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Publication Order of Newpointe 911 Books

The Newpointe 911 series is a series of Christian mystery and suspense novels written by the well known American novelist Terri Blackstock. There is a total of 5 books published in the series between the years 1998 and 2003. All the novels of the series follow the mysteries revolving around the trials and tribulation of a small group of firefighters and their friends, neighbors, and families living in the town of Newpointe in Louisiana. In all the books the series, the main characters solve the crimes as well as the mysterious deaths taking place in the town and at the same time, maintain a Christian perspective towards the evils of the humankind and keep the God’s plan in mind for each and every person. The series also features its share of violence and crime, starting from a serial killer living in Newpointe, who stalks the wives of the firefighters, to a long series of explosions in the 30 storey tower located in New Orleans. The explosion causes a chain of collapses of the tower resembling the falling of the World Trade Center.

The disasters and crisis shown in the novels of the series tend to test the characters, but never succeed in shaking their beliefs and faiths in God. They continue to believe that death is just a medium to free the individuals from their physical difficulties. The first and last novels of the series help to provide an insight into the different themes depicted in the series and the problems faced by the characters. The first novel of the series titled ‘Private Justice’ very well depicts what the series is actually made of. It shows the life-changing events faced by the characters that make them question their belief in God. When the wives of the firefighters begin to get killed in the town of Newpointe, the survivors become very much frightened and begin to seek answers on why the good people of the town are struck with the unknown evil. One of the married couple is of Allie and Mark Banning, whose marriage seems to disintegrate during the dangerous times.

Allie believes that Mark has cheated with her as he tries to protect her. Soon, he begins to question God about the unwanted difficulties in his married life. He seeks his answer in the Scripture and realizes that the memories of father’s alcoholic nature and the fear of following the same path had made him remain away from the Church. After a little while, the couple seeks to escape from a stalking killer, Allie sees a new light in her husband and begins to see her as a dedicated man to save her wife at all costs. She goes on to forget her earlier suspicion and anger, and the two of them renew their belief in each other and in God, and go on to reconcile their marriage. Throughout the course of the novel, the characters continue to struggle with the difficult reality that God makes bad things happen to the good people. A series of deaths of 3 women each married to firefighters, makes the characters of the series question if God is trying to look out for them. The community of Newpointe town seems to be torn apart because of the suspicion of the neighbors and friends. The matter becomes even worse when the people come to know that the killer is one of the firefighters of the town. Apart from these, the characters also face the difficulties of the everyday lives which cause several dramatic changes in them.

The first novel of the Newpointe 911 series written by author Terri Blackstock was published under the title ‘Private Justice’. It was released by the MacMillan Publishing Company in the year 1998. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Mark Banning and his wife Allie seemed to find it impossible to stay together. But soon, it becomes their only hope as a dark shadow is believed to have fallen on the town Newpointe, Louisiana.They come to know that the wives of two of the firemen of the town have been murdered. A third one was also attacked to be murdered, but narrowly escaped from death. In the end, it becomes clear that the sleepy southern community was being stalked by a serial killer, who was targeting only the wives of the firefighters. Feeling that his wife could be the next on the list of the killer, Mark Banning becomes determined to save her. But, as their marriage is about to get broken, it becomes a difficult job for him. Now, they are required to settle their problems and get together again during the difficult times. Also, they do not have much time to decide before the killer comes back again. The novel proved to be a tense and exciting thriller for the readers, who found it to be a fabulous read. It gives a message that religion has an important place in marriage. The novel also offers a taut plot, full of redemption, romance, and some insights into the nature of human relationships.

The second novel of the Newpointe 911 series written by author Terri Blackstock was published in the year 1998 by the Zondervan publishing house. It was titled ‘Shadow of Doubt’. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, a character named Detective Stan Shepherd is depicted as lying in the hospital in a comatose state. He has become the victim of arsenic and the Newpointe police is suspecting his wife Celia Shepherd to be the primary suspect. It is revealed later that she has many other similar charges on her. Her first husband had also died due to poisoning, but she had come out free due to a technical fault. And now with Detective Stan, it looks the same old story. However, this time her motive appears quite obvious. One of her old flames has come into town which has raised a lot of question against Celia under the present circumstances. Along with that, some more evidence seems to get gathered to put Celia Shepherd behind the bars for a long time. However, attorney Jill Clark believes that the evidences against her have come up too easily and neatly. This means that either she is really a culprit or she has been framed with a master plan against her. And if this is the case, then the real killer is still roaming freely in the town, which seems to be a major problem for the police department of the Newpointe town.

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