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New World (Griff Hosker) Books In Order

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Publication Order of New World Books

Blood on the Blade (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Across the Seas (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Savage Wilderness (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bear and the Wolf (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Erik the Navigator (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Erik's Clan (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Viking (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Griff Hosker is an accomplished British author.

Griff was born in 1950 in Lancashire, St. Helens. He went to Cowley Grammar School for boys when he was younger. Much later, he was deemed qualified to teach English and drama and did that for thirty-five years, teaching in the North East area of England. He was writing at the time as well, not his novels but mostly plays and musicals that were performed by his students. Some of the musicals included Shakespeare the Musical as well as The Journey, which was put on at the Millennium Dome in 2000.

The author went on to take a short break from teaching for the purposes of setting out on his own and establishing a consultancy firm. Throughout that time, Griff was still working at schools and colleges, but as an advisor. That work eventually ended and the future author discovered that he had quite a bit of free time to work with.

Griff didn’t want to let that free time go to waste, and he was used to working since he had begun employment at the age of fifteen years old. He was not used to not working and did not like it, so decided to make the most of the time he had available to him. He decided to do research into history into the time period where the Romans invaded Britain. His goal was to use what he had learned of the time period and channel it into a well-researched and historically accurate novel. This would go on to become The Sword of Carmandua.

Griff still has a penchant for writing historical fiction and also enjoys reading it. All of his stories get the same careful treatment of doing extensive research. Hosker also makes an effort to have the characters and how they act and speak be very much true to the time period. As for the choice to become a fiction author, Griff is very happy with the choice he made and considers it one of his best.

On top of writing, Hosker likes history, reading novels, and going to different castles. On top of writing stories for adults, he has written Great Granny’s Ghost, a book intended for younger children. He also makes visits to the schools that have purchased his books and talks to the students. He has been a speaker at various award ceremonies and has been doing public speaking more often.

Griff Hosker is the creator and author of the New World series of fictional novels. The series first got started with the publication of the first book, Blood on the Blade. The second novel came shortly after, titled Across the Seas. The third novel is called The Savage Wilderness, and the fourth novel in the series is titled The Bear and the Wolf.

Blood on the Blade is the first book in the New World series by Griff Hosker. If you have been searching for something new and fun to try, or if you are a big historical novel fan, check the debut in this series out!

It’s tough to live in a society that is ruled by one person. When your entire world consists of being lorded over by a tyrant, sometimes you have to make a difficult choice. To get away, you have to sail to beyond the world’s edge.

Erik is Norse, along with his family. They all live on Orkeyjar, an island. Their world is entirely moved and turned upside down when their jarl colludes with the King of Norway to take over their home. With little options left to them, the family goes to the land up north of Mercia.

All they can hope for is that they are able to find a life without the horrible tyranny of a king ruling over them and making their lives worse. They also have to fight off Saxons and Danes. Things get worse when the King Harald of Norway makes the decision to send ships over with the goal of destroying the family.

When the ships are sent, the Clan of the Fox has to flee to a new place to hide, so they choose the land of ice and fire, which has been recently discovered. The family goes and travels out of the sight of land into an ocean that has not yet been charted to go into a future that is anything but certain.

The only thing that they can truly rely on is that they have to use Erik as their navigator, and he is their only hope at finding a new home. But finding a new home is easier said than done. Will the family be able to find a place where they can peacefully live without persecution? Find out by reading the first book in a trilogy that covers the colonization of America by Vikings!

Across the Seas is the second book in the New World series by Griff Hosker. If you liked the first book in the series Blood on the Blade, be sure to give the exciting sequel a try too!

Living at the world’s edge right next to a volcano and some violent warriors that would love to end your life, it seems the right time to pack up and move. The Clan of the Fox decides that a trip to the edge of the world will be their best bet.

Erik the Navigator is looking for a new home and sets out with three companions and his younger brother out of Iceland to find a land that Erik doesn’t know exists for sure. They take a small ship and brave the elements together, taking on seas that any sailor would be intimidated by. The group not only ends up finding new land, but they find a place they could call home.

But is it too fraught with danger to be a valid option for settling down? They’ve come all this way, so it would be a shame to settle somewhere and find out it’s much the same as the last place that they left. Will the explorers be pleased by this new place? Find out by reading this book!

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