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The Nealy Coleman book series is a wonderful series of contemporary, romance, and fiction novels. It is written by a NY Times bestselling writer named Fern Michaels. The series is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2001 and 2002. With the stories of this series’ books, Fern Michaels has taken the readers on a journey that turns out emotionally rewarding from all respects. She has continued to describe the unforgettable United States’ families of the Thorntons and Colemans that she introduced in her Texas & Vegas novel series, and one particular among them, Nealy Coleman. This exciting new series shows that the next generations of these two families indulging on numerous occasions and sharing a lot with each other. Author Michaels has described the thrills of the horse racing of Kentucky in addition to the accomplished and strong women, who tend to fight and go to any lengths in order to achieve their dreams. The stories also show the reunion of the Thornton & Coleman families. The Colemans are typically shown as the hardcore horse racing clan from Kentucky, whose family members have pretty much turbulent lives. This family is headed by an incomparable woman named Nealy Coleman Diamond. She is depicted as a woman with purpose and substance in life. Nealy Coleman likes to love hard, ride fast, and always try to win. She tries to accomplish everything that she wishes to and puts in all that she can in her attempts. No one in entire Kentucky is able to match Nealy Coleman’s winning appetite. Nealy seems to have the habit of taking shocking decisions and indulging in daring races, without fearing for the outcomes. Author Michaels has mentioned a number of exciting characters in this series, including Josh Coleman, Nealy Coleman, Emmie Coleman, Rhy Coleman, Pyne Coleman, Nick Coleman, Hatch Littletree, etc. The stories are mostly set in Kentucky, and because of this particular setting the series is also known by the title of the Kentucky series in some of the places of its publishing.

Fern Michaels is a noteworthy writer from America, who is famous for writing romance and contemporary stories. She grew up in Pennsylvania and had the name Mary Ruth Kuczkir at the time of her birth. As soon as Fern entered the business world, people started referring her as Mary. The people close to her prefer to call her Dink, which is the name given to her by her father. But above all, she likes to be called Fern as she feels very comfortable with this name is also easy to pronounce. Immediately after her graduation, Fern Michaels started working and also got married soon. She became the mother of 5 kids very soon. Most the time, she used to be busy with the upbringing of her kids, however, when her youngest child became nursery-going age, Fern thought of using her spare time in doing some productive work. The only place that she could think of spending her time was the library. Fern began reading and found herself very much surprised when she realized that she actually loved it. She thought of writing her own book as she didn’t believe she had any skills to do something else in the outside world. But, she did not receive any support from her support as he thought that it was a pretty bad decision on her part to decide to write books. Fern didn’t lose hope and went on to write over a 100 books. She also divorced her husband and now lives her life independently. After leaving her old life behind, Fern Michaels shifted to South Carolina. She moved into an old plantation-house and remodeled it to suit herself and her children. Whenever Fern gets a new idea about a story she becomes very excited. It is this feeling that makes her most happy. She loves to indulge herself in the lives of her characters. Most often, she writes about women as she believes they prevail and persevere, and face a lot of difficulties in their lives that make them a strong person. Fern Michaels has set up a foundation in her own name. She is of the opinion that she has reached that stage in life where she can afford to give. She is in her late thirties and believes she has achieved much more that she could have ever imagined.

The debut book of the Nealy Coleman series written by author Fern Michaels is entitled ‘Kentucky Rich’. It was released by the Zebra publishers in the year 2001. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Josh Coleman leaves behind his family business and takes to his deathbed. He wishes to spend the rest of his life at Sunstar, which is his horse farm that he had built from scratch. However, the unfinished business comes calling as his long lost daughter, Nealy Coleman, moves back to town for settling some old score, and Josh cannot ignore it. Nealy does not resemble the teenage waif any longer. Around 30 years ago, she had escaped in the night along with her illegitimate daughter, Emmie. But now, Nealy is a rich woman, who is renowned and sophisticated with a taste for horse racing. Nealy Coleman’s shocking return changes things for her brothers Rhy and Pyne. In fact, it changes everything for all those who are somehow connected with SunStar. Later, a truth related to Nealy’s father and the troubled past of the family is revealed and this poses as a great challenge for Nealy. It seems to test Nealy’s courage in many unexpected ways.

The series’ next installment is given the title ‘Kentucky Heat’. It was also published by Zebra publication in 2002. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Nealy gives first preference in her life to her horses. She owns the Blue Diamond Farm and seems very much attached to it. When the irresponsible acts of her children, Nich and Emmie, cost Nealy her dear horse Shufly, she decides to throw out her children out of her farm. With Shufly gone, Nealy loses all hopes of winning Triple Crown, and her decision of throwing out Emmie and Nick changes her future as well as theirs. Even though Nealy Coleman looks too strong from the outside, she feels extremely heartbroken from the inside. Nealy seems estranged from Emmie & Nick, and struggles a lot, which rebuilding her stable into the best one in all over Kentucky. Hatch Littletree, the law partner of Nealy’s former husband, visits her unexpectedly and brings a much needed comfort to her. He intends to heal the rift between Nealy and her children, which appears to be a turmoil for Nealy. Given the brilliant attorney and tough nature, Native American that Hatch is, he looks adamant in accomplishing what he intends. Nealy feels attracted towards Hatch. She cannot decide what to do as she doesn’t wish to experience bitter disappointments again. This exciting book kept the readers enthralled till the last page and ended up becoming immensely successful.

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