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Adam of Albion (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Toys (With: James Patterson) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
L.A. Mental (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cast Angels Down To Hell (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Kind (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Fifty Shades of Great Aunt Elinor (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Neil McMahon is a reputed American writer famous for writing thriller, mystery, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and suspense novels. He has written altogether ten novels so far in his career. His novels are divided into two separate series, the Carroll MOnks series and the Hugh Davoren series. Both the series feature the chief protagonists Carroll Monks and High Daveron respectively. In addition to these two series, McMahon is known for collaborating with James Patterson for writing the book called Toys that featured in the New York Times as a number one bestseller. During the late 1980s, McMahon had written 3 horror novels. They were written under the pen name of Daniel Rhodes. Now, he has reissued them as ebooks. Author McMahon was born in 1949 in Chicago, United States. He was brought up in his hometown in Chicago. McMahon studied at Stanford University and obtained a degree in the subject of psychology. Since 1971, he has been living in Missoula, Montana. Author McMahon often collaborates with his wife Kim for coordinating the yearly Montana Festival. Other than writing novels, McMahon has spent a considerable amount of time working in the field of carpentry. The writing style of McMahon is highly praised by his fellow writers such as James Crumley, William Kittredge, Michael Connelly, and Annick Smith. While studying at studying at Stanford, he held the Stegner Fellowship.

The Carroll Monks series written by author Neil McMahon is comprised of a total of 4 books released between 2000 and 2005. Every book of this series features the chief protagonist in the role of Carroll MOnks, who is depicted as working as a medical examiner living in San Francisco. The other essential characters mentioned by McMahon in the books include Alison Chapley, Naia, Eden Hale, Welles D’Anton, Glenn, Freeboot, etc. The settings of the plots primarily take place in San Francisco and Bodega Bay. A very popular book of this series is entitled ‘Blood Double’. It was released by the HarperTorch publishers in 2003, following its initial release in 2002. The story opens by showing that a well-dressed man is found unconscious in the parking lot of the Mercy Hospital based in San Francisco. He is provided with immediate medical attention and kept under observation. The man is not a typical junkie who was under the effect of a heroine overdose.

When the hospital authorities sense some foul play, they decide to check the CCTV footage a few hours before he was found and become shocked to find that a few men on a limousine dumped him and ran away. Carroll Monks, who is the attending physician, realizes that something is very wrong and strange. His suspicion grows even more when a group of doctors and lawyers arrive to whisk the recovering patient in a hurry. Also, all the evidence relating to the presence of the man get destroyed in a suspicious fire. After some investigation, Carroll Monks finds that the man is a billionaire computer genius and there are some controversies surrounding him. He gets his hands on one of the conspiracies so sinister that he could have never imagined. The case becomes more mysterious and suspenseful with each passing day. Carroll’s curiosity and ethics drag him deep into a web of corporate greed, inhuman experimentation, and outlaw technology. He finds himself in the path of people with powerful contacts, who will go to any lengths to achieve what they desire and won’t think twice before killing individuals like Carroll Monks. It doesn’t take much time for Carroll to realize that he is a very dangerous situation and must act quickly to unravel the conspiracy and prevent himself from becoming a target.

Another exciting book of this series is entitled ‘To the Bone’. It was also published in 2003 by HarperTorch. The primary characters of this novel include Eden Hale, Carroll Monks, Welles D’Anton, and a few others. The novel begins by depicting that Eden Hale is a beautiful actress. She undergoes a breast-augmentation operation on one summer night at Mercy Hospital. Just hours after her surgery, she stumbles upon the telephone, while still under pain, and dials emergency helpline. Within a few minutes, the hospital gets crowded with emergency help services and ambulances. Carroll Monks is the ER doctor on duty at that time. When he sees Eden Hale, he finds that she is losing her breath fast due to an unrecognizable and mysterious condition.

Carroll tries to get hold of the symptoms and find out what it is that is troubling Eden Hale so dangerously. Suddenly, Carroll Monks gets insight and decides to go for a radical option for treating Eden. His peers advise him against the use of that form of treatment, but he still goes on with the risky step. Carroll knows that his decision could either result in a deadly mistake or a brilliant maneuver. However, things take a shocking turn when Eden Hale ends up dead. The fallout turns out to be intense and immediate. Dr. Welles D’Anton, who carried out the plastic surgery on Eden Hale and has a high reputation in this field, blames Carroll Monks for Eden’s death. His colleagues from the hospital also join in the criticism. Carrol faces a lawsuit threat and the subsequent suspension of his medical practice license.

Much more than the struggle and the jeopardy situation, Carroll seems to be haunted by the uncertainty and guilt from within. He seems convinced that there is more on the death of Eden Hale than what meets the naked eye. So, he begins to dig into the past of Eden with the hope of getting some important clues. After a few roadblocks initially, Carrol finally manages to unravel the fact that Eden Hale was deeply caught up in pornography. He also finds that there was an illicit affair going on between D’Anton and Eden, and the former is involved in the latter’s murder. Upon further investigation, Carroll Monks learns that numerous other women treated by D’Anton have either turned up dead or missing or with horrible disfiguration. The search for truth leads Carrol into a culture filled with unimaginable vanity and wealth. His attempts land him in the crosshairs of a dangerous psychopath, one he doesn’t fear to face.

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