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Publication Order of Perfectly Imperfect: Mafia Legacy Books

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Neva Altaj is the author of steamy romantic suspense and contemporary mafia romance.
She published “Painted Scars” her debut novel and the first of the “Perfectly Imperfect” series of novels in 2022 and has since become a very prolific author.
She now has more than half a dozen bestselling titles to her name and has said that she will not be slowing down any time soon.

Over the years, she has developed a reputation for penning some very popular modern mafia romances that usually come with strong heroines and damaged anti-heroes that fall for them.

Neva Altaj also has a soft spot for possessive crazy jealous alphas that are ready to do anything to get the love of their women. Her stories are also filled with unexpected turns heat and guaranteed happily ever afters.

“Painted Scars” by Neva Altaj tells the story of Roman and Nina.

The former is the leader of the Bratva who escaped death by a whisker but in the process had one of his kneecaps shattered.

The mafia advises him to marry so that they can secure an heir. While Roman is averse to the idea of forcing anyone to get married to him, once he looks at Nina he cannot help himself.
He intends to proceed with the plan of blackmailing her father who stole a lot of money from him by getting into a six-month arranged marriage with Nina.

Given her height and face, Nina is used to people underestimating her. But when she finds herself in an unplanned wedding situation she does not act like a scared wife or cower from Roman.
Nina and Roman pretend to fall in love with each other and show all manner of PDA to make their marriage seem believable.

It makes for a light read with a lot of humor, no artifice, and a spritely and quirky Nina who perfectly matches the grumpiness of the bad boy Roman.
It is not your typical enemies-to-lovers relationship with a lot of tumults as the attraction between the two simply creeps up on the two.

Neva Altaj’s novel “Broken Whispers” is another work set in Bratva.

The cruelest torturer in Bratva is Mikhail, who is often employed in the extraction of information.

He has been working closely with Roman the leader of the mafia in town alongside other scary mafia men but is known as the deadliest and quietest of them all.

He hates being touched and marriage is the farthest thing from his mind. But then Roman says that it is a must for someone in the mafia to marry the daughter of another so that an alliance may be formed.
Regardless of his feelings with regard to marriage, Mikhail agrees to marry Bianca. He had been secretly watching her perform for years and had always had a secret infatuation for her.

She is the daughter of the leader of the Italian mafia and a former professional ballet dancer who quit after she hurt her ankle.

Her father had blackmailed her to get married to the rival mafia so that she could spy for him. But while she appears fragile and soft, she is a witty and courageous woman who can stand up to just about anyone.
It makes for a beautiful character-driven romance to keep readers engrossed from the first page to the last.

“Hidden Truths” by Neva Altaj is another brilliant work set in Mexico.

The lead is the daughter of one of the leaders of the largest cartels in Mexico named Angelina. Her father had been killed after being by someone that once pretended to be his business partner and friend.
The man had proceeded to take over his business contacts, claimed his house, and now intends to marry Angelina.

Working with her childhood nanny, she manages to run away but only ends up in the hands of the rival mafia group the Bratva.

It is there that he meets the Russian Bratva negotiator Sergei, who is the half-brother to the head of the organization Roman.

As soon as Serge saw her, he immediately recognized her, and giving him a false identity does not fool him. He keeps her in his house while he tries to decide what his next move should be.
Angelina soon begins to get close to her captor and becomes his go-to whenever he is having his episodes. He is a man with many demons as he had been a hitman ever since he was 14.
It makes for a fast-paced and action-packed romance with some great characters.

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