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Publication Order of The New World Books

The End (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Long Road (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sanctuary (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Line of Departure (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood, Sweat & Tears (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Razor's Edge (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Those Who Remain (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

New World is a series of post-apocalyptic survival novels written by G. Michael Hopf. The books take place in a world where the United States has been devastated by a powerful EMP.

+The Story

Prepper fiction has been all the rage since the 1980s and 1990s. It gained even more traction in the Mid-2000s and by the early 2010s, the genre had taken on a whole new life, with prepper fiction novels taking up entire shelves in some bookstores.

By the time ‘The End’, the first book in the New World Series, was published in 2013, the novel was merely one in a multitude. And it should have disappeared in the deluge. Yet the strength of G. Michael Hopf’s story and writing style was such that it garnered a strong following that saw the New World Series ultimately stand out despite the heavy competition.

‘The End’ introduces readers to Gordon Van Zandt. As a child, Gordon was a patriot. He loved his country. And when the 9/11 attacks rocked the United States, he did not hesitate to leave college and join the army to fight for his home.

Gordon had the sort of youthful optimism and idealism the military yearns for. But it did not last. Iraq broke Gordon. He saw the truth of the American Military machine and he lost his faith.

Now a veteran, Gordon has become a relatively successful web developer. He has a wife and two kids and life couldn’t be better. His home is a place of peace and his neighbors understand the importance of maintaining courteous relationships throughout the community.

For all the perfection in his life, though, Gordon cannot help but worry about the future. He knows that the world is full of people looking to hurt North America. He also knows that his country isn’t quite as safe as the government likes to think.

His fears become a reality when a super-EMP is set off, throwing North America back into the dark ages. With the electrical and communication systems suddenly disabled, the United States regresses.

People go rabid. Criminal and non-criminal elements take to the streets and unleash havoc on every moving, breathing entity they come across. Those with the strength to survive quickly withdraw and fortify their homes. The weaker elements of society turn to violence to meet their daily needs.

Gordon is a survivor and he immediately takes steps to keep his family safe. For Gordon, nothing else matters. His wife and children are the only people whose lives are of any worth to him.

As such, he does not hesitate to maim and kill any threat that arises and attempts to threaten his family. Though, that mentality begins to change when Gordon realizes that, even with his training, he has no hope of keeping his family safe on his own, not when it looks like the whole country has gone insane.

The hero admits a few chosen friends into his circle and as they all work to survive from moment to moment, a new community forms; one built on blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice.

Even though Gordon is clearly elevated to the position of primary protagonist, G. Michael Hopf succeeds in giving his story an epic scope by focusing on two other characters and storylines.

There’s Sebastian, Gordon’s brother who joined the Marines. Sebastian was driven to serve in the Military by Gordon’s previous convictions. And by the time the New World Series Starts, Sebastian is still quite idealistic.

You also have Brad Connor, the Speaker of the House. Brad’s authority skyrockets when a nuclear attack leaves him as the highest ranking official in the country.

Gordon’s story is very contained; it shows the manner in which an apocalyptic event affects a small community and the steps the people in such a situation would have to take to survive.

Sebastian’s story takes readers on the road. It shows them how the rest of America has fared. It explores the ease with which social order can collapse once the authority of the government is eliminated and the rules and regulations dissolve.

Brad’s story focuses primarily on the turmoil that engulfs the government once the president and vice-president are killed and it becomes clear that a vacuum of authority has opened up at the top.

Brad wants to keep things running as usual as the new head of the nation. However, other parties both military and criminal have their own plans. Brad does what he can to keep the United States from becoming a war-torn landscape run by gangsters. But once the situation begins to spiral out of control, there is little he can do to stop it.

+The Author

G. Michael Hopf was in the Marines. His postings took him all over the world. He eventually left the military, doing some private security work before finally going into publishing.

Before Hopf wrote the first New World novel, he extensively researched EMP technology to make sure his stories were grounded in reality.

+The End

The end has finally come. A Super-EMP goes off, blanketing North America and Europe and completely decimating their electrical and communication systems. Not long after that, total economic infrastructural collapse follows.

Gordon Van Zandt was once an idealistic young man who left college to fight in the army. But events in Iraq broke his faith in the military. So he left and started his life all over as a civilian.

When the United States is brought to its knees by an EMP attack, Gordon knows that he can only keep his family safe by cooperating with his neighbors. However, that becomes increasingly difficult to accomplish as the resources dwindle and civility goes out the window.

+The Long Road

Gordon Van Zandt is on the road with his family and a Caravan of his friends and neighbors. With the United States in a state of turmoil, the group is heading to Idaho where they believe they can start over in a place of safety.

For all the chaos Gordon encountered back home, the dangers on the road prove far worse. An attempt at securing supplies from an army base backfires when the Gordon and crew encounter a religious zealot.

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