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Debbie Macomber is an American writer who was born on 22 October 1948 in Yakima, Washington. Four of Macomber’s work have been translated into screenplay. Macomber was the first ever author to be awarded with a Quill Award in the year 20015. Apart from the Quill Award, she is also the recipient of RITA Awards and a lifetime achievement award. Due to the fact that she is dyslexia, Macomber has learned up to high school level. Since she loved writing Macomber used to seat in front of a typewriter, while developing several manuscripts. After a couple of rejections, Macomber decided to join freelance magazine work. While attending a writer’s conference, Macomber’s novel was selected to be critiqued by one of the editors present. The editor did not only tore the book apart but also recommended that Macomber should throw away the books. Determined to prove them wrong, Macomber decided to send the same novel to the editor’s rival for only 10 dollars.

Silhouette editing team loved the book that they even decided to purchase it. This novel became the very first novel to be reviewed by Publishers weekly. After publishing her first book, Debbie Macomber continued to work with Silhouette Publishers. In the year 1988, Macomber was asked to pen down a number of stories that are interconnected. These stories became the Navy Series. It did not take long before she began publishing two to three titles in a single year. In the year 1994, Debbie Macomber began releasing single novels. Macomber’s first hardcover novel was published in the year 2001. In the year 2002, Macomber came to the conclusion that she wanted to write books that revolve around the themes of friendship and women. More than 170 million of Macombers books have been printed.

Her book This Matter of Marriage was adapted into a movie in the year 1998. Other books which have been adapted into Hallmark movies include Trading Christmas, Call Me Mrs. Miracle and when Christmas comes. Macomber also pens down inspirational non fiction books such as children’s books and cookbooks. She is also the owner of a yarn shop which is located in Washington.

Navy (Series by Debbie Macomber)

The Navy Wife is the first book in the Navy Book Series by Debbie Macomber. It is a complex and well-crafted story. The author’s unique and inviting writing style is unquestionably going to grab your attention. You will also love the manner in which the author has managed to bring up all the big events in the book together with all the small happenings, that we rarely think about. By doing this, the author has managed to give the reader a complete picture. Furthermore, the author uses this book to invite the reader into the lives of every character in this book. She has also done an excellent job of developing each of these characters separately by showing who they really are and also how they ended up becoming whom they are. As the reader, you are also going to get to know how the different scenarios’ affected the lives of the main characters.

The author also lets the reader know the friction present between these characters. As the first book in the series, The Navy Wife is not only heartbreaking but also comical at times. Debbie Macomber introduces the reader to one Lindy Kyle. Lindy has just relocated to Seattle so that she can be able to find a suitable job. Furthermore, she is also trying to mend her heart from the broken engagement. Lindy’s father works at sea as a submariner. Due to the fact that her brother is currently at sea, he gives Lindy the go ahead to use his apartment when he is away. However, her brother does not stay alone. He has a roommate with whom they share the apartment with. Luckily enough, the roommate is also a submariner; thus they are both away at sea.

Several days after launching, Rush’s ship develops some mechanical problems; thus he returns home unexpectedly. As he entered the house, he met a strange woman, whom he had never met before. Upon their very first encounter, these two individuals are immediately attracted to one another. After dating for quite some time, the two got married. If you are a fan of modern romance, then this is definitely the story for you. The author has done an exceedingly great job of taking the reader deeply into the lives of each of these characters. She does a fantastic job of developing each of these characters individually.

The second book in this series is Navy Blue. In this book, Debbie Macomber introduces the reader to one Carol Kyle. For more than year, Carol Kyle has not spoken a word to her extremely stubborn husband. However, she knows that luring her spouse on one tempestuous night is not going to be hard. Carol is more that willing to do, even if it means that she will have to attain the skills of a navy officer. Carol Kyle is more than determined to get through the bitterness that her husband has been hiding behind for all of those years. The main reason as to why the couple separated was her former husband Steve believed that her wife was romantically involved with someone else while he was away. Upon deciding, Steve decides to confront his wife about the issue. When his wife Carol tells him the truth, he does not believe it. When his wife gets pregnant, Steve believes deep down that the child she was carrying was not his. Because of these, Carol and Steve have ended becoming each other’s nightmare.

Navy Woman is the fourth installment in this book series. The book begins as one Catherine Fredrickson discovers that she has just been transferred to another Navy base which is located a few miles from Washington. Once she arrives at the base, she discovers that her boss is exceedingly demanding but also distant at times. However, unlike a majority of the bosses that she has worked with, this boss is quite attractive. Royce is Catherine’s new boss who is also attracted to Catherine. However, once he discovers that he is attracted to Catherine, he does what he can to ensure that he keeps Catherine at arms distance. Instead, he chooses to concentrate more on her younger daughter. Furthermore, the Navy does not encourage franchising.

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