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Publication Order of New Amsterdam Books

New Amsterdam (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven for a Secret (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The White City (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ad Eternum (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Garrett Investigates (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

New Amsterdam is a set of novels written by a bestselling American author of fantasy and science fiction genres, Elizabeth Bear. The author began series publication in 2007 when the first book in the series New Amsterdam was published. Garrett Investigate published in 2012 marked the series conclusion.

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam is the first novel in New Amsterdam series by bestselling American author Elizabeth Bear set between years 1899-1903. This is a short story collection about Abigail Irene Garret, a detective crown inspector, and Sebastian de Ulloa, a famous amateur sleuth who happens to be a vampire. These stories occur in alternate colonies, where tensions of war exist mainly between the French, the British Empire, and the Iroquois.

In this first series installment, we see Don Sebastian traveling through Europe to the colonies across the Pacific Ocean by dirigible with his most trusted friend, Jack. Sebastian is one of the oldest living vampires, and even though vampires are welcomed in Europe they are still treated as a threat, and so he and Jack try hard to keep that a secret while on board the airship. However, it is not long before Sebastian detective skills are needed after one of the ship’s passengers disappears.

When Sebastian arrives in New Amsterdam- a colony recently handed to the British by the Dutch, he teams up with Detective Abigail Garrett a sorcerer who apparently is an alcoholic, loyal to the crown and having an affair with Duke Richard, a representative of British Empire in New Amsterdam. The two, (Sebastian & Abigail) find themselves entangled in a complex web of international politics, paranormal killings alongside with Jack and Phoebe Smith, a peculiar widow who writes fiction.

New Amsterdam is a brilliant series debut novel structurally comprised of parts or chapters that are like interconnected novellas or short stories. Each of the short story deals with a new and distinct mystery, but they altogether tell a much greater story than the sum of their parts.

Seven for a Secret

Seven for a Secret is the sequel to New Amsterdam the first novel in a series of the same name. In this second installment, Abby Irene is back with some thrilling action and adventure, but not for much longer. She is almost hitting 90 years, and she is not immortal like her partner Sebastian. However Don Sebastian now known as Doctor James Chaisty is used his human friends growing old and dying eventually, but he is neither happy about it nor unhappy too. He possesses the emotional and mental flexibility to get used to new times and new people after his friends grow old and eventually die.

Abby, on the other hand, knows one thing for sure that she is leaving this world anytime sooner, but before that time comes, she intends on making some rights in things that she feels were badly done. She reflects her own life in the perspective of solving the problem of what to do about the Prussians army of Werewolves which apparently turns out to be tougher than she or Sebastien thought it would be. In this installment, we are introduced to a variety of characters that are kind of interesting and make up for the greater part of the novel.

Seven for a Secret is an intriguing second series installment featuring Sebastian but this time with a new identity. He knows that he soon will be losing his friends to age as well as death. The year is 1938, and Sebastian returns to London in so that his partner Abby Irene may die in her homeland, but they find British Empire overthrown from power by the Prussians where the Chancellor’s army rules. Most surprisingly England new King is exiled to New Amsterdam.
Primal to this narrative are two young girls who are in love, Adele, and Ruth. One late night, Sebastien follows these two girls and saves them from a local police officer, but he smells something fishy about these girls. He discovers that the chancellor intends to use Adele, Ruth and other girls as his secret personal weapon.

The White City

The third series installment, The White City takes place in Moscow, Russia. After the awful series of events that chased Sebastian from New Amsterdam and also the huge loss experienced in Paris, he decides to relocate to Moscow to bring an old friend some bad news. However what he finds the moments he steps foot at Irina Stepanova’s studio is a murder scene and soon, he Phoebe and Abby Irene find themselves entangled in a grisly murder which is somehow linked to another murder that happened the last time Sebastian and Jack were in Moscow, a murder case that involved Irina Stepanova.

The White City is another intriguing and fascinating read from Elizabeth Bear. The basic plot of this novel is a murder mystery which is set in two different times in Moscow, Russia, in 1897 and 1903. The characters are well woven, right from the handsome, skillful and courageous vampire detective to the forensic sorceress, Abby Garrett. The plot is fast paced, features lots of actions, monstrous vampires who kill without showing remorse making the story quite a refresher.

Ad Eternum

Ad Eternum is book four in New Amsterdam series by Elizabeth Bear, a series set in a world where vampires exist and magic works perfectly. In this installment, Don Sebastian returns to New Amsterdam to start a new chapter in his life while on the other hand, Abby Irene has gone to her sorceries reward. While on his way back home, Sebastian is recognized by Dr. Damian Thomas, a sorcerer who intends on starting a magical university in New Amsterdam (New York). The doctor’s hopes that Jack will join their faculty and share his century work of knowledge with the students. But what will he get in return? A home for as long as he wants and the magical university is going to protect their identity.

At first, this is a tempting offer, but a millennium of having to move from places to place hiding identity was difficult to overcome. Will the vampire accept the offer from the old friend or will he choose his old way of life which is full of challenges?

New Amsterdam series by Elizabeth Bear is an exciting fantasy, full of millennium old characters that are not only engaging but also connect with the readers in a way never seen before.

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