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New York Billionaires Books In Order

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Publication Order of New York Billionaires Books

Think Outside the Boss (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saved by the Boss (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Say Yes to the Boss (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Ticking Time Boss (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Suite on the Boss (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
12 Days of Bossmas (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

New York Billionaires Series is a thrilling series by Olivia Hayle, who loves billionaire heroes even though she has never met one. Instead, the author decided to take matters to his hands and create them on his books as charming and brooding. Each novel can be read as a stand alone.

Think Outside the Boss
Think Outside the Boss is the debut novel in New York Billionaires series. Freddie has just moved to New York from Pennsylvania to begin her internship at a prominent advertising company. She left all her friends, and she is currently living her dream life. After she moved into the new apartment after a few weeks of living in her new place, she receives an invitation to a secretive party.

She believes the letter belongs to the previous occupant, but she is intrigued to receive it. Freddie wants to have some fun before starting her new job, so she accepts the invitation. After all, who wouldn’t be curious to attend such a party?

Freddie is sure she will not do anything out of the ordinary, so she prepares to go. Freddie meets a handsome and mysterious man who had different plans from hers at the party. They both spend a fantastic night together, enjoying every moment of it.

Both of them do not know each other since it’s the club’s rule for everyone to remain anonymous. The two leave without exchanging any contact or name, hoping they will meet one day again.

Tristan is the CEO of the multi-national company that he bought about a year ago. He’s a single dad and a guardian to Joshua, his sister’s son, after she perished in an accident with her husband.

After enjoying the night, she wished to meet the man once more. Once she begins her job, she hears stories of how their boss is a ruthless man. Later she gets an email from the boss inviting her to his office, and she accidentally gives the wrong reply.

She begins to panic, knowing that she’ll have to face the boss face to face though she was ready for any consequences in her mind. Later she realizes that her boss is the man she had the one-night -stand with at the party, and things become more complicated than she first thought.

Freddie can’t believe that he the boss, and even though she feels much attracted to him, she doesn’t want to jeopardize her position at a job she has just started. They both think that the night they had wasn’t just a one-time thing but something. Now they can’t stop thinking about each other.

Tristan and Freddie take time to learn and study each other, and they respect each other by not interfering with work. They have to act professionally at work while pursuing their relationship together. Can they keep everything hidden from their colleagues forever? They both hold thoughtful and provoking conversations as they try to figure things out together.

Think Outside the Boss does have a steamy and witty workplace romance that will leave the reader wanting more as it explores the forbidden relationship between a CEO and his employee.

Saved the Boss
Saved the Boss is the second novel in the New York Billionaires series. Summer is working for an elite matchmaking company that is almost becoming bankrupt when Anthony Winter agrees to invest in it. For him, it’s only business because he doesn’t believe in its mission.

He thinks that there is no true love and that the company’s clients are delusional. He’s a cynic man wearing an expensive suit, but now he has a challenge that he can’t resist. He agrees to a bet with Olivia, where he will have three dates to prove that the service works.

Anthony is cynical about love and has tried to stay away from his family and those who try coming close to him. His bet with Olivia is a diversion for both of them as they find comic relief. Anthony appreciated Olivia’s efforts as she looked for ways to improve her business and never overruled focused on profit only.

Anthony is set to go on a date with a lady he never thought he needed and has no plans of looking for her. On the other hand, Olivia had no intention of being that woman for Anthony Winter, but here they are spending time together.

It’s only a matter of time before Olivia realizes that his cynicism was outward thinking. He’s hiding a hurting secret that makes him bitter and a man worthy of getting true love.

Olivia is pleased that he saved her company, and she wishes to save him as a favor in return. The two are the opposite of each other in terms of romance and relationships. As Anthony doesn’t believe in love, Olivia believes that there is always someone for everyone; that’s why she does her matchmaker job.
Can the two finally have each other as Olivia tries to prove Anthony wrong? Will Anthony surrender his heart to Olivia and trust her with it?

Say Yes to the Boss
Say Yes to the Boss is the third in the New York Billionaires series. Victor is a ruthless boss and expects perfection and excellence from his employees. He works on ways he can change his way to impress and seduce Cecelia to become his future wife, even knowing that he has never been nice to her.

Cecelia is a badass with huge dreams and a high determination to fulfill them. She’s fearless in negotiating to get what she wants. She can’t wait to quit her job and start her own business after working with a highly demanding boss.

She has never liked how he treats her and other workers. When he calls her to his office one day, all Cecelia expects is a confrontation as usual, but instead, he tells her that he wants to get married so that the wife can inherit the company.

Cecelia is shocked when she realizes that he wants to marry her. It’ll be a planned wedding of convenience for only one year, and she wonders how she’ll live with him considering how much hate she has for him.

This will mean living with Victor’s stares and silence for a year, but she is happy to learn that this will be her ideal chance to quit her job and fulfill her dream of starting her own business. She hopes things will be better with time.

Cecelia should learn things too, not the usual lunch orders and sending company memos she was used to as his assistant. Victor may seem cold, but his romance leaves Cecelia craving for more.

He drives her crazy, and now she doubts whether the marriage will be a one-year contract or forever.

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