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New York Girlfriends Books In Order

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Publication Order of New York Girlfriends Books

The Pregnancy Test (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Don't Know Jack (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Get Lucky (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The writer Erin McCarthy is well known for her ability to craft a finely plotted novel, with both strong characters and a clear narrative arc. Setting up the premise straight away with clearly defined intentions, she’s able to immediately get right to the heart of her stories. Looking into the lives of those in the contemporary dating scene, she’s also able to provide a very modern and relatable view of romance. Also known as the ‘Sexy in NYC’ series, this has over three books in the series so far and counting, as it follows in much the same vein as her other series. For anyone looking to take a look into her work, though, this is an ideal place to start, as it transposes the rigmarole of modern romance into New York City. Understanding the area well, McCarthy has really managed to inject her own sense of flavour into the genre as a whole.

Set in and around the vicinity of New York City, this is most definitely an up-to-date look at modern romance, and all the pitfalls that come with it. Spanning over three novels so far and counting, there’s still plenty more to come from this particular series yet. Giving a stand-alone story for each novel, they follow each thematically in their sense of location, making each one an easy and accessible read.

The Pregnancy Test

First published in 2005 on the first of January, this was to be the first book in the New York Girlfriends series. Also known as Sexy in NYC, it sets up the series as a whole, establishing both the style and the tone that is to follow. Giving it a sense of ambiance as well, McCarthy works at building a light and breezy tone for the franchise to progress with.

Centering around the key protagonist of one Mandy Keeling, the story takes a look at this character and the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. A strong and independent woman, she is forced to come to terms with how this will affect her life after finding that she’s going to be a mother. Single, she has come to be her own woman enjoying life, something which will be vastly affected by the new pregnancy. With New York City as its central location as well, it manages to keep the city at the heart of its narrative, working as a character in its own right almost. McCarthy clearly has a love for the city and knows it well, something which shines through on the page with her perfect sense of location. Getting a feel for the place, it really works at drawing the reader in giving them an idea of what it’s like to be there, even if they’ve never visited before. Dealing with what it’s like to suddenly face a surprise pregnancy as well, it really manages to give it all a grounded sense of reality. The characters and ideas are all well defined, whilst simultaneously keeping it extremely light-hearted in the process. Nothing ever becomes over-bearing, allowing it follow along lightly at a brisk and fun pace, making it accessible for readers of all types.

Waking up to a sudden pregnancy with the man having disappeared fast, Mandy Keeling must come to terms with the prospect of motherhood. That’s when she also manages to snag an interview with one Damien Sharpton, the extremely attractive boss of a large company, as she becomes his personal assistant. Needing to avoid any potential chemistry due to her upcoming pregnancy, she soon finds herself being taken on a business trip with just him to the Caribbean. Will she be able to avoid the chemistry between them both? Can she focus on just the baby and her future? What will become of her as she faces the pregnancy test?

You Don’t Know Jack

Initially published in 2006 a year after the first one, this was first brought out on the 12th of September as the second title in the Sexy in NYC, or New York Girlfriends series. Working as a separate story, it doesn’t follow on directly, it just uses the same location and same world to base itself within. It also manages to carry the style and the tone set by the original, carrying it forwards as it gives the readers more of what they’re looking for.

With a whole set of new characters, it works at building upon the thematic foundations that were laid by the previous novel. When Jamie Peters is told that she is soon to meet her soul-mate by a cross-dressing psychic in a bridesmaid’s dress she’s more than a little sceptical. That’s when Jonathan Davidson steps into her life, someone who is also trying to come to terms with his lack of belief in true love. Setting out to investigate her for her application into his grandfather’s charitable trust, along with his millionaire status, he must contain his passion alongside the chemistry they both share. Will he be able to overcome his emotions, or will they both fall head over heels? Can they ever become an item despite the initial deceit? What will become when they’re told you don’t know Jack?

The New York Girlfriends Series

Taking a light-hearted fun tone, McCarthy is really in her element here, as she creates one of her most accessible franchises to date. Whilst it clearly knows what it’s going for and what balance to maintain, it retains the readers through its engaging characters and realistic settings. Each title may be stand-alone, but these novels show a clear thematic narrative, with McCarthy making it highly apparent what she wants to achieve early on. Knowing the city of New York well as well, this also becomes one of the key players in the series overall too, as it starts to take on a life of its own. Working as the central hub for all the comings and goings featured within the series, it manages to almost become a character in of itself. Showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, this series continues to grow from strength-to-strength, with plenty more opportunities to expand on the horizon.

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