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Nicci Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sister Of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles Books

Death's Mistress (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shroud of Eternity (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Siege of Stone (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart of Black Ice (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nicci Chronicles by Terry Goodkind
Author Terry Goodkind writes the “Nicci Chronicles” series of fantasy novels. It began publication in the year 2017, when the novel “Death’s Mistress” was released. That same year, a sequel was released and was titled “Shroud of Eternity”.

It is one of the spin-offs of the “Sword of Truth” series. The series is also connected to Terry’s “Richard and Kahlan” series and “Children of D’Hara” series.

The books star Nicci, a lethal woman that has been called many names, which include: Slave Queen, Sister of Darkness, and Death’s Mistress. She is hundreds of years old. Along with Nathan Rahl, her traveling companion, she explores fantastical and new realms, come across familiar allies, creatures made by twisted sorcery, and dangerous magic.

Nathan Rahl is the kin to D’Hara’s new ruler, and has a taste for very fine clothes.

“Death’s Mistress” is the first novel in the “Nicci Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2017. The deadly Nicci, a one time lieutenant of the evil Emperor Jagang and known as the “Slave Queen” and “Death’s Mistress”, captured Richard Rahl so she could convince him the Imperial Order stood for the greater good. However, it was Richard that converted Nicci instead, and for years she served Kahlan and Richard as one of their closest friends. Not to mention one of their most lethal defenders.

With Richard and Kahlan’s reign finally stabilized, Nicci goes off on her own for new adventures. One of her new jobs is going to be keeping the unworldly prophet and her traveling companion, Nathan, out of trouble. Her real job is going to be to scout the far reaches of Richard Rahl’s realm.

This is going to take Nathan and her to visit Red, the mysterious witch-woman, to battle with the street life of the port city that is Tanimura, to fight some deadly battles out on the high seas. Ultimately, it will also take them to a vast magical confrontation a long way from home, with the future of life itself at stake, both in the New World and the Old.

Fans enjoyed the adventure, all the problems to be solved, and the new lands the characters go to in this. The pacing in the novel is brisk, moving the story along and developing things rather well. The book features a fast tempo and some gory action sequences. Nicci has a lot of personal growth and is a strong female character. Nathan is quite the bard, as he teaches and tells stories as well as dealing with his own problems with his magic and taking Barron under his wing. Readers enjoyed seeing Barron man up in this novel, too.

“Shroud of Eternity” is the second novel in the “Nicci Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2018. “Shroud of Eternity” picks up where the previous novel, “Death’s Mistress”, left off.

Nicci has faced quite a few challenges and gone by quite a few names, now she confronts her biggest test yet on a dangerous journey into uncharted territory.

Red makes a prophecy: “The Sorceress has to save the world.”

Guided by Red’s mysterious prophecy, Nicc and Bannon and Nathan, her companions, journey south of Kol Adair toward Ildakar, which is a fabled city that is shrouded behind time. The grotesque omens in their path: a monster born from dark arts, severed heads on pikes, as well as a petrified army of half a million, are only a tasted of the unimaginable horrors that are waiting inside the Shroud of Eternity.

Fans liked Bannon here and enjoyed seeing him grow as both a person and a fighter in this one. Readers got hooked into this one quickly and could not stop reading it until the very end. The fight scenes are well described and depicted and it all takes place in a huge but connected world. Terry does a fantastic job of making you root for and invest in each one of these characters.

“Siege of Stone” is the third novel in the “Nicci Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2018. The ramifications of “Shroud of Eternity” move throughout the entire Old World as dangerous magic, familiar allies, and creatures made by twisted sorcery all work at some cross purposes have to destroy or save Ildakar.

Nicci, Bannon, and Nathan Rahl free the city of Ildakar from the wizard council’s rule, but not without some major consequences. The capricious Wizard Commander Maxim fled from the city, he dissolved a spell that turned General Utros’ invading army to stone some fifteen centuries previous.

Hundreds of thousands of half-stone ancient soldiers have awakened and hold the city hostage, and are led by one of the greatest enemy commanders in history. An equally powerful threat is looming out at sea. Nicci realizes the battle is not going to stay in the city. If she is unable to thwart this threat, there are two invincible armies that are going to sweep across the Old World and destroy D’Hara itself.

Once again, the plot in this book is very interesting and Terry’s writing is simple and easy making this a pretty swift read. Readers enjoyed how big the stakes are in this one, with brutal battle scenes and anybody could die at any time. The struggles of the characters become the struggles of the reader. All the different enemies kept readers’ attention and made them turn each of the pages as quickly as possible.

“Heart of Black Ice” is the fourth novel in the “Nicci Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2020. In the wake of the brutal war that swept all of the Old World in the previous novel, there is a new danger forming on the coast. King Grieve, who was taken captive by their enemies, with Bannon and Lila are close to discovering the horrifying force that is threatening to bring all kinds of destruction to the Old World.

The Norukai, the barbarian slavers and raiders, have gathered an immense fleet among the inhospitably rocky islands that make their home up. They have numbers greater than anybody could have imagined, the Norukai are ready to launch their lethal and final war.

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