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Ramez Naam is a one the technological professionals and he mainly writes about science fiction. He was born in Cairo, Egypt. Ramez Naam got a chance to move to the United States when he was just 3 years old. He is a computer scientist who was involved in the development of some of the software products that are widely used. These software includes the Microsoft outlook and Microsoft internet explorer. Working for about 13 years at the Microsoft, he was leading the teams that are mainly dwelling on web browsing, search, email, and also artificial intelligence. Before he left the Microsoft, he was given a role as a Partner Group program manager which was mainly dealing with the live search.

Naam has generally focused his career on bringing advanced collaboration, information and communication retrieval capabilities to almost over 1 billion people across the globe. Due to this, he was taken to the Partner and Director of Program Management role at the Microsoft Company. With his great experience, he was able to be a good leader as he led the teams working on cutting edge technologies including search, machine learning, artificial intelligence and also massive scale services. He also hold 19 patents relating to these cutting edge technologies.

Naam also got a chance to be a Chief Executive Officer of the Apex Nano Technologies. Here, the company was mainly dealing in the development of the nanotechnology research software and it is entirely devoted to the tools of the software which accelerate the molecular design.

Currently Naam works at the Acceleration Studies Foundation where he holds a seat on the advisory board. He is also a World Future Society member. Apart from these two post, he is a fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and a senior associate of the Foresight Institute.

Ramez Naam has also got an opportunity to serve as a lecturer at Singularity University. In this university, he serves as Adjunct Faculty and he lectures mainly on things concerning the environment, energy and innovation. Naam has also had the chance to speak to audience on four of the continents, from corporate boardrooms to Harvard University and from Illinois to Istanbul. Naam has repeatedly appeared on Yahoo Finance and at one time appeared on the Sunday morning MSNBC. He has also appeared on Big Think, on China Cable Television and Reuters FM.

Naam’s work too has also been reviewed at least once by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, Slate, Scientific American, Popular Science, Business Insider, Business Week, Discover, and Wired. Ramez Naam graduated at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the Science Academy at Aurora Illinois.

Ramez Naam always make good use of his leisure time. During these times, he normally climbs the mountains and descend into icy crevasses. He also uses this special time to sometimes chase the sharks through the native domain, rides his bike down hundred miles of the Vietnam coast and backpacks through remote corners of china. He is currently living in Seattle where he is continuing with his writing work.

The Book Series by Ramez Naam

The book series Nexus

The book known as Nexus is also one of the Ramez Naam books. The book is mainly based on the science fiction. Naam started the publication process of this book in the year 2012 after he had published other science fiction books from the Angry Robots Books. Nexus mainly talks about the nano-drug by that name. In the year 2014, Nexus managed to scope the Prometheus Award. The book was part of the trilogy but the first part. The second part of the trilogy is Crux which was published in the year 2013 and the third one is Apex which he started to publish this year.

Nexus and Crux Science fiction thrillers are mainly talking about the impact that is brought as a result of the increased rate of plausible technology that could link the mind of the humans. It also talks about how the society is also influenced as a result of the advancement of the technology. Apart from that, it tries to explain how the technology has brought about the change in the human condition both positively or negatively. The book also tries to address issues of surveillance, issues involving the civil liberties, how Buddhist have the conceptions of mind and also goes into details why the scientist are normally very essential to how current societies. Nexus has also got the chance to be optioned for a screen play known as “The Black Swan” by paramount pictures. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky.

The book series More than Human: Embracing the promise Of Biological Enhancement

He has so far managed to write several books including the non-fiction book “More than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement” which made him receive the HG Wells Award for contributions and trans-humanism in the year 2005. This award was offered by the World Trans-humanist association. The book was mainly talking about the new technologies and always make a case for enhancement of the human embracement. It was mainly written to show the readers how the advancement of the technologies are always new tools that are powerful in the quest of humanity thus making us improve ourselves, our children and the world as a whole.

The book is written is such a way that it mainly focusses on the science that can help in the enhancement of the human mind. Apart from dwelling on the mind of humans, the book also talks about the enhancement of the human body and the also the life span. It does not only speaks on the enhancement of these three things, but also elaborates how their advancement will in turn affect the society. The effect can either be positive or negative as the book speculates.

The books ends by educating us the importance of embracing rather that fearing the power to alter ourselves. It elaborates that this will benefits the society more than it could harm it in the hands of millions of families and individuals.

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