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Nell Pattison
Nell Pattison is a mystery writer best known for her debut novel The Silent Night. The author studies English at the university and later become a teacher. Her specialty is deaf education, and she has been teaching in this community for over ten years. Pattison has worked both in England and Scotland, and she enjoys working with BSL-using students. The author started losing her hearing years ago, but she still functions well without any hearing aid. Currently, the dedicated teacher and talented author lives with her husband and child in North Lincolnshire.

The Silent House
The Silent House tells the story of the Hunter family after a devastating crime leaves the shocked beyond words. The Hunter family comprises Alan, Elisha, and the couple’s kids Kasey, Jaxon, and Lexi. All members in the Hunter household are deaf, which explains the reason why no one hears the intruder get in or any commotion at all. The family is shocked to discover that their 18-months-old baby girl Lexi had been killed at night. The odd thing is that there is no sign of a break-in. While the police are quick to get to the scene, they discover that they need an interpreter to interview the family and possibly get leads that could help catch the killer. This is where Paige Northwood, the main character in this book, comes in.

Paige is a freelance sign language interpreter. Mostly, she offers her services in schools and hospitals, but she is invited to help the police interview the Hunters. Paige quickly learns that her sister Anna is connected to the Hunters, and the ethical thing would be to let someone else handle the case. However, Paige chooses to help anyway since the police don’t have enough interpreters at their disposal. She wants to help the police find the monster capable of killing a harmless child. The interviews start well, and one by one, the members of the Hunter family are interviewed. While it is clear that the family is traumatized by the killing, Paige cannot help but feel that they are hiding something.

Soon after, members of Paige’s community turn into suspects. Finding who would kill a child remains a challenging task. The police are busy with their investigation, but Paige continues to dig deep into the Deaf community as she searches for answers. Soon enough, she starts receiving threats because someone wants her to stop asking questions. This can only mean that she is getting nearer to the truth. Why else would anyone want Paige to stop asking questions when all she wants to do is solve a murder case? Is Paige’s life now in danger, and what steps does she take to protect herself and her loved ones?

This story is told from Paige’s point of view, and she airs her thoughts on who she thinks murdered young Lexi. The police investigation is somehow in the background, but, in the end, the killer is revealed. From her narration, it is clear that Paige is emotionally invested in this case. Even when she discovers a conflict of interest, she chooses to interpret this case. Paige even goes beyond the call of duty to try and catch the killer.

Overall, this is an intriguing and enjoyable read. The deaf community brings a unique element in the story, and the disturbing events at the beginning turn this into an enthralling read. While you may think that you have figured the killer from the start, do not be surprised if you keep on changing your mind as the story progresses. The narration here is done in layers, and the complexity will keep you guessing to the end. Paige is a lovable character. The author slowly reveals more about her as well as other characters, and the cast gets interesting as the story progresses. You should expect a few surprise twists and turns along the way, but these will only help hold your attention better.

As the mystery unfolds, the author introduces the reader to the world of the Deaf. Paige could hear, but she was raised in a deaf household, so she understands sign language and knows how it feels to live with someone who cannot hear. The Deaf are described in a non-negative way, which is a welcome break from all the negative vibe we read about. The author highlights what it takes to live with a deaf person, learn sign language, and how the deaf continue to enjoy their lives even when they cannot hear. It is clear that this is an area the author knows well considering her day job involves working with the Deaf.
While nothing is entertaining about the murder of a child, the author has handled this issue sensitively. Most of the focus in the story is on motive and finding the killer. The investigation and questioning of several suspects form the bulk of the story. At the same time, the other part covers the deaf community, how they relate amongst themselves, and the use of sign language. The premise of this story is very original, which makes it stand out. There is also the main character Paige. She is relatable, realistic, and such a joy to interact within the course of the story. Follow Paige on her investigative journey if you are curious to know who committed the heinous act.

This is a sinister, atmospheric, and layered story that will keep you awake at night. The story is so thrilling you will wonder why you can’t turn the pages any faster. All conflicts and the isolated community sense heighten the tension even further, and the complex James Oswald serves as the icing on the cake. If you are looking for a fast-paced, chilling, and unique story that will plunge you right into the world of silence, The Silent House is a perfect choice for you. The story is well-written, and the flaw is flawless, so there is no chance that you will feel lost at any point. Definitely, a perfect read if you have a free weekend. The book is about 400 pages so you can read it all in two sittings.

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    Was just wanting to know if there will be a forth book in the silent series, was a good read

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      I haven’t seen any news about a 4th one yet.


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