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Neil Cross is a British published author of fiction. In addition to being a writer, he has also worked as a producer. He currently resides in New Zealand, along with his wife and their children. Cross continues to write both novels and scripts for the screen.

Born in 1969, he has lived in a number of places, including London, Leeds, Brighton, and Edinburgh. He finally settled down and is now known for his novels and scriptwriting work. Cross became a published author for the first time with the release of Mr. In-Between in 1996. Cross followed that up with several more full-length fictional novels, including Christendom, Always the Sun, Natural History, as well as Burial and Captured.

In addition to working in the published word, Cross has also written for television to much success. He was the lead scriptwriter for Spooks, an acclaimed spy drama series airing on the BBC, for series six and seven. He is also the creator of the crime thriller Luther, which aired on the BBC Channel 1 in 2010 and starred popular actor Idris Elba. A movie made for television is in production.

Cross has done more than serve as creator and writer for Luther. He has written two episodes of science fiction favorite series Doctor Who in 2013 and wrote for the esteemed television show Crossbones. Luther first aired in the UK on May 4, 2010. It went on to air in several other countries and premiered in America on October 17, 2010. The show started with ten episodes for the first season. Series Two came out in 2011, Series Three in 2013, Series Four in 2015, and four episodes of Series Five will be filmed in 2018 to be released at a later date.

Cross also wrote for the 2017 six series show Hard Sun, a pre-apocalyptic crime drama starring Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn. Each episode is sixty minutes long and it aired on BBC One. When the human race has only five years to live, the consequences and way that human life goes on is profoundly changed forever. Elaine and Robert are facing a world where the sun has given the planet Earth an expiration date that they’re not going to be able to get around this time.

Neil Cross is known for his fiction, but has also garnered some accolades for his nonfiction work. Heartland was released in 2005. The astonishing work goes into Neil’s true life story, which started with his mother leaving when he was just five years old with his biological father. Just two years later, she returned, and with a new stepfather in tow that was many things. Even though Derek Cross has many flaws (thief, racist), this memoir is the story of one young boy’s childhood in a unique family and place.

Neil Cross is also the author of the fictional Luther series. The series started off in 2011 with the release of the debut novel, The Calling. The second novel, The Burning, was released in 2018. This story focuses on

The Calling is the debut novel in the Luther series. Detective Chief Inspector is a big job, and you have to be brilliant to do it. That’s precisely what John Luther is, among other things; the man is smart, prone to obsession, and even dangerous if you meet him and he’s got something to settle with you.

Even though Luther has an intense personality, his clearance rate is so exceptional that it demands respect. While he expects a lot out of his friends and his colleagues, anyone that shows him true loyalty will never have a reason to say anything against his character. However, John Luther is not without his demons. There are even rumors about this side of him, and the rumors are right.

Luther tends to experience a fury and anger that can come out and often is barely able to be controlled. It can be so intense that he can say or do things that he probably shouldn’t. It’s a price to pay for being gifted with the skills to take on his job as D.C.I., but Luther’s fury often takes him to the very edge of madness.

This first novel in the series from Neil Cross is an interesting look at what goes on in Luther’s mind– and who he really is. The reader gets to see what made him the person that he is today and what is going on in his head, easily allowing them to relate to this fascinating main character. As Luther takes on a new case, he may not be prepared for what it does to his relationships– both in his personal life and in his professional one as well.

This may very well be the case that finally takes him over the edge. The tormented inspector has spent his entire career tracking down criminals and lowlifes in the tough underworld of London. When he takes on a case that involves a serial killer, Luther might finally find out what he’s made of– and cross a line that he’s never crossed before in the process.

Can Luther catch the serial killer before it’s too late– and without imploding? Check out the book that has publications such as The Guardian calling Cross the Stephen King of England– pick up The Calling and find out what happens with this Detective Chief Inspector and his case for yourself!

The Burning is the exciting second novel in Neil Cross’s Luther series. The seamless blend of murder mystery and thriller crime fiction makes this sequel to the first Luther worth getting your hands on. The Detective Chief Inspector that everyone knows and almost loves, John Luther, is back.

What will happen in this scintillating second novel from celebrated English author Neil Cross? You’re going to have to read this exciting thriller crime fiction book to find out. If you really enjoy the Luther series by Neil Cross, then you should definitely check out the television show Luther.

Full of drama, intrigue, and excitement as well as the indelible acting talents of Idris Elba, you simply cannot go wrong by checking out any of the acclaimed Luther series. Check out the books by Cross and the BBC television show as well!

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  1. Carol: 2 years ago

    I too have found on Hulu, The Sister, I am watching it now. I had never heard of writer, I find him to be very good. I looked him up to see if he was Alex Cross under a different name due to the fact a writer can only publish so many books in a year that the use other names to publish under. I do intend to read his books.

  2. Meg Kennedy: 3 years ago

    I am watching The Sister on Hulu. Soooo gooooood!

    I made a point to see who wrote it I’m embarrassed to say I did not recognize your name since I see you are the creator of Luther

    I can’t wait to look into some of your books Hard Sun sounds amazing to me!

    You are gifted. Keep writing!


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