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New Species Series
New Species is a paranormal romance series by Laurann Dohner. The series stars half-human creatures that have just been released after being held captive for so long. After a worker at Mercile exposes what happens behind closed doors, it is decided that the New Species need to be left free to experience the world. Each book in the series concentrates on one of these creatures and the relationships they form with humans. The guys are quite dominant, but most of them become powerless once they get involved with humans. What will happen if the New Species mates with humans? Will the resulting children have more advanced features? You will find the answers to all these questions in this series.

Fury is the first book in the New Species series. The book stars Fury and Ellie, two souls whose love for each other goes beyond the natural. Ellie works for Mercile, a pharmaceutical company involved in illegal experiments. The hardworking woman is shocked to discover that the company she works for has used animal and human DNA to create an exotic species with superior capabilities. The infuriating thing is that part of these experiments involves putting the new species through torture every day. To try and save those held captive, Ellie goes undercover with a plan to gather all the details she may need for a rescue.
Fury, otherwise known as test subject 416, knows nothing about love and compassion. All his life has been spent in a cell with enough chains to restrict his movement. After putting his trust in one woman, she ends up betraying him, and Fury vows to kill her. Now that he is finally free, Fury is determined to seek revenge. However, when Fury has her in his grasp, the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. Fury finds Ellie irresistible. He is obsessed with her scent, her touch, and the feel of her mouth on his skin. Fortunately, Ellie feels the same about him. She has always loved Fury and craves for his powerful and big body. However, she will realize that taming him is not easy.

There are also many factors working against this unusual couple. First, there are many people against the new species, and inter-species relationships are frowned upon. There are also feelings of hatred and betrayal that they have to work around. Despite all the challenges, Ellie is determined to help the new species, and she goes to extra lengths to ensure Fury remains in her life. Elli handles herself well throughout the book, and it is amazing how much he cares about others. Fury is a dominant male who is protective and fierce as they come, and he is determined to lead his people to a better life. He is only half-human, but the things he does to Elle in bed will have you wishing you could have a bit of Fury in your life.

Fury is an intriguing story with loads of sex, violence, and humor. The main characters are lovable, and the world of the New Species is quite fascinating. In addition, the author has done a great job of keeping the plot unique yet believable while ensuring there is enough action on every page. The sex scenes are steamy and intense, and it is fascinating how Elle and Fury are unable to keep their hands off each other. If you are a fan of paranormal romance stories, you are going to love the New Species series.

Slade is the second book in the New Species series. The book features Dr. Trisha Norbit and Slade, or subject 215. Trisha is curious about the breeding habits of the New Species and humans, and she takes a job at Homeland where this species lives. Here, she meets Slade again after their initial meeting at the hospital right after they are set free. Slade, a New Species officer, offers to provide the experience that Trisha is looking for, but on one condition, theirs will be a one-night stand arrangement. While Trisha is attractive, there is a woman who haunts Slade’s memory, so he cannot offer her a long-term relationship.

Trisha is not too excited about this arrangement, and she is disappointed that Slade doesn’t remember anything about their first intense encounter. However, it will not take long for Slade to realize that the doctor and the woman of his dreams is the same person. When Trisha’s life is in danger, Slade swoops in to save her. The two will spend a considerable amount of time in the wilderness, but running away from the bad guys will not be the only thing they will be doing. Their desire for each other ignites, resulting in hot sex, intense moments, and consequences that could potentially change their lives forever.
You are going to fall in love with Trisha and her great personality. While enemies are chasing her, Trisha is no damsel in distress. She is quick to think on her feet and offer Slade solutions that see them into safety. Slade is all macho in the beginning, but once he falls in love with Trisha, he cannot help himself around her. The book also comes with a secondary cast made up of well-developed characters. Just like the first book in this series, Slade is centered on the New Species. The fear amongst the humans is resulting in chaos and killings between them and these more superior creatures.

Slade is a suspenseful and heart-stopping read. The book comes with enough surprises, a rising tension, and a good number of interesting characters. Slade is the perfect protector for Trisha, and once a permanent bond is formed between them, he is willing to kill anyone who would dare lay a finger on her. It is sweet how he promises himself one thing only to act in a completely different way soon after. Will Slade and Trisha come out of this alive? What happens to the little life they created considering all the dangers lurking in the shadows? Get this book to find the answers to these and more.

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