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Nic Stone is an American author that is best known for ‘Dear Martin’, a novel that provides an incisive look at race relations in the United States.


Nic Stone was born in an Atlanta Suburb where she also grew up. As a child, Nic loved stories. Her friends and family will tell you that she was one adventurous girl, the kind that didn’t always stay out of trouble.

But Nic Stone will describe her childhood as one shaped by her love for reading. Few things are as attractive to Nic as a good story, and she has admitted that they are not always easy to find.

The author attended Spelman College. Following her graduation, Nic went into the Teen mentoring business. The field gave her numerous opportunities to work with people of all religions, races, and backgrounds.

She even lived in Israel for a few years. The decision to return to the United States was partially influenced by her determination to start writing full-time. Nic figured that she was perfectly placed to produce insightful and engaging fiction capable of appealing to the masses because mentorship had allowed her to interact with people from such diverse backgrounds.

As such Nic Stone figured that she had what it took to bring a multitude of diverse voices to the publishing arena, an objective her fans will tell you she accomplished adequately. As an author, Nic writes what she wants to read.

Nic loves stories that engross her. She wants to lose herself in a fictional world to an extent where everything else in her life seizes to matter. Even more than that, though, Nic wants to read engrossing stories that feature people of color, particularly brown-skinned individuals.

Nic believes that the publishing arena has come such a long way that literature featuring African-American protagonists has become almost commonplace, at least in larger bookstores and libraries.

However, Nic isn’t satisfied with the current trend of black-themed fiction. The majority of black-themed books on the shelves tend to take the same approach to storytelling. These books emphasize the struggle of African-Americans in the United States. They delve into issues of racism and bigotry and the impact these elements have had on the development of black people in the country.

And Nic Stone understands and appreciates the prevalence of this sort of fiction. However, she would love to see black people permeate the lighter aspects of publishing. She wants to see brown skinned people like her in science fiction and fantasy. She won’t be satisfied until diversity becomes commonplace in all corners of the publishing arena.

Nic Stone doesn’t believe the diversity movement can claim that they are winning all the right battles when the majority of black protagonists are only restricted to one or two particular publishing genres.

The author loves encouraging aspiring authors to follow their dreams. She enjoys mentoring them and showing them the ropes of the publishing industry, though she has a preference for aspiring writers with a thick skin who can contend with the biting truth she is often happy to dole out.

+Literary Career

Nic Stone’s career began and took off when she wrote ‘Dear Martin’, a fictional tale about a boy whose experiences with racism in the United States force him to question the teachings of Martin Luther King and whether or not they are still applicable in the present day.

Nic was inspired to write the book after the news became saturated with talk of the deaths of so many unarmed black teens. Nic was taken aback by the manner in which these incidents were reported and the backlash the resulting protests from black communities received.

Nic Stone was able to sell the book on proposal. It was an approach she has no intention of ever repeating, primarily because she did not like working with such a tight deadline. Nic had eight weeks to get the first draft written. She managed to accomplish the task is six weeks but she didn’t appreciate the pressure.

She also didn’t like the idea that she was bound to the proposal she had made. Nic Stone did not have the choice of changing her entire concept because she was expected to produce that she had sold her publishers in the proposal.

It took some work for Nic to meet her deadline. ‘Dear Martin’ finds Nic’s protagonist writing letters to Martin Luther King. To prepare for the task of writing her book, Nic had to thoroughly scrutinize all the sermons, speeches and teaching Martin Luther King had ever given. Her goal was to figure out how the objectives of the Civil Rights Movement of King’s era could be adapted to the racial dilemmas of the present day.

Nic Stone also made it a point to talk to young black men. She learned about their experience and the manner in which they handled racial profiling. It took a while for Nic to find her bearing. But she has since cemented her place in the publishing industry as a black author with her finger on the pulse of those issues that affect African Americans in her nation.

+Dear Martin

Justyce McAllister thought he had it made. Few other black kids had the opportunity to attend a prestigious high school. If that wasn’t enough, Justyce seemed to exceed expectations in every way, what with being at the top of his class and the captain of the debate team

When Justyce is actually handcuffed by a police officer on false charges, the fact that he is eventually released doesn’t alleviate the shock and awe he feels.

Justyce escaped the old neighborhood but it doesn’t seem like much has changed. Justyce has to deal with the scorn of his former peers, not to mention the attitudes of his prep school classmates and the crush he has on his gorgeous white debate partner.

Justyce’s life comes to a head when he is caught in the crosshairs of a shootout and, rather than defending him against the aggressive white off-duty cop that started it all, the media attacks him. Justyce just wants to forget the turmoil of his life as a young black man, but circumstances keep conspiring to remind him.

+Welcome Home

This book is a collection of short stories from a number of authors including Nic Stone. The stories all revolve around the theme of adoption.

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