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Neil White is a British author that works within the Crime Thriller genre. The author is best known for the Jack Garret and Laura McGanity series of novels. Some readers might also know him for the Joe and Sam Parker novels.


Before Neil White became a criminal attorney and an author, he was just another boy born in 1965 to the manager of a shoe shop in Mexborough and his teenage bride.

Neil’s family eventually moved to Wakefield, West Yorkshire, which was more of a return journey home. Unfortunately, Wakefield was very typical of northern cities in the seventies, struggling under the strain of the economy. With all the coal mines in the area and the chimneys constantly blowing smoke, Wakefield wasn’t the most beautiful city around.

But Neil doesn’t remember much of that gloom. Instead, most of his childhood memories consist of running through the woods and playing in the lakes. And there was always a ruined castle or two for Neil and his friends to explore.

Every family in Wakefield seemed to be involved in mining in some shape or form. At the very least, all of Neil’s friend’s fathers had that familiar worn look, with missing fingers and lines of coal dust.

In that regard, Neil cannot really complain about his childhood because his father was in the shoe trade. More importantly, Neil remembers having access to a lot of books. They were mostly science fiction and horror, and even a few history books, but they kept Neil busy, igniting his love for reading.

If there was one thing Neil and his father shared, it was their love for reading, and Neil appreciated his father’s determination to fill the house with books. It wasn’t long before Neil’s father introduced him to the wonders of Johnny Cash.

Johnny seemed to be the only artist his father liked. At any rate, Neil grew accustomed to hearing Johnny’s music in the morning on the weekends. While Neil eventually came to love Johnny Cash, he differed with his father when it came to reading.

Neil developed a love for mystery and often indulged in the works of authors like Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton. The books were a great distraction, especially after the family moved to Bridlington when Neil was twelve.

School was never the author’s cup of tea and he eventually left when he was sixteen. The mistake haunted him for years to come as he came to realize that one couldn’t get far without proper qualifications.

After drifting through different odd jobs, Neil White decided that it was time to seek greener pastures elsewhere. So he went back to Wakefield and this time he decided to give education another chance.

With his sights set on the law, Neil White quickly breezed through the necessary tests and made his way to university. College had its challenges. While Neil admits that he had almost too much fun during those years, he wasn’t afforded the opportunity to read, not unless he was reading about the law.

The exhilaration he felt when he finally graduated was not only a result of the opportunity now availed to him to practice law but the fact that he could return to his fiction. It wasn’t long before he rediscovered the joy of reading.

That joy brought to Neil White the realization that, not only did he love reading but it was within his means to write. Neil contemplated this thought for a while. Then in 1994, during his holiday in the Canary Islands, Neil bought some paper and begun to jot a few ideas down.

It wasn’t long before the author realized just how difficult writing could be. He persisted, producing a few hundred pages and persevering through the corrections and edits as he fine tuned his craft and tried to produce something that wasn’t completely embarrassing.

As with most authors, Neil White’s first completed manuscript was rejected. But he kept writing and making submissions, even after he got married and had children; and the rejections kept coming and piling up.

It only took one expression of interest from Harper Collins to give Neil hope. He remembers the day his agent finally called him to tell him that a publisher might be interested in his stories. He did a lot of drinking that night.

Since then, the author has become a full-time writer, though he still practices criminal law from time to time. For the most part, Neil White uses his days to practice the law while his nights are completely given over to writing fiction.

+Fallen Idols

Jack Garrett and Laura McGanity are the unlikeliest pair. One is a crime-beat reporter. The other is a single mum. And yet these two might be the only hope the country has after a premiership footballer is killed in London. With terror gripping the streets, it is up to Garrett and McGanity to give people some much needed peace of mind.

This book initially seems like a basic whodunit. But then it quickly escalates into an action-packed thrill ride. There are secrets abounding in society and one hit man is determined to expose them all.

Jack Garrett is a reporter who is pulled into the fray for personal reasons. When two premiership footballers are murdered, all eyes turn to a third footballer, a man that has begun receiving threatening phone calls and who Garrett’s father accused of murder.

Jack knows that there is a conspiracy afoot and, with the help of DC McGanity, he won’t rest until he finds the truth.

+Next to Die

Everyone thinks Ronnie Bagley killed his girlfriend. With only two weeks to the trial, Ronnie shocks everyone when he fires his legal team and seeks out the help of Joe Parker, Manchester’s best criminal defense lawyer.

Joe’s curiosity is piqued and he agrees to take Ronnie on as a client. The decision backfires when Joe slowly but surely realizes just how smart Ronnie is. It isn’t long before Joe is unwillingly thrust into a confrontation with Sam Parker, his brother and the best homicide detective in Manchester.

The first book in this Neil White series about a pair of brothers determined to solve their sister’s murder introduces a serial killer that will test Sam and Joe Parker’s mettle.

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