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Neely Tubati Alexander is a bestselling women’s fiction author that is best known for her debut fiction work “Love Buzz.”

The author was born and raised in Washington State but now makes her home in Arizona, where she lives with her husband and children.

Growing up in Washington, she loved stories, and her favorite outlet during this time was writing all manner of stories. In fact, when she was in school, English used to be her favorite subject.
Neely used to love English since she was very good at it and it came to her naturally. She did not do much reading but loved consuming stories whether it was through film or books.
The very first stories that made her want to become an author include “Local Woman Missing,” “Memoirs of a Geisha,” and “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

When she is not writing her blockbuster works of fiction, she loves doing all manner of activities with her kids, watching reality TV, and drinking wine.

Tubati Alexander like many authors was inspired to tell the story of her debut work of fiction “Love Buzz” since she wanted to write what she loved to read.

She has always been a huge lover of stories in which women lose control of their own lives. She also loved romantic comedies and watching John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale’s movie “Serendipity.”
This film just like her novel explored love at first sight, which is something she has always been fascinated with. In writing her novel, she intended to pen a women’s fiction work that tells a journey of self-discovery set off by a search for love.
She penned “Love Buzz” during COVID at a time when she was on the lookout for escapist reads since the world at that time felt very heavy.

Neely searched for a long time and could not find anything that captured her fancy and hence she decided to pen her very own love story.

The work she penned included a lot of the elements of the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, even though she never visited the city. Nonetheless, she did a lot of research and did several interviews with friends who had lived there or had been there.
She did this since she always loves inputting the local experience including the quirks, hidden gems, and smells into her stories.

While she has now made a huge splash with her debut novel, it has been a long journey to get there. Over the years, Neely Tubati-Alexander always wanted to become an author and accumulated a huge folder of incomplete drafts that she never finished.

With the COVID lockdowns biting, she was finally able to complete writing her first manuscript which was a huge accomplishment. Unlike her other manuscripts, it did not take too long to write her manuscript as she was done in just three months.
After a lot of revision and editing, she would finally sign with her agent and publisher. Overall, it would take about two years before she put down the first word to get her novel published in 2023.

Neely Tubati-Alexander’s novel “Love Buzz,” tells the story of a woman who has a chance romantic encounter. She has gone to a wild bachelorette party during Mardi Gras and this turns her well-organized life chaotic.
In her late twenties, she lived a very comfortable life but Seran is about to turn 30. She works as an accountant and is comfortable with her boyfriend, even if there is no chemistry left between them.
When she meets Julian in New Orleans, she feels a lot of lust and an instant connection. She is thrilled to learn that just like her, he lives in Seattle.

But unfortunately, they part before they can exchange numbers and all she can think about when she goes back home is Julian.

She does not know where to find the man and resorts to walking around his neighborhood and trying to find him on social media.

Her quest makes her question her comfortable relationship with her boyfriend as he increasingly seems like just a comfortable habit she has developed.

She begins questioning her career as she is not so sure if she content being an accountant. Is she content taking care of the taxes of rich people or maybe she could find more fulfillment in another career?
She needs to make a quick decision on whether she should continue pursuing her passions in life or take the safe path her mother always wanted for her.

Neely Tubati Alexander’s novel “In a Not So Perfect World” is a delightful follow-up to her critically acclaimed first work of fiction.

It is a delightful romp of a story that involves an ambitious designer of video games who comes to realize what happens when the best-laid plans go awry.
Sloane Cooper is about to get her dream job as she has been called for an interview for a top video game company.

During the meeting, she mistakenly promises the interviewing panel that she will remain fully dedicated to her work as she intends to remain single.
This is a good thing since her last boyfriend had been an unfaithful bastard and she would rather focus on her career.

But then her hot neighbor Charlie who recently moved into her building invites her to an all-inclusive trip to a Caicos and Turks resort.

Charlie initially planned to take the trip with his girlfriend but they had abruptly broken up. He now asks Sloane to go with him to make his ex become jealous so that he can get her back.
Going against her better judgment, she agrees as she thinks she will use the downtime to come up with a game design that will dazzle the team of interviewers.

While the sparks fly and they are in paradise she does not minted for the trip to result in something more.

As their connection becomes even stronger, she strongly tries not to fall for Charlie but her efforts might just prove futile.

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