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New York Saints Books In Order

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Publication Order of New York Saints Books

The Devil in Denim (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angel in Armani (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lawless In Leather (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Playing Hard (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Playing Fast (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

No one ever bothered to call them saints; once upon a time there were three guys who had developed the love for baseball. These guys were brought together at college by their baseball scholarships. The sensational pitcher. The foxy catcher. The batsman who could knock them out of the baseball park. From very dissimilar backgrounds, the guys bonded over beer, pizza, women and their unending love of the New York Saints., which had been branded the worst team in the history of the Major league baseball. The three guys had talent and looks that were amazing. Headed for the show, world beaters, no doubt they were the best.

Until the bombing, the guys ran into the burning stadium to rescue stranded people, three guys who came out changed , eventually they chose different paths , one to medicine, one to the finance and money, one to the military. The different paths they had opted for couldn’t break their bond or the love of the New York Saints, fifteen years later, the New York Saints ran into trouble… and the very different three men are on a new mission to save their loved team. They all know it won’t be a walk in the park for them; they’re prepared for furore and the foul balls, unfortunately they can’t prepare for sneakiest pitches of in their hearts.

The New York Saint Series by Melanie Scott features three sensational books including, the Devil in Denim, the Angel in Armani and the lawless in leather. The Devil in Denim and the Angel in Armani were released to bookstores and online later 2014, while the Lawless in leather is expected in bookstores from the 5th May 2015. The story lines of these books in the series evolve around the love of baseball in the Major League of baseball. With very different characters, these books can only be described as awesome for any book lover, below is a review of the different books featuring different characters with the same baseline of baseball.

The Devil in Denim

The main characters in this book of the New York Saint series are Maggie Jameson and Alex Winters, Maggie Jameson the team-owner’s daughter grew up in the Saint’s stadium – glove, hot dogs, cap, and all. Baseball is in her blood, and she had always dreamed of the day when she would her father’s team to victory herself, this was before her father had to sell the franchise to Alex Winters, fiercely attractive and fast talking businessman had a baseball ancestry . Maggie is determined to hate him but his advanced seduction skills, however are off the charts.

WILL LOVE BE HOME RUN? Alex Winters had never imagined how much the New York Saints team meant to Maggie, Alex still needs her to help show the baseball players in the team that they’re still a family as a whole, even if the two were on the verge of exchanging hot blows. But her pretty looks and igneous determination proves irresistible to Alex, and as much he wants to cash out their relationship to the playing field- and get the Saints back in the game, Alex Winters can’t help himself out of this tricky situation, all he wants is to win Maggie Jameson heart.


This book in the New York Saints series was released on 30th December 2014, Sara Charles is trying to stay in the game despite her dad being of out of the commission, to add to their problems Charles Air has one helicopter left and Sara to fly the charters. The family business is in jeopardy and Sara needs all the clients at her disposal and the newest one client being Lucas Angelo, the New York Saints team doctor. When an unexpected coquetry escalates into a night of pure blind love, Sara Charles realizes that she might have just blown the game, in order to stay in play, she makes a vow to avoid Lucas , the team surgeon and keep in her mind her business and only her business. But there is a hidden drawback; she needs him-in many ways.

LEAD TO A FIELD OF DREAMS? All through Lucas thought he had his head in the game until his night with Sara throws him off balance, he can’t forget her despite his busy schedule and spring training. Lucas makes Sara an offer she can’t afford to refuse. Be his personal pilot and earn the money she desperately needs to save Charles Air. Sara intends to keep Lucas at the arm’s length especially after discovering how different their worlds are. Sara knows that for Lucas, pleasure is his only important to him in the business. Lucas only plays to win, and eventually intends to hit it out of the park.


The other book in the New York Saints series by Melanie Scott is expected to be released on 5th May 2015, its features Raina Easton and Malachi Coulter as the main characters.

She is good at her game, Raina Easton had never dreamt she would end up playing ring master to a handful of baseball fans, when the New York Saints offered her a job as a coach to their new squad – the Fallen Angels –she couldn’t decline the offer. Raina as the owner of the burlesque club, she could show some girls more than just a few good moves. But as for new boss at the Saints that was a whole another story

He got it bad, Malachi Coulter all round tough guy and army veteran wasn’t any typical baseball team owner, Malachi doesn’t think that cheerleaders have a justified place on a baseball field, it also seems that he can’t separate his pleasure and business when he meets a pretty new employee. In the book I seem that the baseball bad boy has just met his match in the feisty gorgeous Raina Easton. All’s fair in baseball and love…could it be that after all, Malachi the army veteran was playing to win.

The New York Saints series by Melanie Scott is expected to be one of the best-selling book series of recent times; you can get these books in the series at your nearest bookstore or library. You can also purchase the book online via and share the story.

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