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Publication Order of The Neumarian Chronicles Books

An adage soberly pipes that you cannot change destiny, you can only delay it. This saying can be used to describe Ciara Knight who knew of her innate capability and that she was destined to be a writer but tried to change her destiny in vain. A quick glimpse of Ciara Knight: she is the author credited with writing the award-winning series named The Neumarian Chronicles. Prior to committing herself to writing, Knight harbored dancing ambitions; it was bodily injury and her quest for starting a family that prompted her to revert to the writing career that she was trying to run away from.

By the way, The Neumarian Chronicles is one of author Ciara Knight’s most notable literary works. Knight, who is an American citizen, celebrates her birthday in September 16. During the last years of her teenage, Knight worked as a dancer for the famed Walt Disney World. The dancing gigs culminated in an leg injury that ended her dancing ambitions.

As one of her friends observed, Ciara Knight’s life is eighty percent imagination and twenty percent reality. In fact, one of her best childhood friends mistook her imagination for dumbness and terminated their friendship. Knight headed to college hard on the heels of injuring herself whereby one of her notable achievements included writing short stories that appeared in various literary magazines. When Knight married and gave birth, she and her spouse resolved to take career breaks so as to be with their children. To make up for the excess time and poor socialization, she decided to start writing and was given moral support by her husband.

The Neumarian Chronicles: Section on Books
Ciara Knight instantly realized that writing was her thing hot on the heels of writing her first book that was named The End. Despite not being published, the book prompted her to take writing lessons and motivated her to write seriously. Many years later, Knight has penned two trilogies, a single tetralogy, a quintet, and one octalogy. Knight prefers to write contemporary romance books interspersed with fantasy. In the context of The Neumarian Chronicles, there are three major books—books one, two, and three in the series. Nevertheless, there are two minor works: one of them is a prequel, and the other is an omnibus that consists of the prequel and the first two books.

Incidentally, the title Neumarian refers to one of the three races—Neumarian, human beings, and Kantian—found in theUS in the future. The Neumarians are beings with supernatural powers but have been enslaved by the Kantians. There are two editions of the first book in The Neumarian Chronicles. The first edition was originally published in February 2013, titled Escapement; and this book is shelved under the fantasy, science fiction (particularly the dystopia sub-genre), speculative (notably the steampunk sub-genre), and young adult genres.

Princes Semara and Ryder Arteres are the featured protagonists in the first book in the serialized The Neumarian Chronicles. Meet central characters Semara and Ryder Arteres. Semara is a teenage princess in the Kantian kingdom. Unlike her ruthless mother who is the queen, Semara is warm-hearted and this rankles with the mother. Semara is a crossbreed of a human and Kantian; her late father was the former while her mother is the latter. During her childhood, Semara was friends with a Neumarian girl that she has since betrayed. All in all, Semara has the mind of a Kantian and, interestingly, the powers of a Neumerian.

Ryder Arteres is a youthful man and the brother of Raeth, the female Neumarian that Princess Semara betrayed. Initially, Arteres loathes Princess Semara but the hostility towards her ends and he starts being protective of the princess.

The launch pad for the conflict in the first book in The Neumarian Chronicles, Escapement, is the moment when Princess Semara is tapped for a position in the Kantian governing council. One of the prerequisites of the induction into the council is performing a human sacrifice; unfortunately or fortunately for Semara, she is too warm-heartened to perform it. Semara chances upon Raeth who is the designated human sacrifice; when Semara spares Raeth, it attracts the wrath of the Queen but Arteres comes to her aid. This sets the stage for an intriguing and suspenseful story and one of its two sequels won an award.

The Neumarian Chronicles Awards
The third book in the serialized The Neumarian Chronicles is titled Balance and was produced in 2014. This book won Ciara Knight the InD’tale Rone Awards, under the Best Cover section.

Best The Neumarian Chronicles Books
These are the best three books found in The Neumarian Chronicles. The first one is named Escapement; refer to a previous section for its brief description. The second one is titled Pendulum. This is the second book in The Neumarian Chronicles series and was initially published in 2013. It chronicles a six-month-long escape of Princess Semara and Arteres using a submarine to Europe, and the ensuing fortunes and misfortunes. The third one is entitled Balance; as aforementioned, it is the third book in The Neumarian Chronicles and was published in 2014. It revolves around a globe ravaged by war amid short-lived alliances and consistent betrayals and a prophecy that stipulates that the queen will die in the hullabaloo.

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