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Nicholas Binge is an author known for his bestselling horror, literary science fiction, and speculative thriller fiction.

Over the years, he has been featured in prestigious publications such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, The Sunday Times, The FT, and The Wall Street Journals among others.
He made his debut with the publishing of “The Proverse Prize-winning Professor Everywhere.” “Ascension” his most recent work would also be an Editor’s Choice Pick in the New York Times.

Stephen King hailed the novel as a must-read horror fiction work while it got a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly which called it pitch-perfect and incredible.

It has since received major critical acclaim from major media outlets and has also been translated into at least nine languages.

It was published by HarperVoyager which won the four-way auction for the manuscript to be sold in more than 10 territories, including the UK the Commonwealth, and the United States.
With his works, Nicholas Binge has developed a reputation for writing about weird and bizarre things that make him cry as they push boundaries.

Binge was born and brought up in Singapore but as an adult, he has lived in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

He had always been a huge fan of books growing up, particularly anything to do with horror fiction from the likes of Stephen King, Bram Stoker, Clive Barker, Mary Shelley, and Shirley Jackson among others.
As such, it was not a huge surprise when he grew up and developed an interest in storytelling, he would gravitate toward the genre.

Once he had his manuscript ready he approached HarperVoyager since it was a publishing house that published many of the novels by his favorite authors.
With both “Professor Everywhere” and “Ascension,” he set out to write novels that are heartbreaking, terrifying, and challenging all at once.

All he wanted was to make use of the rich and full canvass of genre fiction – thriller, science fiction, horror, and gothic fiction.

She uses these aspects of the genre in the exploration of fundamental questions about guilt and ego, consciousness and free will, and what it means to be human.

While Nicholas Binge was born in Singapore and has lived all over the globe, he now prefers to make his home in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. He is employed at the Edinburgh Napier University where he is a lecturer of creative fiction.
Outside of his fiction endeavors, he has penned pieces for the likes of CrimeReads, Literary Hub, and the Guardian among others.

When he is not penning his blockbuster works of fiction, he spends most of her days at the university where he teaches. He is also very involved in the writing community and is a bonafide member of the Edinburgh Fantasy and Science Fiction.
He sometimes attends book events and festivals across the United Kingdom and Scotland. Binge usually keeps his fans and readers updated about new releases and news through his social media profile on Twitter or through his newsletter.

“Ascension” by Nicholas Binge is a speculative mind-bending thriller.
A group of scientists noticed that a mountain had suddenly appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Soon after they make a series of jaw-dropping discoveries that challenge their entire notion of what it means to be human.
No one knows when the monstrosity appeared in the Pacific, how it came to be, and how big it might be.

Harold Tunmore is a man who studies mysterious Phonemena and is called by an undercover organization to look into the case.

But even though he has been working in the field for decades, He has no idea what he could be getting himself and his team into as they head for the mountain.

The higher his team ascends, the more complicated things seem to become. Time has been moving very differently as the minutes turn into hours and hours into days.
In the higher elevation, they have to deal with whipping cold and their limbs go numb and their memories of what used to be before they went up the mountain begin to fade.
Violence soon replaces paranoia among the crew as ancient slithering creatures begin to come after them in the snow. With increasing danger, they are compelled to climb even higher where they can better understand the mysteries of the mountain.
Could they have found the seeds of their own demise or maybe the biggest-ever scientific discovery?

Inspired by the discovery of the unsent letters supposedly sent by Harold Tunkore to his family, it makes for a provocative and chilling story.
Considering the limitations of faith and science, it is an exploration of the unsettling and beautiful sides of human nature.

Nicholas Binges’s novel “Professor Everywhere,” tells the story of Chloe Chan, a woman who has just arrived in the United Kingdom from Hong Kong.

It is not long before she is disillusioned with the British college she just enrolled in. When she moved to the UK she was expecting to find intellectuals debating the finer details of academia by the fireplace.
However, she has realized that her fellow students are more interested in skipping lectures and binge drinking.

But then things change for the better when she gets a job working for the renowned but mysterious and reclusive Professor Roland Crannus. He is a near-mythical figure that many worship as a hero even though hardly anyone knows what he does.
It is soon clear that he does some very unorthodox work and Chloe has to go along with the ride. She soon finds herself in the crosshairs of his enemies too. It is a work that straddles fantasy and science fiction even though it has more to do with fantasy.
Ultimately, the focus of the work is not the crazy research being conducted by the professor but rather on how Chloe comes to the realization of what it means to be human.

It is a work with echoes of Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang even though it does not put too much emphasis on science fiction. Nonetheless, it provides a very keen exploration of love, morality, and the human condition.

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