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Publication Order of Nell Sweeney Mysteries Books

Still Life with Murder (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in a Mill Town (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death on Beacon Hill (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder on Black Friday (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder In the North End (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Bucket of Ashes (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

When Nell Sweeney turned seven years old, she was handed her very first set of oil points as Christmas present. Ever since then, she has continued being an obsessive-compulsive art geek. Just like a majority of writers, Nell Sweeney loved to pen down stories, plays, and teleplays, when she was young. P.B Ryan wrote many of these plays and teleplays and her twin sister, whom she loves to refer as the evil one. A majority of the teleplays and plays were Star Trek scripts, where Mr. Spook manages to overcome his lack of emotions and find true love. Once P.B Ryan returned to New York city after graduating, she came to learn that a resume which lists BFA in painting as well as several menial jobs produced more hilarity instead of jobs. It was at this point that Nell Sweeney decided to trade her paint-crusted jeans and T-shirts, for a business suit and a panty hose, so that she could serve as a paralegal in one of the top law firms in Manhattan.

After some time, P.B Ryan decided to give up her paralegal work and instead decided to switch to publishing. Ryan eventually ended up being employed as a promotion manager for an exceedingly small division of the Van Nostrand Reinhold, one of the largest publishing houses in New York City. A majority of individuals who go into publishing are normally writers, and Van Nostrand Reinhold was no exception. Ryan and her colleagues used to hang out at one of the local bars, which was located a few meters from where she worked, complaining about how their type of work left them with very little time to write. However, it did not take long before Ryan, and her colleagues came to the realization that they had time to write, only if they had to give up on the time that they spent together. Ryan and her friends decided to collaborate on a family saga, which took several years to complete. While working on the family saga, P.B Ryan was able to learn so much more about storytelling, more than she has ever learned from any workshop.

The Nell Sweeney Book Series

The Nell Sweeney book series is a set of historical mystery novels that are set in the post-civil war Boston. These book series star an exceedingly young governess as well as her employer’s black sheep son, Will Hewitt, the dangerously charming and dissolute wounded man. If you are a fan of twisty turns mysteries, that have a breathless whisper of romantic tension, then the Nell Sweeney are a must read.

Still Life with Murder

Three years ago, immediately after the end of the civil war, a young woman who was born in poverty, one Nell Sweeney, manages to find her way into the home of one of the wealthiest families in Boston, the Hewitt’s family. When one William Hewitt, the black sheep of the Hewitt family is accused of murder, Nell’s benefactor and his mother, approach the young governess for assistance. To uncover the underlying truth, Nell Sweeney must delve deeply into Boston’s dangerous and darkest underbelly. However, unknown to Nell Sweeney and the Hewitts, the greatest threat may just come from the enigmatic, William Hewitt. The author, P.B Ryan, has done a superb job by using a remarkably historical setting. P. B Ryan has also done an excellent job by giving out details about the Andersonville prison, during the civil war and even after the civil war. The main character, Nell Sweeny is appealing, and the mystery itself is quite unpredictable. Nell Sweeney is an exceedingly spirited and practical heroine.

The novel, Still Life has been filled with enough hints about, Nell Sweeney’s past, which in turn makes her quite intriguing. William, on the other hand, is similarly ambiguous. Obviously, he has been traumatized by the experiences he had during the war. However, there is something fundamentally ominous and dark about him. Overall, the mystery is quite straightforward, and though it is quite easy to guess the identity of the perpetrator, it still has lots of twists and turns, that ensure the readers are fully entertained.

Murder in a Mill Town

Murder in a Mill Town begins when one Bridget Sullivan goes missing, and no one believes that anything bad has happened to her. Due to the fact that she was a good girl, who had never had any trouble with anyone, most people believed that she had just run away with her ex-convict boyfriend. However, her mother Mrs. Fallon knows that Briddie would not just run off, and no one appears to believe her. Her desperation, in turn, leads her to Mrs. Hewitt, who is widely known for having a compassionate heart. Furthermore, she also knew Briddie personally, since she used to work in one of the Hewitt family’s mills. Once she learns about Bridie’s story, Mrs. Hewitt cannot help but in turn feel compassionate for Nell and even asks her to inquire around and see what she could be able to learn about Bridie’s disappearance. Due to the fact that Nell is an instructor, she can move about.

Nell finally agrees and in turn, begins her looking for her daughter. She becomes more than convinced that one Harry Hewitt, one of the black sheep of Hewitt’s family may have something to do with the disappearance. Nell and Harry have an exceedingly hostile relationship. Harry despises Nell because she had accused him of murder in the previous installment. Harry is not only profligate, but he also has an exceedingly destructive lifestyle. To support his expensive and demanding lifestyle, Harry makes use of his father’s wealth. Nell eventually comes to learn that Harry had slept with most of the girls who worked at the Mill and had a liking for the missing Briddie. However, Harry’s older brother does not think that Harry had anything to do with Bridie’s disappearance, thus he teams up with Nell to find out who the abductor was. With that said, Murder in a Mill Town is an excellent addition to the Nell Sweeney book series. The author, P. B Ryan has done an excellent job of delivering yet another intriguing mystery.

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