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Publication Order of New Orleans Books

New Orleans is a book series that starts with “Hot Blooded”, which tells us the story of popular late-night radio host Dr. Samantha Leeds, who receives a series of threatening phone calls from a serial killer. This was after a prostitute is strangled to death, and the killer continues with the killing spree. A mysterious female also calls and claims to be from Samantha’s past, but this is a woman who supposedly died many years ago. Enter a detective called Rick Bentz who is convinced of a serial killer on the prowl in New Orleans, and that the killer is someone with close ties to Samantha.

Samantha doesn’t dare to trust anyone, especially Ty Wheeler, a seductive neighbor who’s just moved into town. He also appears to know a lot more than you would expect from a stranger. Someone seems to have discovered Samantha’s deepest secret and this person remains convinced that people must be killed in order for Samantha to atone for all her sins. The victims of the killing spree have so far been strangers, and prostitutes have borne the brunt of the killer’s actions. This cunning and cold-blooded killer also starts to become bolder, and Samantha is left dreading whether she will become the next victim.

Lisa Jackson has done a tremendous job of writing a mystery novel that will keep readers guessing. There are enough characters in this story to throw you off the case, and there are twists and turns at every corner. Dr. Samantha is a psychologist who runs a radio show that helps people. Unfortunately, a psycho is on the loose and Samantha’s past is about to catch up with her. There is also the handsome stranger who has just moved into her neighborhood, and he might be connected with all the mysterious happenings in the city of New Orleans.

One of the best things about Hot Blooded is the fast paced action, and the author also throws in an element of romance to the mystery. The book also has plenty of likeable characters, including detective Bentz and Montoya, who are both leading the investigations. Once you start reading the book, it’s hard for you to put it down, and you will soon be fully immersed in the mystery because the book is a fast read. Perhaps the best thing about the book is how the author spins her mystery while combining it with romance.

The element of suspense is very strong and the book has many characters to keep you guessing. The character of Samantha is also believable, and there are times when you honestly think that she won’t make it. If you love suspense novels, then Hot Blooded will not disappoint you. One thing that might disappoint readers is the fact that Dr. Samantha is made to take a back seat while the lead detectives hog all the limelight. This being the first book in the New Orleans series, readers would hope that Samantha takes a more prominent role in the subsequent books in this romantic suspense.

The next book in the series is called “Cold Blooded”, and Lisa Jackson takes the reader back to New Orleans where another serial killer is holding the city captive. When a woman is slashed and her burnt corpse is discovered in a rundown apartment, her killer is confident that he got away with it. Unbeknownst to him, an attractive stranger saw everything that happened-from the comfort of her bedroom in a cottage located on the town’s outskirts.

Weeks later, there’s another vision that shatters the peace and tranquility, rousing Olivia Bechet from her sleep. She is convinced that there is a serial killer on the loose and so she goes to detective Bentz with her story. However, the tired detective does not believe her story, even after the discovery of a second corpse, slain in the same bizarre and ritualistic manner that Olivia described. Even after being frustrated because of Bentz’s skepticism, she still finds herself attracted to him, but her dreams are soon invaded by haunting images of yet another murder, one that has not yet been committed. However, this time Olivia manages to recognize the face of the victim as well as the murderer’s face.

Yet again the author has managed to capture the reader’s imagination with Cold Blooded, and this time we have a psychic woman who is able to connect the ritualistic killings of women in the city. The pieces of the puzzle slowly start to come together when more women have been murdered, and reader is left wondering whether the same serial killer has returned to haunt the city. It is also likely that there are now two killers in New Orleans, which is a terrifying prospect for the residents of a city that had seen more than its fair share of murders in just a few months.

Once again the author has managed to keep the reader in suspense and every time you think that you have solved the mystery, there is another twist in the story. There are red herrings all over the place and we also learn of detective Bentz’s back story, and what the man has been through would be enough to break anyone. This second book will not disappoint readers and the nail-biting suspense mixed with a tinge of romance will not fail to entertain you.

It appears like the serial killer is a priest who has been killing the women of New Orleans in staged scenes of how the female saints had died, and refers to himself as the Chosen. Time is running out and the mystery of the killings needs to be solved before more women fall victim to the serial killer. We also learn that detective Bentz has a half-brother called Father James, and readers won’t be prepared to learn what happens to him as the story unfolds. Even though this book series is referred to as a romantic suspense novel, maybe the author would have done more to bring out the element of romance. However, if you like murder mysteries, this book will leave you turning the pages long into the night.

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