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Publication Order of Never Too Late Books

Dating a Cougar (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dating Dr. Notorious (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dating a Saint (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dating a Metro Man (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dating a Silver Fox (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dating a Cougar II (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dating A Pro (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Never Too Late series is a set of books written by American bestselling author Donna McDonald. The series features old, successful and most stable characters that are on the brink of starting over. In some way or the other things have happened in their life that makes them change the perspective on how they make a judgment about life. Cancer has hit their loved ones, or maybe lost their job and in a way life still goes on somehow.

In general, the Never Too Late is a collection of sexy and romantic comedy novels themed on finding romance and love featuring characters age between 40 and 50. The books are high on humor and low on tears.

The novels do not detail on how the characters deal with trauma but instead focuses on how these great people survive and make it again in life despite all these setbacks. The series consist of over five novels, the first novel in the series is Dating a Cougar, published in 2011, the second book Dating Dr. Notorious was released the same year as the debut novel. The latest books in the series are Dating a Cougar II & Dating a Pro.

Dating a Cougar

After decades of searching for true love, and never getting anyone, Alexa Ranger, the now aging model, and lingerie designer has finally given up in the realm of love. Several years ago she gave up in the game of dating and ultimately stopped dating. Friends and families mostly keep her cheered up, and it is shocking now to 50 years to find herself wanting sex life again.

The surprising part is that this time, she is attracted to a younger man, Casey Carter, medically retired Marine soldier. Their twelve years age difference is huge such that she cannot even imagine spending even the shortest period of wild behavior with the handsome guy.

Casey is living with his daughter’s boyfriend, and anything resembling a normal relationship between Alexa and Casey would be the talk of the day, and the very last thing that Alexa wants is a drama happening in her already complicated life no matter how amazing and relieving Casey kisses make her feel.

The debut novel Dating a Cougar is a great book worth reading. Despite Alexa and Casey age difference, they both have an intense attraction between them with turns into a date and finally sprout into love. Despite the limitation that exists between them they somehow manage to overcome their shortcomings and managed to sustain their love. Suffice to say; the novel is an excellent book with a good story, Donna McDonald is a fantastic storyteller, the characterization is incredible. Some characters are so lively such that one can relate to real life people, the pace of the story is also good and with keep you flipping pages till you finish- all in all, it is a novel that one cannot resist from reading. The novel somehow has a moral lesson to the contemporary people; falling in love has no limitations despite the age differences.

Dating Dr. Notorious

For Dr. Regina Logan a sex therapist, success in her career in mending other people love life does not seem to help her since men will not date her. Her honesty about physical matters appears to keep off most men. The press also seems to be a barrier to her dream love life due to the publications made on every approach she makes in the love realm.

Even though she clearly understands that negative publicity is her major problem, Regina feels that it is weird for a woman in late 40’s to be so knowledgeable on issues regarding pleasing a man and at the same time have no lover.

Since most of the people who approach her always “fly off” before making it far as the bed, it is no surprise when her nice guy, Ben Kaiser dismisses her after he discovers her true identity. However, it still hurt Regina since her Mr. nice guy kisses somehow had a fulfillment of every fantasy that she is ever dreamed. However, no matter how great Ben is, Regina admits that there is no room for a Ben in her crazy public life.

After losing his wife to a battle with cancer, the 50-year-old successful CEO Ben Kaiser is ready to begin all over again in the dating world. During a charity fundraising, he takes all the risks and request for a dance with a gorgeous woman, his attraction to the woman is so intense such that he ends up dragging the lady outside for a make-out session, one which is worth his teen days.

Amazed to find such an attraction at his age, Ben later gets the shock of his life after discovering that the woman he is making out with is the notorious Dr. Regina Logan.

Regina’s unusual techniques in lovemaking have Ben put his hands on her on every chance that he gets. When he tries to run away, he does not go far before coming back for some more from the notorious therapist. The negative publicity caused by her career requires that they keep their relationship a secret to protect Ben Kaiser reputation and businesses. After Ben makes up his mind that he wants to marry Regina, it is upon the Regina to make the relationship public or maybe lose the love that she has never had before forever.

Dating a Saint

In the third installment of Never Too Late series, we meet a divorced 42-year-old Lauren McCarthy. After years of being single, she is upset that she finally gets an attraction towards a married man. James Gallagher, a man of exact age as Lauren claims that he is married despite that Lauren has never seen his wife. Moreover, every moment that Jim wraps his hands around her, she thinks that only if he trusted her with his darkest secrets, she would risk every good reputation to be wrapped up in his arms for eternity.

The characters and the story in the third novel, Dating a Saint is just awesome and the author Donna McDonald is an excellent storyteller. The pace of the book is spectacular, and you will love the series if you are a fan of contemporary romance novels.

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