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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

1123 Hard to Believe Facts (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Which is NOT True?: The Quiz Book (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fascinating Facts for the Whole Family: Trivia about Human Body and Cute Animals (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
853 Hard to Believe Facts (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
523 Hard to Believe Facts (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
323 Disturbing Facts about Our World: Shocking, Ironic or Simply Sad Pieces of Trivia (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
463 Hard to Believe Facts: Better Explained, Counterintuitive and Fun Trivia (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Question a Day Keeps the Boredom Away (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nayden Kostov
Nayden Kostov was born in Bulgaria, and he’s lived in places such as Belgium, Germany, and Iraq, before he settled down in Luxembourg with his family.

He has always suffered from an insatiable appetite for facts that stem from an unrestrainable intellectual curiosity. It’s certainly influenced his academic background and his career. After he acquired his Master degrees in German and English Translation and Greek Philology, he graduated in Crisis Management and Diplomacy and he undertook an MBA.

His career has been just as diverse and broad, swinging from that of a military intelligence analyst and army paratrooper, on through to that of a civil servant with the European Commission. Nayden has also worked as a clerk, where he performs purely financial tasks in a major bank. He’s also a MENSA member.

For his trivia book for kids, his eight year old son inspired him to write it, and his son even illustrated it.

In 2020, he won a Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal.

“1123 Hard to Believe Facts” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2016. After Nayden’s page and the many requests from his readers, he decided to pick out some of the most interesting facts into an e-book. This is why he chose pick out the best gems of breathtaking trivia and present it to his readers this fantastic compilation of facts that is suitable to a broad audience. It comes after he spent years sifting through reference and history books on all kinds of subjects along with following the news and surfing the internet.

It’s intended to be fun for anybody older than 14 years of age, but even the spicy of entries, has been neatly separated into the chapter on “Facts on animal and human sexuality”, and are always factual and stay away from profanity.

To Nayden’s delight, an avid reader of his site explained to him that she’s been preparing daily fact sheets for her son’s lunch box. She prints out three facts every single day in order to create bit of lunchtime fun, which entices him to read more and provoke his intellectual curiosity. It’s something that he wishes his parents had done for him.

He confesses that many trivia books are just insufferably boring. This book, on the other hand, is different, having been packed with education, interesting, and fun ingredients. It looks to challenge and entertain. It’ll provide the reader with some never ending intellectual ammunition for a lifetime of dinner parties. You will amaze your family and friends that the greatest Chinese pirate ever was a woman, or that herrings will use their flatulence in order to communicate.

This book is sure to be your strongest ally in combating your social awkwardness and is sure to arm you with plenty of icebreaking pieces of trivia, which are suitable for any and all occasions.

“Fascinating Facts for the Whole Family” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2017. Nayden’s aim this time around was to create a compilation of facts for kids. This book is sure to entice them into learning new stuff and learning as they have some fun.

While new to writing books for kids, Pavel (his eight year old son) helped him out quite a lot to bring this book to life. Pavel reads a bunch and really loves learning something new each day. He proudly illustrated this book and helped Nayden order and handpick these facts.

The book has over 600 pieces of trivia and covers a range of topics that kids love: the human body and cute animals. The lack of gore, explicit sexuality, or foul language makes it such a fantastic read for anybody in the age range of 8-18 years, as well as their parents too.

A life hack is that if your kid is NOT some voracious reader: when you are making their lunch box up for the day, slip in a couple of these facts. Just print out three facts each day to create some lunchtime fun for your children and provoke their intellectual curiosity.

Readers found this to be an incredible father-son project, with excellent illustrations and fascinating facts perfect for folks that only wish to know more stuff.

“323 Disturbing Facts about Our World” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2020. This time around, Nayden has filled a whole volume with facts about upsetting mayhem and crimes, which have been combined with real yet unbelievable instances of misery and misfortune.

It’s a book where grim examples of hypocrisy and bigotry have been intertwined with amusing tales of bad luck. In the spirit of the times that we live in, he dedicated an entire chapter about COVID-19 trivia and some strange medical conditions. He’s well aware that many possible readers may be overwhelmed by all of the condensed negativity, but a fact is still a fact after all.

However incredible the pieces of trivia may sound, all of the entries have been fact checked and verified.

“463 Hard to Believe Facts” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2021. This book is filled with more verified and fun facts, all presented in this accessible manner that Nayden hopes will provide readers with hours of entertainment. His objective has been to provide his audience with a lifetime supply of icebreakers and points of discussion. You can amaze your family and friends by telling them that all of the planets in our Solar System could fit in the distance between the Moon and the Earth or that flamingos are able to drink boiling water.

Nayden, after the success of his site RaiseYourBrain, chose to collect the very best trivia gems and present the reader with a fact compendium that was suitable for a wide audience. This is a product of years of sifting through reference and history books on a myriad of topics and subjects along with paying close attention to the news and searching the Internet.

Each and every fact is suitable for just about any age, with the “spiciest” of entries being separated into their own chapter but they still use clean language. Become a trivia whiz with even more facts in Nayden’s Hard to Believe Facts series!

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