up the thrilling first book in this series to find out!

Boy Made of Dawn is the second book in the Navajo Nation Mystery series by Chappell. If you liked the first book, check out this exciting sequel that continues the story!

The murder trials concerning Patsy Greyhorse are coming up, and things do not look good. But as new people come forward, it seems that there is a lot of potential corruption that is going on that may be put into the light. Meanwhile, the Ute family and their neighbor are starting to be involved in a plot that might be designed to put some tribal leaders in a place where they are exempt from the law.

Charlie Yazzi is not feeling good about the situation. He’s waking up in the dark before dawn, feeling weighed down by the burden of the day. He’s doing what he can to try and help his friend Thomas Begay, but the two may be in more danger on the Indian reservation than they thought. Can they make it through intact and without incident? Find out by picking up the second book in this compelling series!

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