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What You Need (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just What I Needed (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
All You Need (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
When I Need You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Need You” is a series of novels by Lorelei James, a USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author of romance and erotic romance novels. Aside from the “Need You” series she has also written the “Mastered,” “Rough Riders,” “Legacy,” and “Blacktop Cowboys” series. She is a full-time author and asserts that she always wanted to become an author though she never believed it would ever come true for her. While she loved writing, she realized that she could only make her dream come true if she sat down and wrote. She got down to work when her youngest child was three years old, determined to make a career out of writing. She published her first novel “Dirty Deeds “in 2006 and has never looked back since. James also writes gritty and dark mystery novels as Lori Armstrong. Some of her mysteries include the “Mercy Gunderson” and “Julie Collins” series which have won the Shamus and the Willa Cather Literary awards. She currently lives in South Dakota with her husband of nearly three decades and their three daughters. When she is not writing her novels, she loves to run a kids taxi service, watch Professional Bull Riders tour, and shoot her .22, all to avoid rustling up the vittles or doing the housework.

The “Need You” series is a story of the men of the Lund family, big alpha men and the beautiful women that they date and have romances with. “What You Need” the first novel of the series introduces Brady Lund, the workaholic CFO of Lund industries. He never has time for relationships until he notices the blond woman who works for him. Brooke is a rebellious woman who thinks nothing of her aloof boss until he shows up at her favorite dive bar. She throws all caution to the wind to get into a steamy relationship with Brady. “Just What I Needed” is the story of Walker Lund, the only Lund not involved in the family business and Trinity an artist. Walker runs his own business and never expected love to hit him in the face until a blond stranger gave him a kiss at the bar. Trinity paints beautiful art in clay, oils, charcoal, ink, and pen and needed to get back at her ex who had a new catch a few days after breaking up with her. “All You Need” the third novel of the “Need You” series tells of the Swedish looking, beautiful and blond Annika Lund and Axl Hammerquist. Annika Lund is a PR agent who gets the job of managing Axl one of the most stubborn hockey players in the league. He intends to make her life hell but as they exchange barbs, snarl and snipe at each other, their attraction grows and goes behind closed doors.

“What You Need” the first novel of the Need You series introduced Brady Lund the CFO of Lund Industries. There is no one that can outwork Brady as he is the family’s poster child for responsibility that regularly has eighty-hour workweeks. Given that he works so much, he has very little time for relationships until his brothers decide enough is enough. They drag him to a night club and he sees the secretary he has bene fantasizing about. Lennox Green is a buttoned-up blond that happens to be one of his secretaries though he does not remember her name. She is a woman with a rebellious past but she dresses conservatively and religiously follows the rules of the workplace including no flirting with the boss. Moreover, she thinks Brady aloof until she sees him saunter into her bar without his usual sharp suit. She has always portrayed a professional and conservative veneer at the office but he has caught her red-handed letting loose. Too late, she throws caution to the wind and he follows suit. Now they cannot keep their hands off each other which makes for an awkward situation at work. He has never felt more alive though he still wonders if she loves him or is using him to get ahead in her career. On her part, Lennox needs to know if Brady wants the bad girl she used to be or the accomplished woman she has become.

“Just What I Needed” the second novel of the series by Lorelei James is about the black sheep of the Lund family. Walker Lund is the only man that does not work in the family business as he has his own construction business and has been very successful with it. He is at the bar having a drink when a beautiful stranger walks up to him and places a red hot kiss on his lips. The girl who does the kissing is Trinity who is in the bar drowning her sorrows after she was dumped by her boyfriend. It just happened that her ex came into the bar with his hot new catch and she was forced to kiss Lund just to make him jealous. She tells him that her name is Amelia and after they talk for some time she gives him a disconnected number. Walker cannot stop thinking about the girl but cannot get hold of her since she gave him a bad number. But then fate butts in and they are soon in a slow burn romance of insightful conversations, banter, and heated kisses.

“All You Need” the third novel of the “Need You” series is the story of Annika Lund the baby girl of the Lund family. She works in PR and with her Ice Queen reputation she gives her all for her family and this means that her personal life sometimes suffers. She had never found any man worth her time until she met Axl who makes her toes curl. Axl Hammerquist is a rough and handsome hockey player that has a reputation as a playboy. His agent thinks he needs a makeover of his public image and gets the best in the business in Annika Lund. She is an attractive but effective publicist and over time she comes to respect and even feels a strong attraction to her. It is a simmering love story full of tension as they start off badly with Axl challenging Annika’s publicist skills just to gauge her reactions. He admires her strength and recognizes her intellect and has fun watching her work. Their hockey puns and silly name-calling make for some very entertaining dialogues in addition to the wonderful sexual tension and mutual attraction.

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