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Publication Order of Kensington Palace Chef Mysteries Books

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Author Nell Hampton is a big foodie and author, and just finally ended up combining these two loves. The author lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Her “Kensington Palace Chef” series began in the year 2017 with the release of “Kale to the Queen”. The series stars Carrie Ann Cole, who is an American chef working for the members of the royal family that are at Kensington Palace in London.

Nancy J. Parra (who is an author) uses both Nell Hampton and Nancy Coco as pen names to release other book series. Some of her other book series include candy and food.

“Kale to the Queen” is the first novel in the “Kensington Palace Chef” series and was released in the year 2017. Carrie Ann Cole (who is from Chicago, Illinois) is just about to start the adventure of her lifetime. This happens when she gets assigned to be the Kensington Palace’s personal chef. Just about the time that she gets to England and got her apron on that a dead body pops up under the royal beds of kale.

There is already one assistant deceased and the other one is under suspicion for killing him. It makes Carrie Ann scramble, in an attempt to be sure that the kitchen runs as well as it can. She gets right off to a bad start with Royal Chef Butterbottom, a tempestuous guy. The man is bitter over the prestigious post being given to, what he feels, is an under educated as well as an over privileged American chef.

The appetite of the Royal Family does not wait for anyone, and Carrie Ann has to solve the case plus make supper on time. She must do all of this with Ian Gordon (who is annoyingly handsome, and Head of Security) tracking her at every step she takes like he is an MI6 agent. There are many suspects as this American chef brings just a dash of flavor, something original for these members of the royal family.

Fans of the novel really enjoyed the novel and cannot wait to see what happens next in the series. The book is simply easy to read, the characters are fascinating, and the plot lines are solid to boot. The characters have relationships that readers found to be fun; Carrie is able to connect with each person despite fighting with them at some point in the book. Some found this to be a stellar read for fans of cozy mysteries.

“Lord of the Pies” is the second novel in the “Kensington Palace Chef” series and was released in the year 2018. The tasteful Orangery that can be found at Kensington Palace is a great setting for the bridal shower that will be held for the sister of Carrie’s best friend. She is the royal family’s personal chef and her pie theme is winning. A waiter dies into the lemon meringue she leaves to thank the staff. She realizes that someone was able to slip a mickey into the pie.

Her prints are all over the pie and those investigating believe that her distress is a cover for murder. She has to clear her name if she would like to keep her dream job much longer. Before long, however, there is another body that drops in the Orangery. It is none other than the Orangery chef.

Here is a stellar read that some found just as good, if not better than the first book. Fans of the novel really enjoy the way the author is able to leave readers unable to figure out the murderer until the reveal. This is a delicious series that readers cannot get enough of. This book does not suffer some of the same problems that some sequels suffer from, but it is a strong read that some could not put down for very long.

“Gluten for Punishment” is book one in Nancy’s “A Baker’s Treat” series and was released in the year 2013. After Toni Ryder’s mother dies, she goes back to her home of OilTop, Kansas. With her, she has her gluten free baking business. Toni has never really felt home in her hometown. Cooking wheat free food while in the heart of wheat country is not making her feel any less out of place.

Toni finds that she is a suspect in the first murder OilTop has seen in the past two decades. She has to rely on her odd family and follow each clue to figure out the mystery and clear her own name.

This book hooked some readers at the start and made some unable to put the book down for very long. Fans enjoyed the story, and hope this makes for the fun series it looks like it will be. Tori is a lovable character, that some admire how much strength she has. Other characters were interesting as well, one of which was Grandma Ruth. It has some fascinating twists to it, included who the killer turned out to be. Readers cannot wait to read more books from this cool series.

“A Case of Syrah, Syrah” is book one Nancy J. Parra’s “Wine Country Mystery” series and was released in the year 2017. Taylor O’Brian is the founder of a company that takes people on wine tours, and lives on a tiny winery with Jemma (who is her aunt). Her plan is to take groups around Sonoma county to see some of the outdoor gardens in the county. It runs pretty smooth. Until Laura (who is the leader of some yoga instructors being led by Taylor) winds up dead. Taylor owns the corkscrew that was found in Laura’s neck.

She is unable to figure out who she is able to trust at this point, and it looks like everyone is a suspect. Two weeks go by, and Amy (who is Taylor’s administrative assistant) goes and marries Dan (who was Laura’s husband). Dan does not seem all that upset that his wife just died, not to mention the fact that the three yoga instructors taking the tour seem pretty shady. Another dead body turns up, right when she starts investigating matters. It is the sister of Dan and is going to come for Taylor now. Taylor will have to figure it out to solve this case before someone else is killed.

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    will you be adding any more Kensington Palace chef Mysteries? enjoyed two so far. Hopefully soon as last one was a few years ago Thanks

  2. Sharon Spierer: 3 years ago

    I’m reading Lord of the Pies and loving it. I look forward to more books in this series. I also love your books written as Nancy Coco.


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