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Joy Ohagwu is an American author of fiction. She says that she has loved to curl up with a good book for as long as she can remember. Apart from loving books, she has a love of movies– especially ones that feature action and suspense as part of the story.

She is known for writing romantic suspense novels as well as stories of an inspirational nature. She is Christian and is appreciative to Lord Jesus for his mercy and grace. She says that despite facing many hurdles in life, she has been faithful and God has come through for her. She belongs to the ACFW, the American Christian Fiction Writers organization.

Ohagwu received a Masters’ Degree from American University in Washington, D.C., in the area of International Affairs. She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Idaban in Idaban in Political Scientist. She has been given many awards for not only student leadership and excellence but pioneer academic research.

Joy Ohagwu says that she writes her stories during the evenings and the weekends, as well as when her food is taking too long to cook. She resides in the state of Maryland. She is also the author of the New Rulebook, After, Elliot-King, Pleasant Hearts, and Pete Zendel series.

The New Rulebook Series is perhaps the series that Ohagwu would be most recognized for. This bestselling series sold like hotcakes and the debut novel Red eventually became a number one bestselling book in the genre of Christian Romantic Suspense. It was her first-ever full-length fictional book and it was released in 2014. It was quickly followed by Snowy Peaks, The Wedding, Vanished, Rescued, Delivered, Freedom, Rest, and the ninth book Sunshine.

Ruby “Red” Masters is the main character in this exciting romance series. She is a former orphan and life for her has had its share of bumps in the road. With the help of her friend Sergeant Robert Towers, she just might have what it takes to make it in life and be happy too. But with trouble constantly finding her, that might be tougher than she anticipates.

Red is the first book in the New Rulebook series by Joy Ohagwu. This debut novel is full of action, suspense, adventure, and romance! The main character in this book is named Ruby Masters. She thought she lived a normal life, but then she witnessed a woman die. As if that weren’t enough, she then found The New Rulebook.

She has no idea what this book is, but it seems to know an awful lot about her. The New Rulebook has enough inside it to even frame her for the murder of that woman. Ruby has no idea what to do– this is such a strange situation. So she turns to her best friend Robert Towers for help. He is the only person that she trusts and Ruby hopes that Robert can help her figure out what to do.

Ruby knows that her best friend will do whatever he can to help her find a way to deal with this situation. However, the last thing that she ever expected was for Robert to fall utterly in love with her. Ruby had no idea this would ever happen, and he is so smitten with her that he has even changed his religion and become Christian.

Robert seems to be even more smitten with his newfound faith than he does with her. His devotion to his new faith ironically begins to annoy Ruby. But when she finds herself behind enemy lines totally alone and helpless without a way to get out, she sees how petty that irritation really is.

Ruby has to find a way to get out of this and do whatever she can to overcome the Rulebook and everything that she’s somehow gotten into. What will happen at the end may just be the one thing that Ruby never saw coming. It may just change her life and that of Robert’s forever. What’s going to happen? You’ve got to pick up this exciting debut novel in the New Rulebook Series by Joy Ohagwu to find out for yourself!

Snowy Peaks is the second book in the New Rulebook series by accomplished author Joy Ohagwu. Ruby Masters is back again in this dynamic and romantic suspense story that will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next! The twists and turns are certainly not over in this thrilling sequel, the second installment of the Rulebook series.

Ruby, also known by her nickname Red, has had a tough life. She was orphaned and even had recently been framed for murder. She has gotten over that now and is focusing on planning her upcoming wedding. She is getting married to Sergeant Robert Towers, her best friend and someone that she recently discovered was the love of her life.

Everything is going fine and Ruby is keeping busy with the wedding. But then she receives an urgent distress call from the mayor of besieged town Snowy Peaks. Now not only Ruby but her best friend Robert must confront the potential interruption of their lives by Pete Zendel, an evil mastermind.

Snowy Peaks kept to itself, but then Zendel bought it in an auction online from prison. The annual honorary auction was not supposed to be taken seriously, but Zendel has. The mayor is detained in his home and desperate for help, so he risks everything to send a secret message to Ruby. Ruby is the only person that has ever taken Zendel down and was the person to put him in jail the first time.

Now she is Snowy Peaks’ only hope. Can her fiancee protect her, or will Ruby have to face this Zendel alone? Ruby feels that she must honor the call for help, but what will end up happening to the town, to Ruby, or to Zendel? Can the two lovers survive long enough to attend their own wedding? You’re going to have to pick up book 2 of this phenomenal series by Joy Ohagwu to find out.

Check out The New Rulebook series and see why thousands of readers are continuing to devour this contemporary Christian Romance series from celebrated writer Joy Ohagwu!

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